Monday, February 1, 2010


Why, Jake, Why????

I don't have much to write about tonight, but I want to hear what everyone else thinks.
I was so completely and utterly annoyed by Vienna and it did NOT help for me to hear Jake say that he had been holding back from her so that he could connect with the other women (insinuating that he would not be able to like the other girls if he concentrated on Vienna. Seriously? Really.) She is so immature compaired to the other girls. PLEASE let his eyes be opened on the hometown date. WHAT could he possibly be attracted to in her? Her spoiled-ness? Her whiney-ness? Her crazy facial expressions? Someone enlighten me.

Alli did better this week (after her tantrum during the prank Corrie pulled) but I felt like she couldn't look Jake in the eye when he asked her about Vienna. It was like she was lying through her teeth. I REALLY do like Alli, but I am not sure that I like her with Jake. What do you think? I think she would make a good next Bachelorette, of all the girls who are left, she is who I would want to watch. That is IF she doesn't go all the way this time.

Gia is also really moving up on my list. I like her a lot, I think she's sweet. However, I feel like they don't talk about much except for him reassuring her. I think that could hurt her in the end?

I still love Tenley and I want her to be 'THE ONE.' I feel like she is so perfect for him. Her laugh is like tinkling glass. Or water. Whatever. They snuck that elevator version of On the Wings of Love in her date, which was awesome, of course. Seriously, though, I think Tenley was made for him.
I was sad to see Corrie go, but it made sense. They didn't have much of a connection and she seemed really surfacy. That moment in the boat- SO awkward. I wasn't too attached to her but DANG it was hard to see her leave and Vienna stay. BLAH!

Didn't Jake mention before that he saw Red Flags with Vienna? Does he have Red Flags with ANY other girl? AGHHHHHH! It makes me CRAZY!!!!

Til next time. I was too busy to blog this week (editing an awesome maternity session!) but I actually have other things to blog this week (gasp!) so stay tuned. :)


Candi said...

I guess you're feeling better since you blogged, right?? Hope you get better soon!

Okay, so I see it being Tenley and Ali in the end and then he picks Tenley and Ali is the next Bachelorette. We'll see...but from what I saw tonight that's what I'm thinking. He said so many times that he really like Tenley.

I'm glad Corrie left. She had some awesome values but she needs someone with those same values if you know what I mean...

Gia's a sweet girl but I think he's still keeping her around because he'd never get a girl like that outside of this show. And OMG her mom looks CRAZY in the hometown dates!

Vienna....oh Vienna. I'm sick of her. Jake wouldn't last a milisecond being married to her and her dog. (You do remember her dog from the first episode, right?) I think, I HOPE, his eye's will be opened next week when he meets her family, mainly her dad. I'm sure he'll understand then that he just can't live up to Vienna's standards.

My favorite quote this week...and I acutally thought it might be the title of your post:
Gia-"Is it ok to fall?"
Jake-"It's ok to fall..."

Brooke said...

i thought it was def. Cori's turn to go. I agree, they just didn't seem to click. Gia, she is fine but I don't like her for Jake. They seem to just have more of a physical attraction. Vienna, I now just feel sorry for the poor girl. I can see what Jake is saying about never knowing what will come out her mouth next. She's.. interesting and I agree, more immature than the other women. I actually don't care for Ali too much. She's a little too rough and scary. LOL. Tenley is just perfect. They are a match made in Heaven. My guess.. it will come down between Tenley and Gia.

The Peach.... said...

all I can say is this....the show is rigged. How else could he have said such ridiculous things about Vienna? Holding back? PLEASE! Holding back.....such a crock of sheeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzle.

MT said...

