Monday, February 22, 2010

You Know You're Classy If...

...your name is NOT Rozyln.


I mean, what can I say? I guess the point of this post is to say something, but really? Wow. I just could not believe, sentence after sentence, what a total classless person she is. Sad for her, she couldn't even come up with a good answer for anything she was asked, so she started answering questions with another question. The only thing I could kind of decipher from her was that apparently when she was being kicked off, she thought it was because she used the producer's cell phone. Is that what she was trying to say? She really botched it up, if so. It was really fabulous how she called everyone a liar and accused Chris of hitting on that guy's wife. Really, really, really classy.

Okay. Onto the other women.

Michelle is still completely and utterly crazy. She contradicted herself a few times and still believes apparently that she left because there was no spark- omitting from her mind, I guess that she threw a big fit when he did ask her to go. I am glad some of the women came to Elizabeth's defense when she threw out there 'I do not need a therapist.' Thank you, Velicia for backing Elizabeth up and telling Michelle that she is, indeed, unstable. Yikes.

Elizabeth won back some points for me when she admitted that even she was saying, "Boo Elizabeth" when she was watching her 'no kissing' crap. At least she can admit that she made the wrong move there.

Ally made me cry a little, I felt sad for her and I almost broke down when she mouthed 'hi' to Jake and they had their little chat. I really really wish she would have never left. I do hope she is the next Bachelorette...and since they didn't announce it tonight, hopefully they will on the Final Rose. It would have been weird to announce it tonight since the feelings are still so fresh with Jake. That is, IF she actually is the next one. I really have nothing to back myself up except a lot of hope.

Props to all the girls for feeling guilty for talking so much smack about Vienna. I was a little perplexed when Chris asked them for examples of why they all disliked her so much and only Ella came up with a very vague answer. I wish they would have given specifics, but it looks like no one really wanted to hold onto it anymore. Probably because they have all feel stupid because she has gone so far? Ally was especially nice about it, way to go Ally. Maybe she is trying to redeem herself so that everyone loves her and wants her to be the next Bachelorette? (wink!)

Not much else is sticking out in my mind right now. Gia was great, I feel bad for her but I am glad she learned so much about herself and will hopefully have a successful dating future. I would have liked to have heard from the other girls, like Corey, for example, who seemed to be totally forgotten about.... and a side note: I loved the out takes, I thought they were so funny.

Lastly, so when they were showing Jake with the final 2 girls, and he was talking about Vienna, and how he was hearing stuff about her from all the other girls, and then he finally said to himself that the way HE felt was the only thing that, Jake. Were you not the one who crashed Jillian's love fest -after you had been sent packing- to warn her about Evil Wes? Talk about a double standard! That really, really rubs me the wrong way. From the preview of next week's episode, it looks like the fact that the other girls hated her rubs Jake's mom the wrong way, too. Go Jake's Mom! Tenley must prevail!!!


Candi said...

I usually hate the women tell all it's just a waste of time and anoter week to wait for the finale...but this one wasn't so bad.

Rozlyn--Wow. Can we say LIAR?? What in the world? I loved how Chris was completely dogging her out. Hilarious. And swearing on your childs, not cool.

Gia--She is so heartbroken. How sad. I think she'll be ok though, lol. She's got a lot going for her...crazy family, but she's a nice girl.

Ali--I just don't know about her anymore. I think she'd make a good Bachelorette I guess, but I'm not much of a fan of her.

And I was thinking the same thing about all the drama with Wes when Jake said that about Vienna. WOW. And it does look like his mom calls her out...of course we know how ABC is though, so she probably loved her actually, lol.


Brooke said...

I was embarrassed over Rozlyn.. embarrassed for her I mean. What's the harm in just admitting she did have relations with this guy. It's so much worse for her to be tripping over her words and acting looney.

Anyway, love Gia. She deserves a great guy. Poor thing. Alli, for some reason I still don't like her much but that faint "hi" to Jake was pretty sweet :)

I was honestly laughing out loud when the girls were talking about Tenley.. she's all rainbows, straight out of Disney movie, and she probably dreams in cartoons. Probably all true :) Love her. She has her head on straight.. like in the preview for next week.. Jake is saying that their passionate feelings (something like that) are moving along slowly and she replies "isn't it supposed to be that way?". Jake's a dummy if he doesn't choose her.

Melissa said...

