Monday, January 25, 2010

Stupid Genius

First I would like to say that it is truly sad when I haven't posted anything all week in between my Bachelor posts. I do have life outside the Bachelor. I promise.

Okay, now that I have my disclaimer out there, can I just say....I LOATHE VIENNA. Vienna, I was totally easy on you last week but now my eyes have been opened to just how awful you are. I was so annoyed at how much crap the girls talked about you (still kind of am) but HELLO. Ridiculous.

Alright. Back to the beginning. The girls went trecking across the California coast and drama ensued. Thankfully for everyone, Vienna and Alli were not in the same RV. Thank you, ABC.

Gia got the first one on one date with Jake and I really warmed up to her. She seemed so relatable, and I loved her stories about what a geek she was. I was laughing at their spin the bottle game, not only because it was unbelievably cheesy, but I thought it was funny that it was Jake's idea (especially after she had just finished telling him how her first kiss was the worst because it was during a spin the bottle game....ummmm....) I really liked Gia, though. I feel like if she came out on top (barring any crazy personality quirks that may surface later) I would be alright with it. Oh, and I have to mention the piano montage of 'On the Wings of Love' in the background of their date. Nice.

Next came the group date where Vienna was horrendous. "I want to be last." Is she two years old? Get over yourself!! We were cheering, jumping up and down when Jake informed her that she brings the torment from the other girls upon herself (that is where the 'genius' in my title comes in). I loved it. Sweet chastising.
Corrie became more outgoing and I liked her much more this week. I really could not stand her comedy routine last week. Give me Corrie ANY day over Vienna though. Seriously. I still don't see much spark between her and Jake, unfortunately. (Or fortunately?)
Tenley got some awesome one on one time and I feel like she is seriously MADE for Jake. Someone mentioned how bubbly she is all the time, and how she always sees the positive. That seems like the type of thing he would absolutely adore. She's my match. She's going all the way. ;)
Alli is Jake's new pick since all his girls got axed this week. I have to say, Alli needs to GET OVER her problems with Vienna. Yes, we all know Vienna is disgusting, Alli. Move on. Focus on your relationship with Jake!! Is she going to give him an ultimatum? A 'her or me' situation? I am absolutely DREADING her 'talking to' she is going to give him. Start spooning out the awkwardness now. UGH.

Lastly the Two on One. The beginning of the bloodbath of mass proportions. Mike's girl, Kathryn, AKA Jean Smith was totally burned when he sent her home when he totally could have given her a rose. Ella had already been sent packing...what would have been the harm? I feel like Kathryn wasn't given much of a chance. In Jake's defense, she REALLY needed to be more upbeat during her one on one time. Maybe her totally downer attitude had something to do with it?
Side note: We were cracking up at all the girls bawling their eyes out when both bags got taken away. Um, WANT people to leave. Did no one explain to them how this works???

Onto the cocktail party. Jessie (the girl with the dark hair, in case you didn't know who I was talking about.) pulled him aside at the cocktail party and gave him the truth (again) about Vienna. I really liked the story she told him, about the cars. It was a perfect example of a HUGE RED FLAG. (This is where the 'stupid' comes into play in my title). Why, oh why, oh why, did he not let Vienna go? He has been through this before with Wes. Where there is smoke, there's fire. Evil, evil fire. But he kept her, completely dissing Ashleigh and Jessie by having one of the roses removed. Ashleigh's reaction was actually pretty fair, I thought. I would have said the EXACT same thing. Vienna. Really? Spare me.

Vienna, I had your back last week but you are just TOO spoiled and self centered. I am seriously nervous about next week. She makes the stupid move by hopping into Jake's bed- he does NOT seem happy....but I am still scared that he is going to ax Corrie...or Alli will overstep her bounds with her 'talking to'...or any other thing that would keep Vienna around.


PS Was it interesting to anyone else to see the 'behind the scenes' stuff at the Rose Ceremony? I have always envisioned Chris Harrison lurking in the corner of the ceremonies, waiting to jump out and announce the 'final rose tonight', but apparently he is actually halfway across the house laughing and joking with the staff. Do they have to pause the show and round him up when it's time for him to announce that final rose? Also, I loved how the producers scurried out of the shot when Jake came walking out. Like, noooooo one else is here, we promise. Anyway.

Monday, January 18, 2010

On Cloud Jake

Oh my. Oh my.