First off, I am NOT a Vienna fan. Not-At-All. That being said, I still don’t get why everyone hates her so much. She is an immature spoiled princess, but perhaps Jake likes her childlike nature? I don’t know, I’m trying to understand why he is keeping her around. Perhaps she lives in the moment more than others and doesn’t hold back. Like when she was talking to Jake about what she wants in a husband and how she wants to wake up everyday and be like, "Oh my gosh I love you," and she grabbed his face and kissed it. I thought that was kinda cute. I was watching very carefully because I once agreed with the comment above – that the show was rigged and that was why he was keeping her…BUT, he actually seems to genuinely care for her (as baffling as that is). He wanted to do something special for her because she made everything awkward when she snuck down to his room while Gia was upstairs … so he took her down to his room while All the other girls were upstairs? Ha ha ha. I laughed at the irony there. However, it was sweet of him to reassure her. I don’t know. I’m confused. Bottom line – He likes her. I think it’ll be interesting to see her family (and dog ha ha ha ha – yes, I remember…)

Joy, you hit the nail on the head about Gia. She is constantly needing Jake to boost her up and that could be an exhausting job. I like Gia, but her self-esteem issues get in the way of her letting go and having fun, I think.

I also agree that Alli could be a great next bachelorette. I agree with the above comment that she is too rough and scary for Jake. Ha ha. And I now also agree with Alli ~ that if Vienna is what Jake likes, Alli is not. Ha ha. Alli is strong and confident…and …well, an adult. She was very bubbly and playful on their date, but she doesn’t do the baby talk like Gia, Vienna, and Tenley do. Lol.

I think Vienna and Tenley and Gia would let Jake be their strong man while Alli would be more of an equal.

Jake and Tenley are cute, but he keeps bringing up her divorce. Doesn't he remember that Vienna was married too? Why doesn't he ever bring that up? Doesn't that concern him? Weirdo. Vienna's background seems shady with her elopement and all and I agree...RED FLAGS. Jake, remember those red flags?

I say Tenley is a Disney Princess and Jake needs to be her Prince Charming - the end.

I liked that we finally got to see Corrie, but it was too late for her. She didn’t “catch up” to the other girls. Their boat scene was SUPER awkward. Unfortunately, it was a no-brainer decision to say goodbye to her. Next week’s rose ceremony, or lack thereof, has got me curious… {Sorry, Joy, I didn’t mean to take up that much space :P}

Shelly said...

don't hate me - I kind of like Vienna. BUT I think it's mostly because I always root for the underdog or for the one everyone else hates. I actually think she's going to be the one he picks. I think they're editing to make it seem like he's going to pick Tenley, but I think she's going to be second place and be the next bachelorette (they are making everyone love her in each episode). And randomly, wasn't it a little creepy how much Tenley and COrrie looked alike? I'm not an Allie fan, although she gained a little credit in my eyes when she backed off talking about people when she was with jake. she seems like a baby to me. I like Gia, need to see how hometowns go before I can really comment on her though. THey seems to have wicked good physical chemistry though, which never hurts when it comes to guys doing the choosing. This week's episode was not very exciting since I was pretty sure COrrie was out, but I can't wait until the home towns next week!

Weston and Nicole said...

Tenley is Jake's match made in heaven. I think she's so's like she walked out of a disney movie and she even still looks animated! I feel like she's perfect for Jake. He seems a little concerned about her divorce though, being that he asks her about it all the time. That could hinder their relationship right now...but hopefully not for long. I don't understand why he likes Vienna so much. I really don't get it. He did admit that he likes her honesty and bluntness, but still, she's got all those red flags. CRAZY!

Shannon said...

Am I the only one who doesn't care for Tenley?!?! She's way too "magical" for me. I don't like her. She almost seems a tad fake. Alli was always my front runner, but now she has annoyed me w/ all of her two faced crap. She needs to concentrate more on herself and stop worrying about Vienna. Speaking of Vienna, I think she is all wrong for Jake and I just think she is around because the producers have kept her around. You can clearly tell Jake is NOT into her. I also agree it was Corrie's time to go. I was starting to like Gia, but she seems super insecure to me. I guess I like nobody! LOL I think at this point, I am rooting for Gia. :)

Jen Petty said...
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Jen Petty said...

Well, I guess I agree with the majority of the opinions here, but next week is confusing to me... I think there is no rose ceremony because someone decided they have to leave. You can never tell who it is really, but maybe Tenley has to leave for some reason! I sure hope not, but when they were announcing stuff it sure looked like her hair. Of course, they always trick you, but who knows!