Monday, January 26, 2009


"You're great."


"No, YOU'RE great!"


a pat on the back


Bye bye, Megan.

I am SO glad she is gone. SO Glad.

Sooooo.....lots of drama tonight! I have to say I was extremely pleased with all of Jason's cuts. From this point on, I really don't know that he could go wrong. Let's see.....

First he cut Nikki, who I almost thought was going to get the rose over Stephanie because of her last minute admissions to him, but luckily he stayed the right course and gave it to Stephanie. They kissed again, which made me a little weirded out but at least this time it seemed more like a kiss between lovers, and not a mother and child. Stephanie is always so level headed and doesn't seem to get emotional like the other girls, and she seems like such a....passionate person. I would love to see a more fun side of her. She is always so gracious, though, and I love it! I want to wrap up a present full of the best things in life and give it to her.

Megan's kiss with Jason looked to me like she was biting his face off. I am just so glad she's gone now. He made SUCH a good choice not giving out that final rose, because I really do think he would have given it to her.

Lauren went from being cute to being a total brat, and I guess she thought that was a good strategy??? Anyway. I am not to sad to see her go.

Shannon was a total freak throughout this whole episode. I could not believe her pleading to Jason. It reminded me of Grey's Anatomy: "Pick me, Choose me, Love ME." Anyway, I guess the ray of light in this story is, at least she has a puppy to go home and make out with...

So. Jillian, Melissa, Stephanie, Naomi, and Molly-the-hoe remain. Jillian played it cool and I am glad she is still around. Melissa lost her cool but I have to say my pendulum is swinging her way. I like her. I didn't think I would, but I really do! I just hope she doesn't screw it up next week. Naomi needs a better connection with Jason. Making out on a fake movie set in front of everyone else does not a connection make. Molly, uh, secured her rose pretty well. I don't love her BUT I am not to the point where I would be mad if he chooses her. And I have to admit that I remember that the person he DOES choose has dark hair, so maybe I just subconsciously know he won't choose her. ;)

Where is Deanna? It's down to 5 women, so after next week he goes to 4, which means hometown dates, right??? So when does she make her appearance? I want her to come and GO.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Things I Admit about Myself.

My sister told me I had better put my list up (hers is hilarious) so here it is: Things I can admit about myself are...

1. I cry over everything- every movie, commercial, tv show, letter, phone call, story, book...anything that has any kind of emotional undertone has me bawling. On the floor, scrape-me-off-with-a-putty-knife kind of bawling. Has anyone seen 7 pounds? This is NOT a spoiler, but there is a part where a blind man is trying to flirt with a waitress and she is kind of politely blowing him off. Will Smith asks the blind man if he is going to ask the waitress out, and the blind man very kindly says, "Oh, see, I don't think SHE sees ME." Um, I nearly had to be carried out of the theater, I was crying so hard. And believe me, that was a very minor moment in the movie!!! And don't even TELL me a story about a mother dying and leaving her girls behind. I will never recover. My sister pretty much knows that any story she tells me will have me sobbing in seconds. But I can't control it!

2. I HATE contention. Oh my gosh, if there is a confrontation I am immediately searching for a place to hide. I do NOT like tension, whether I am involved or not. Which means I am usually the peacemaker, which means I usually get walked on.

3. On the flip-side, I cannot stand it when someone causes contention, stirs the pot, or produces drama. Try as I may, I do not understand it. I think whether you agree with someone or not, and there is always a kind way to handle things.

4. I love chocolate milk, but only if I make it at home with a mix. I don't like the pre-made kind.

5. I love Matlock. I could watch Matlock reruns all day long. I think because there is a mystery (which I love) but it's not scary or too disturbing. (which I hate)

6. I am deathly afraid of horror movies, scary stories, and anything remotely disturbing. I get scared just remembering stories I have heard throughout my childhood.