As always, I guess the best place to start is at the beginning. Right? Okay.

So, Vienna was the lucky girl to get the first date with Jake. It was a magical day, full of panic and sweaty palms, and a bit of making out. Vienna seemed to be fairly normal on the date, besides constantly putting the moves on Jake...which is why it kind of surprised me that all the girls have all this hatred towards her. Why don't WE get to see the drama? Why don't WE get to see the gossip? The 'brutal honesty?' I seem to recall Wes having to relive all of the crazy crap he said to the other guys over and over again. So why aren't we allowed to see the 'real' Vienna? Hmmmm. Anyway, she gets a rose, and the girls get all hysterical over it. Come on, have they NEVER seen the Bachelor before? Seriously? Do they think she is out with him gossiping about everyone? Of course not. She has got GAME. I hate the line "If she is his type then I am soooo not." Ugh. Give me a break. Anyway. Vienna's in. I don't love her, but whatever. Until I see proof, I am just as clueless as Jake, I guess. I only saw her crying as she tried to apologize, apparently an empty apology. Again. Why don't we see what happened in the first place? Ugh.

Okay, moving on, the group date was next. The group date was full of laughter, tears, more tears, and some tears. The whole comedy club thing would have put me right over the edge, so I don't blame Ashley for feeling like she wanted to die rather than stand up in front of everyone, but did she really need to be such a baby about it? I mean, seriously, she followed MICHELLE. There could be no better person to follow. Then Corrie really surprised me with her bit about the other women. I guess people thought it was funny- I thought the thing with Vienna was really catty. Just my 2 cents. I am not team Vienna, I promise, I just think, come on, you are as bad as you are saying she is. Elizabeth apparently has the mouth of a sailor, and Tenley can fold herself up like a pretzel! Fun! Anyway, once the horrible, horrible awkwardness that was the comedy club ended, I finally came up for air from under my quilt and got to witness some of the most train-wreck moments I have ever seen. First, when Michelle decides to get all high and mighty with the girls and ends up- surprise!- crying and storming out. This is after Alli has chosen to use a piece of her alone time to warn Jake about what a horrible person Vienna is. Then Tenley chooses to reveal how she was once married and cheated on (so sad!) I miss something, or was there no mention of pregnancy anywhere? Nice one, ABC. I watched their conversation twice, so someone tell me if I missed something. Then we see Michelle FINALLY get her oh so romantic make out moment with Jake! Angels were singing in her precious head until Jake DARED to remove his lips from hers. Luckily he called her bluff and sent her packing. Seriously, she is one special kind of nuts. But she's gone now. And that gave the other girls hope. Until he decided to give none of them a rose. BURN.

Finally Jake had his last one on one date with Ella. Now, Ella really rubbed me the wrong way the first night....but I wanted to throw my arms around her and bawl when her son came running up behind her. Okay, I am not afraid to admit that I cried a little. And you know what? It REALLY made me love Jake how excited he was to surprise her. He was absolutely giddy. I liked it. He was so good with that little boy. Now that he has met her son, I feel like he owes it to her to marry her. Okay, maybe not. Maybe a little. No, no, I like Alli.

(By the way, I had heard through the grapevine that Ella was NOT going to get a rose tonight, so it looks like those spoiler sites aren't always right, people. Take that. )

Okay, so the cocktail party was full of some fabulous drama in itself. Elizabeth got called out for her completely blatant teasing, and she was somehow completely shocked by such an accusation. Um, okay. Really, Elizabeth? Really? She tried to laugh and charm her way through it, but then when she realized that he was actually trying to have an adult conversation with her, she started grasping for straws. Somehow she didn't get that the kiss wasn't what mattered, it was how she was trying to hold something over his head that did. Ohhh Elizabeth. So pretty.

At this point, Vienna has the audacity to steal Jake away so she can, oh, I don't know defend herself against all the crap that every girl has talked about her behind her back to Jake! I love how this ruffles everyone's feathers so badly, but you know what? Just because she has a rose does not mean she can't go try to clear her name after they openly admitted how much they had said about her to Jake. I know, once again, I sound like I am team Vienna, well, it's not HER so much as the situation. Grrrrrrrr.

Finally after a tad more drama, the Rose Ceremony finally arrives. Not a moment too soon for me, I am excited to whittle these numbers down, baby! Sadly, Elizabeth and Valisha (who? huh?) are both let go. You know what, Elizabeth will be fine. She can get a date any day of the week. No need to cry.