I didn't watch the whole thing, but got bits and pieces. I saw Rozlyn sit there like a total idiot though! wow, how can one person justify so many lies?!

It was so sad to see the Ally and Gia. Poor girls both looked so sad still!!

That's about all I saw! I love the "out takes" too. Cracks me up!

Sarah said...

Crazy Rozlyn...her body language was screaming "LIAR!". It was pretty obvious that she's been riding on her good looks, but she is pretty ugly underneath it all. She was totally out of line, and I loved when Chris talked to her like he talks to his kids. Awesome!

Ally...I feel for her. It looks like she is still hung up on him, and it was pretty obvious that Jake had cared a lot for her, too. Whew!

Gia...she is so sweet, but if she doesn't get those bangs out of her face, I will scream. Let me see your face! Outtakes were the best part. Even Isaac was laughing at them.

For some reason, Jake totally reminded me of George W. Bush this week. Just his smile and mannerisms. Maybe it's a Texas thing.

I am so pumped to see the finale next week. I have a feeling Jake's mom did not say that thing about Vienna with her in the room...I predict clever editing.

Oh, Tenley! Yes, heat should grow over time. Thank you for having some class and not wearing your lingerie in front of the nation. She respects herself. Hopefully, Jake can think with his head and pick the right girl, but I won't hold my breath.

erin and shaun said...

Don't know what to say about Rozlyn. It's crazy when the two stories are so COMPLETELY opposite!!! It's not like there was just a misunderstanding, it's obvious someone is lying! Hello!!! I felt like Jake seemed a little weird last night. Like maybe he was a little weepy and sentimental? Gave me the feeling that maybe he didn't end up with anyone and he was regretting some of his choices? Pure speculation but I just thought he was acting a little strange and didn't seem all that happy. Can't wait for next week. On a totally unrelated note: did anyone else think it was weird that the interview chair was a loveseat? I kept thinking that they must interview two people at once at some point but they never did. Don't know why I care about these things but it bugged me the whole show.

Britney said...

The whole Rozlyn thing was just an awful train wreck. I had my head in my pillow for most of the show actually, so awkward.
I agree, just admit it...its over, what's the big deal now? And swearing on her son's life?!?! Made me cringe like crazy!

I'm still not a fan of Ali either. I just can't get past the ugly way she talked about Vienna. I liked her apology, but I just don't know about her being the next Bachelorette? I'm not sure if I like that idea.

I really like Gia, best of luck to her in the future.

The blooper real was the best. The "she $%@&'s rainbows" comment made me pee my pants! So funny!

Honestly I think he doesn't pick either of them in the final? We'll see I guess. He just didn't look engaged last night if that makes sense?

I feel bad for Vienna. I was in the Wal-Mart checkout line the other day and she was plastered all over the tabloids. Mean headlines all over the place. She's not my favorite, but doesn't deserve all that in my opinion.

Love your wrap-ups Joy!!!

MT said...

All the girls started bashing Vienna (for seemingly no reason) and people have been swayed and ran with it. The girl isn't that controversial. She's just kinda dumb blonde. ...Wait,,,dumb fake blonde. I think the tabloids are trying to make something out of nothing.

ANYWAY, I laughed OUT LOUD with the rainbows comments and dreaming cartoons too. Ha ha ha. That was so funny.

The bloopers were the best. So entertaining. I wanted more of them.

Rozlyn - ha ha. She's a cocky little thing, isn't she? Loved how she was tring to make Chris look bad when she was just making herself look ridiculous - and RUDE. ...Telling Chris, "riddle me this" or "calm down"...ha ha. He was perfectly calm...she was the one with the jitters and facial expressions. Anyway...what's this about Chris flirting with the producer's wife. Say what? That producer is married? Then what is he visitng Rozlyn for, huh? Why is she meeting his father? WEIRDOs, but who really cares? I just think it was funny to see her squirming in her seat.

ABC previews suck. They twist it all to make it look certain ways. -But I hope for some surprises and drama in the final show. Ha ha. I love those jaw-dropping moments.

MT said...

hey, i wonder if rozlyn is keeping the "relations" on the DL because of the PRODUCER. maybe he could get in more trouble if they admit it? maybe there is something in HIS contract about not getting involved with the women on the show. strange. (i'm assuming he's not married i'm guestimating as to why they won't fess up to their "inappropriate behavior"...) anyhoo, can't wait for the finale tonight. ha ha.