7. Since my computer is in my living room I can immediately see if someone emails me or IM's me...but I feel stupid responding right away because I think people will think that I do nothing but sit in front of the computer all day long.

8. I miss my family and friends in Utah, but even more than that I miss Rachel's cousins and the relationship I know she could have with them if we lived there.

9. One of the best lessons I have ever been taught was by my sister in law, Katie, who showed me how important it is to always make an effort to see where people are coming from. Growing up, I was always so quick to judge and jump to conclusions about people (I don't know why- it probably stemmed from my own insecurities) and I never gave anyone the benefit of the doubt. Now, trying to understand why people act the way they do, and, as I said before, trying to see where they are coming from has helped me have such richer relationships. I am not saying that I never judge or never think ill of anyone (I am FAR from perfect), but I do really try to do this and it helps so much. Selfishly, it also makes me a happier person.

10. I hate cheesecake. Unless it is really doctored up to taste like something OTHER than cheesecake- then it's tolerable.

11. I cannot just sit and watch TV or a movie (unless I am trapped in a movie theater). I am always up doing something else at the same time. And then I seem to find myself saying, "What did she say?" "What just happened" "Where did that guy come from?" a lot. Poor Mike.

12. I adore my kids and think they are the coolest kids ever (sorry, people. They are.) And I feel the same way about Mike, like I REALLY lucked out marrying him. This is not a mushy, 'I heart my husband' thing, I just feel really, really lucky that we are married to eachother and have so much happiness and love in our lives, because I know not everyone has that.

13. I am so sick of my furniture. Some if it I have even had since I was 18, and I am SO excited to be getting new stuff, soon I hope!

14. I worry a lot. I got ulcers when my sister went away to college because I was so worried. I was on ulcer meds at 10 years old. True story.

15. I hate spicy foods but I LOVE buffalo wings. Wierd.

Okay so there are some things about me. A real share. I don't normally do this, so please share with me, too. I love getting to know people more (but I hate writing such things about myself.) So, if I can do it, you can do it. Don't make me call you out.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This is probably one of the most creative things I have seen in awhile.

I should probably mention that it is called: Her Morning Elegance and is by Oren Lavie. I found it on my friend, Dustin's blog. Check him out!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Jason was (almost) a Rockstar.

Wow. Woooooooooow.

Can I just say that I totally related to poor Shannon tonight at the 'confrontation/totally awkward/throw-them-under-the-bus Rose Ceremony? I completely DO NOT thrive on tension or cattiness, and it makes me want to crawl under something and hide when there is awkward drama like that. I really can't stand people who thrive on being complete drama makers (I don't understand it at all) and I think I can safely say that Erika is definitely one of those personalities. BE GONE, Erika!! I am so glad he eliminated her, I think she is the kind of person who would throw a lamp out through his window during a fight. You know what I'm talking about.

Let me back up a bit to Natalie's date. Oh, girlfriend. She did not take the rejection well and I think it is pretty obvious that she has most likely not been dumped many times in the past, right? She wasn't very graceful. I can't wait until the Women Tell All when she has to watch her rant in the limo all over again. Good heavens. So, I guess my pick was all wrong this time around!

Naomi is my only hope, as my dark horse pick, for victory. I am liking her more and more, and I think Jason might be, too. Not as much as a few of the other girls, mind you, but I think that things may be developing...time will tell. I would like to see them on a one on one date. I was REALLY impressed with her conversation with him when he asked her to 'name names' about the other girls, but I think she could have left the rest of her, uh, admissions out. For the time being, you know?

Molly is rocking it. Apparently he knew he didn't need a one on one with her because he already knows that he likes her. I could definitely see her coming down to the final 4, at the very least. And from the 'scenes from next week' it looks like things are only going to get better between them.