I think Gia deserves an award this week for holding herself together when she was (gasp!) not chosen for a date, and for trying to keep the peace and be nice. I like her a lot more now.

I still like Alli, but CHILL OUT sweetheart!

Scenes from next week look juicy. Burning a rose.....not giving out 2 more....what drama will unfold????

Friday, January 15, 2010

Spare a Suggestion?

Confession. We moved in a year ago and I have never fully decorated. Ummm...never even come close. Before you judge too harshly, please understand that as soon as we moved in I was asked to do a HUGE project with the Downs Syndrome Association, and then photography clients kept pouring in from there. A WONDERFUL blessing, but not for my poor, empty walls.
So now I am turning to you. Yes, I am taking advantage of all the Bachelor blog readers I have to please brainstorm and see how I can fill these gorgeous blue walls.

DISCLAIMER: I recently took down all the Christmas decorations except the wreath over my mirror. So any decoration you see just sitting around doesn't really belong there, I just happened to set it there when I was brainstorming what to put where. We just BARELY got that entry table last weekend, so ditto for the things sitting on it. That is not normally where they go.
Also, do you hate the mirror? It was the only thing I bought as far as decor goes, I thought, Ooo I really like it when people lean mirrors on their mantles....anyway. Be honest. I can take it.

Disclaimer #2. We are in a townhouse and so my spaces are pretty squished. It has been tough decorating here because we aren't planning to stay more than a few years, so everything I buy needs to fit into our future house, too.

This is the entry way. Note the table and few accessories I was 'feeling out' for the space. There is a tall empty wall up from it and to the left is an empty wall twice the size as the wall the table is on.
front story
This is the staircase, I am thinking of a picture collage up the wall and the one looking directly ahead???

DSC_8939 WEB

DSC_8940 WEB

Behind our couch I had to stick this little cubby/table to hold my cookboooks, craft items, playdough, coloring books, etc. You have to improvise when you are in a tiny space.

Ughhhhhhh. My least favorite view of the house. Whoever built this house was on crack. Seriously, he is bankrupt now because he made so many idiotic decisions. Anyway, one was the placement of the far right window DIRECTLY against the fireplace...and then putting another window on the far left wall (JUST out of view of this picture, you can see it in the one above). There is no place to put a sofa and only a tiny place for the tv. We are planning to replace this one with a nicer one but for now this will have to do.

Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!!! If you have lots to say, you can email me. joyouswilliams at gmail.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Oh my goodness!!!!! Click HERE to see watch this trailer on ABC's site.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Family Blog Update AND No Spoilers!

First, I wanted to inform my family blog readers that I FINALLY updated. Sheesh.

Secondly, I was just informed that you can go to a certain site and basically read how every episode of the Bachelor is going to go, who gets eliminated, and how it ends. If you want to go to it, more power to you! I am just reminding you, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW! Please don't tell me or post about it, it ruins the fun. If you want the link to the spoiler, I can give it to you. I have not read anything but the part about Rozlyn (there was a BIG warning before the spoiler, so I stopped before I read it.) It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tempting, though!!! :D

Monday, January 11, 2010

Care for Some Drama with that Cheez?

Oh! Oh!! Ohhhhh my goodness! My jaw hurts from being on the floor so many times. I don't even know where to begin here! So much drama! So much to discuss!

Okay, I suppose a good place to start would be the first date. I will go in chronicological order and if I miss anything important, PLEASE jump in and add your thoughts!!! (Well, I want to hear them anyway, of course!) This episode was just so packed with stuff that I very well might miss something important.

Alright, back to the first date. Poor Christina was so nervous for her moment in the sun, I felt like, in that short period when Jake came out and danced with her, and then she talked so tenderly about him...I thought, "Wow, if I hadn't seen her be such a brat on the first episode, I probably would have liked her from what she is showing right now..." That lasted about two seconds, since she decided to drink every ounce of alcohol she could get her paws on. I was SO humiliated for her in her one-on-one time. I am convinced that is why he cut her, because she was so drunk during their alone time....

How did you feel about Ashleigh's 'Miss America' bikini walk? I wish they would have shown more conversation between the two of them. I want to know if they are building a connection or not. Then evil Rozlyn (who was rocking that devil red bikini) came and stole him away and then attacked his face in a completely unnatural, awkward way. Apparently he digs girls who make out with him awkwardly, though, because he gave her the rose (just like he gave Tenley the rose on the first night when SHE made out with him.) Boo, Jake. Don't you know she is the DEVIL?

Meanwhile, a date box appears back at the house, where the totally delusional Michelle feels that she can throw the necklace on to earn the next one on one date. Thankfully, we did not have to endure any long period of time watching Michelle. Instead, the date went to Ali, who cried darling tears of happiness when her name appeared on the date card. She is such a sweetie!

I admit it...I ate their date up. I put it in a bowl, poured sprinkles and whipped cream on it, and ate it all UP! I really adore her and Jake together. Oh, didn't you just get goosebumps when 'On the Wings of Love' started playing when they were in the airplane? (In Ali's words: "I think I just threw up in my stomach." Hmmmmmm.....) I seriously did love them dancing to Chicago, though, and he said he had never felt a connection like that before. Sigh....

The last date card arrives and Psychopath Michelle has a tantrum and runs to pack her bags, jumps all over the girls when they try to comfort her. She even accuses ROZLYN of lying! Can you believe it? Rozlyn? A liar? Pshhhhhhhhhhhh. Tenley remains composed, and, I am starting to see her more and more with Jake (behind Ali) because she is just so positive and nice. She isn't my favorite, but for could work.

The final date is the group date to Six Flags where my Pick, Elizabeth, turns into a complete freak of nature. WHAT the heck. Seriously, Elizabeth? Seriously. I buried my head in my hands and shook as she read her awkward 'note' about not kissing him. So awkward. I would have liked it a lot more if later she would have just maybe mentioned it, once. Nope, she goes on to rub it into him all night. "See those fireworks? Do you want to kiss me? TOO BAD!" "I'm such a good kisser..." It's like, you made your point, he STILL chose you, MOVE on! I am shaking my head at Elizabeth. With shame.

Cocktail party time, and the truth. comes. out. Rozlyn is a BUSTED! I was annoyed by how little details were given, and even more annoyed when I read this: Rozlyn Bashes the Bachelor What is the true story here? I wonder if we will ever know... Regardless, Jake's whole world is rocked, but somehow he picks himself up from his pit of despair and makes it to another rose ceremony, where he eliminates Christina and Ashley. Phew, I was worried he might cut the incredibly unstable Michelle! Good think we can look forward to her split personality for at least another week....

Okay, so here comes the good part! The scenes from next week! Mike and I watched them carefully, and repeatedly. We concluded some things from them, so if you DO NOT WANT ANYTHING (possibly) SPOILED, then don't read on. Are you really strong enough to stop reading, though? Really?

Okay, so here's the deal. They show Vienna's bungee jumping date with Jake, and she is wearing the same tank top as the girl in the clip they show of a girl rolling out her pink if she is leaving. WE think that they are just showing her rolling her luggage out because of that chance that he would not give her a rose...they always have to be packed and ready to go, you know what I mean? So, I think the person who actually leaves (when Jake says, "We don't need a Rose Ceremony, I think you SHOULD go") is not the girl (Vienna) they show rolling out the suitcases. Obviously Vienna stays because she goes back to the house and brags about her date too much. Elizabeth is shown storming away, though. Is it possible she is on her way out? Mike thinks that would be TOO much foreshadowing... Also, we noticed that the shirt Jake is wearing when he says that line I just quoted above, is the same shirt he is wearing on the group date he has with all the women in the next episode. Elizabeth is in that group. Michelle is, too, but it shows him kissing her in the preview for the next show....

Thoughts? Let me know! Oh, and I will leave you with a little something awesome....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On the Wings of Love

*Thank you for all the nice words for our friends. We continue to pray for their family that they might have some comfort during this terrible tragedy.

Before I jump into my Bachelor blogging, let me first share with you something that most of my friends and know, and now you will be privy to know: I HATE awkward situations. Give me almost any other uncomfortable emotion over awkwardness any day. PLEASE! I just don't handle it well...which is probably why I spent half of last night's episode with my face buried in
our throw pillows. Awkwardness! Everywhere!!

So let's discuss Jake first, shall we?