Lauren was also doing pretty well, I think she had her rose in the bag no matter what (which is why she didn't get a one on one) but I wonder how Jason feels about her after that STUPID confrontation he made her go through. I am sorry, but I kind of feel like HE threw her under the bus!! I mean, he asked her for names, and yes, she could have skimped around it, but she was honest (and right, by the way) and that was what he asked for. It's not like she dragged him out there to tell him all her gossip. He also assured her that no one could hear their conversation, and then he turned around and put her out there to be stoned. That was lame. *off my soapbox now*

Megan is apparently SO full of depth, so much depth, but is not above sneaking around and eavesdropping on other people's private conversations. She pretty much has me rolling my eyes the entire time she is on screen, she is so full of it. And full of herself. I can't wait for Jason to see her little 'confessional rant' after she listened to their conversation and see what an IDIOT he was for keeping her around. I hope she goes home- soon!

Jill is going FAR. I think Mike made a dang good dark horse pick right there. She is getting better and better. I can definitely see her in the final 4, as well. Go, girl!

Melissa's just darling, bubbly, and nice...and is apparently more mature than she appears to be. I think Jason really likes her, I can also see her in the final 4.

Stephanie is such a pure, pure soul. I just want to reach through the tv and hug that woman. I think Jason was a prince to deliver her little girl to her on her birthday and make it such a memorable day. I was SO excited when she was leaning in to kiss him, until it turned into a kiss your mom would give you. Eeghk. I will cry for her if (most likely when) she gets her heart broken.

I will be surprised if he keeps Nikki around for much longer, simply because their personalities are SO different, and I don't think it was a good sign that they had absolutely nothing to talk about on the group date during their one on one time. Kind of a sign, right? I think he kept her kind of by default because of the drama the ensued tonight.

Kari...uh...who was she again? I guess it doesn't matter because she got cut. She seemed nice enough and cute enough but I guess that's what happens when you don't ever talk to each other...he sends you home!

Shannon. Wow. Megan was MEAN when she was talking about her attacking Jason at the Bust exhibit, but, well, I hate admitting this, but...Megan was right. That was absolutely mortifying. Pretty much everything Shannon says is mortifying and really embarrassing.

So, I have Molly, Jill, and Melissa as far as who I will think go on to the final 4 dates. I am not sure about that 4th slot. Could be Naomi, if she plays her cards right. It's probably more likely to be Lauren. I guess we will find out! As for the scenes from next week, I wonder what's up with that Final Rose??? Do you think he cuts more than he is supposed to? Or keeps more than he is supposed to??? I can't wait to see!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Better Late than Never!

Well, I was able to catch up on the latest Bachelor episode tonight, and let me just say right up front- that is some quality tv, my friends. A lot of claws came out and some of the crazies got even crazier.

I am so excited to hear what everyone else (who watches) thought!! And I am assuming you want to hear what I thought since you are reading this post....

There are so many places I could begin! I guess I will start with my girls, Natalie and Naomi.
I must admit that I was a little disappointed in Natalie this week. Even though she is my pick, I have to face the reality that she is pretty immature. I think she is adorable but I don't think she is at the maturity level that Jason needs.
Naomi- Oh my. What was that kiss at the pool? Jason ever so politely avoided her first make-out attempt, but don't you worry, she came back for more. That made me want to bury my head in my knees and hide because you know he wasn't feeling it.

On to Mike's girls, Lauren and Jill. News Flash, Lauren: YOU ARE ON THE BACHELOR! Nothing makes me more crazy than the girl who whines over the fact that she is not getting all the attention or mopes over the fact that he is 'dating other girls'. You would think that after a million seasons of the show that girls would realize that they are going to have to share the spotlight. Yeesh.
Jill really surprised me. Mike's dark horse may come back to win it all! I have to admit that I was really weirded out by her hot dog topping monologues in the first episode, and I wasn't all too thrilled to have a repeat of them this time, but it seems that Jason digs the ketchup/mustard theories, so you go, girlfriend. Their one-on-one seemed steamy and Grown up? You get what I'm staying?