Um, did he hop out of a Brady Bunch episode and onto that 'edgy' motorcycle of his? Using words like 'Dynamite' to describe the stewardess outfit...what happened to the word 'sexy' or even good old 'hot', Jake?
He is a good boy, through and through, and I respect that about him, but WOW that man is Cheesalicious. Cute, but full of CHEESE. It was so funny to see how he reacted to the 'forward' girls, you could see the discomfort just leeching from him. I guess I find him half endearing, half annoying.

As the episode got going, Mike and I started to sort through which of the women would be our 'picks' and which would be the 'dark horse' picks. As the Rose Ceremony got closer, however, we knew that this would be no ordinary season. The cheese factor resonating in the room was just too high to ignore. So, we decided to make a special change to our picks. This season, we chose our usual 'Pick to Win' and instead of the Dark Horse, we chose 'Best Cheesy Fit'. We found that the 'normal' girls that we liked were not necessarily cheesy enough for him. So, that is how we decided to resolve the issue.

Without further ado, our Picks for The Bachelor, On the Wings of Love:

Joy's Pick:

Elizabeth. Love her. She is down to earth, has amazing values, and yet manages to be a normal, non-goofy person. And, as a side note, she looks like my friend, Hillary. That's a bonus.

Joy's Cheesy Match:

Tenley. Oh my goodness. Could a girl who has played a Disney Princess half her life be ANY more perfect for Jake? I think not. Her tinkling voice made is to easy for me to envision her as Ariel, hugging millions of Disneyworld-going children everywhere. She completes him.

Mike's Picks:

Ashleigh. I admit that she had me wondering if she faked her fall or not at the beginning, but after a carefully watched replay, I think it was sincere. It made her memorable, and she IS adorable, so I think that this was a good choice for Mike.

Mike's Cheesy Pick:

Kathryn. Now, she isn't nearly as cheesy as Tenley, but still- the cheesy factor is there, therefore I allowed this pick. (haha) She is a flight attendant, so it's possible they could be perfect together. Maybe they could open their own private airline service together. Wouldn't that be CUUUUUTE? Also, another side note about Kathryn...while she looks a little crazy in this picture, in real life she is cute, and a good mix of my friend Jean and a bit of Meredith from Grey's anatomy. Yes? No? Anyone?

Now, there was one woman who stood out to both of us. She was my favorite from before the show started (looking at pictures online), and soon became a favorite for Mike, too.

Ali. So, I guess Ali isn't an official pick for either of us, but we both agree that we think she will go far. She is cute, real, and looks like the girl next door. Right?

Now, onto the rest of the women. I am going to skip all the women who got eliminated EXCEPT one.

Kimberly. I really liked her, and maybe it's because she reminded me of one of my friends (apparently I am forming weird emotional attachments to the girls who look like someone I know) or if it's because she just seemed so down to earth, sweet, and wholesome, JUST what he was looking for? I don't know, but I was sad to see her leave.

Okay, onto the rest:

Vienna. Yes he really kept her. In her 'hometown interview' it was like she was channeling Erica Rose cirque Bachelor Prince Lorenzo. Totally high maintenance and spoiled like crazy. Unlike Erica, she managed to not let out the fact that daddy buys her everything she ever hopes for and more slip in front of Jake. Nice play, Vienna.

Gia. Unfortunately for Gia, Jake didn't send all the rest of the girls home when he saw her (as per her fantasy) but judging from the upcoming scenes from the season, she makes it FAR. I think that Jake has probably never had such a worldly woman interested in him, which is perhaps why he is so intrigued with her. Maybe. I don't know. I'm not seeing it.

Ella. Momma Ella made it through, even with her completely PSYCHO references to their future together. I found her to be totally pushy and off-putting, I seriously have no idea why he kept her around AND it also looks like she makes it pretty far, too. I hope she starts growing on me if I have to continually watch her from week to week.

Christina. Well, how could you help but not love this chick? She's fabulous.
I'm not serious, of course. I cannot handle snotty attitudes and girls who are defined by being mean. Did she come up with the Jelly Bean parting gifts while she was drunk with all her guy friends? Probably. It went over SO well. BLAH. Go home.

Ashley. Okay, this girl, I actually DO like, for real. Don't get me wrong, her stewardess stunt was incredibly weird, but other than that, I think she is a good egg. Mike almost chose her as his Cheesy pick, but she got elbowed out of that spot at the last minute.

Rozlyn. Dum, dum, duuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm...... It seems that Rozlyn is sure to be the cause of lots of heartache, drama, and tears this season. She is beautiful, I think she's around for the same reason Gia is, he has never been able to get a chance with such a woman. But apparently she is super naughty and goes home (or so I am guessing from the previews. And by the way, I noticed that my pick, Elizabeth, was not shown in the midst of all those crying girls. So she probably gets sent home. BOO!)

Michelle. Ummm. Wow. Words cannot describe this girl's level of crazy. My jaw was touching the floor pretty much every time she opened her mouth. I cannot believe he kept her!! Someone should have told him to send her home! STAT!

Oh wait! Someone did. Jillian and Ed. Aren't you glad they were there to save the day? I was laughing so hard when they were interviewing Michelle, they were so visibly uncomfortable by her. I can't blame them, though. She is NUTS. Hey, guys, sorry Jake didn't take your important piece of advice. Good thing you were there, huh?

So the last three girls are not big characters at this point in the game, but worth mentioning anyway.

Valisha. When he picked her, I was like, who? She seems nice enough but did she get any camera time? (Sign of a dark horse. IF we were picking dark horses. Which we aren't.)

Jessie. Again, not much happened with her. She got a bit of face time, but I never really saw them have any chemistry together.

Corrie. I think Corrie's cute. Mike doesn't. She seems nice and really like she would be his type. I am interested to see how things develop with her and Jake.

So that wraps it up with the women. The upcoming scenes from the season sucked me in or else I don't know if I could really handle the completely awkward, goofy, cheesiness that is oozing from this season. I am excited to hear what naughty thing Rozlyn has done, excited to see Jake freak out and kick the lights as he storms out of the interview...Excited to see who he ends up picking!! Do you think he is going to pick someone who is truly a good match for him? Or do you think he will pick someone like Gia who is normally his 'out of reach' type of girl? I am SO interested in everyone else's opinions, so please dish!!

Remember, I do not read spoilers, the only thing I use to make my predictions are what they show us on the show. Please no spoilers! Thanks!

Monday, January 4, 2010


I got online to blog about the Bachelor, wow, I have a lot to say about it.

But as I logged on, I got some heartbreaking news about our friends who lost their little boy tonight. So, I am going to save my blogging for tomorrow. Please keep our friends, The Sherwoods, in your prayers. This is the second child they have lost to an untimely death. They have strength that I cannot even begin to imagine. We love you, Sherwoods!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tomorrow Night.

Join me, won't you?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Werewolf New Year

Happy New Year! Hopefully you all had a wonderful New Years Eve celebration. I spent my evening with a bunch of the youth from our church, because I am a leader for our Young Women's program. I was sad to spend the night away from Mike, but it ended up being a super fun time. (sorry Mike!) We had a chocolate fountain and played some cool games, including a game called Werewolves of Miller Hollow.

werewolf 2 WEB
It was SO much enough that I am blogging about it. :) It is a lot like the game Mafia, but with a few twists thrown in that are absolutely genius. I would definitely recommend getting this game for your next game night. You need kind of a large group to make it really fun, I would say at least 10 people or so, because of all the extra roles they have created.werewolf 1 WEB
And, on the Werewolf subject, I wanted to blog quickly about New Moon. I know, I am way behind the times writing about it, but I was so crazy during the time that I saw it (twice). Anyway, my sister wrote a genius blog post about it which I am going to copy and paste here since I don't think I could have written it any better. :)

Twilight Opening Weekend was a blast.......we were almost first in line to see New Moon while my sister was in town, and it was worth every minute.

I couldn't wait to see my main squeeze....
In case you can't tell, my sister (That's Me!) likes her men, Feisty, Fanged and Furry. (YES SIR!)
Now....I liked my men Pale, Fanged and Sparkly....until...... this..........came..........on.........
Hold on, back up.......EDWARD WHO??!!!!!!!

Now I know that everyone is saying how strange it is how excited grown women are going over one particular character in Twilight....but you look at this and tell me what NORMAL woman does NOT go crazy? Hello?!? He is a freak of nature! And I look at it this way......Jacob is to woman as Football is to MEN....particularly my husband. OK? OK!!!!!!!???????

Yes, every single one of you have to admit you are drooling just a little.

Except my mom who rolled her eyes at us every time we "oooooh-ed and aaaahhhh-ed!" And my husband, maybe he's not drooling.

How many of you have switched teams NOW?