One-on-One date #2 went to Melissa, who also did incredibly well, but in a totally different way than Jill. She seemed to have all the right answers about kids and mommy-hood and her life path. Surprisingly, she seemed really genuine about it all. And he seemed genuine about liking to smooch her, Oh yeah!

Okay, is Shannon drunk all the time? I mean, seriously...does she seem to be tipsy at all times, or is it just me? She is NUTS!! Why does he keep her around? I love how in his interview he says that she impresses him, terrifies him, and weirds him out all at once. NICE. "You're so cute, you're so cuuuuuuuuuute!" He needs to let her go. Just let the ice-tosser go, Jason.

Make-out Molly scored the rose on the group date for stealing him away and impressing him with her 'talent', apparently. I had to laugh about that one. Again, I don't not like her, but I am just not feeling her for some reason. Thoughts?

Nikki somehow thinks that having a nephew qualifies her as mother of the year. She is kind of haughty, don't you think?

Raquel sneaking into the limo to get some time to talk to Jason could have been seriously genius on her part. Unfortunately, his discomfort level changed it from genius to creepy. She got cut, so I guess that says it all.

Since we are on the subject of getting eliminated, I guess I will throw out Sharon and Lisa's names right here. I don't really feel like there is much to say about these two, I wasn't torn up over the loss of either, even though I think he could have made some smarter eliminations (cough, cough, ERIKA)

Oh, precious Erika. Why, Jason? Why? She is a total bully and I don't understand why he keeps her around...Anyone care to enlighten me?

Kari: Who is this girl? I don't think she has said more than 2 words in any of the episodes (telltale signs of a true dark horse, by the way). I don't have much to say about her, I don't even think I could pick her out of a line up at this point. She has no camera time at all.

Megan. Megan, megan. The claws have come out and Megan is right in the middle. I think it's her attitude about parenthood that makes everyone so nuts towards her. She has a superior attitude about it that even makes me, a mother of two, roll my eyes. She'd better watch her back because Erika is about to take her OUT.

Stephanie is so, so nice. I am so impressed with her sweetness and her maturity level! She has such a good heart. She still looks a lot older than Jason to me, but I like her. I don't think they have a connection at ALL at this point...but I really like her and think she deserves the happy ending. Even if it's not with Jason. She makes me all teary-eyed.

Well, I guess my synopsis has to end here since I have to feverish little ones who are calling for me everytime I type two words.
I am dying to know what everyone else thinks of these girls! Am I way off? I can't decide who I think will take home the final rose, at this point I think Jill has a good chance....but of course, may the best woman win!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

For all the Bachelor Lovers

DISCLAIMER: If you don't like the Bachelor, don't read on. This post is strictly for those who love the weekly drama of multiple women vying for the attention of one nice man who inevitably ends up bawling like a baby from the sheer stress of it all. If that is not for you, then I am pretty sure you will not enjoy this post.

The Bachelor....I love it. It's my favorite show ever! I look forward to every new season with almost a stalker-like enthusiasm. So, be prepared to read about it pretty much weekly.
Jason: is a nice enough guy, and I am glad he has the chance to be the chooser (is that a word?) this time around. (Stupid Deanna-who, speaking of, comes back this season. WOW.)
So, each year I make Mike get more involved than any wife should force their husband to be, but whatever. He and I choose 'our picks' as we like to call them. His pick always gets cut the first night. My pick is always someone that stays around until the end (but I always get my heart broken as they are usually the runner up)
Mike's Pick: Shelby (Who got cut. But I have to admit, I really liked her, too)
My Pick: Natalie

We also pick what we like to call 'The Dark Horse'. The Bachelor follows the same pattern year after year. There is always the girl who, as the show rolls on, becomes obvious that she will make it to the final 2. But then there is 'the dark horse' who it appears he never even talks to until the last 2 episodes and then he picks her to get engaged. I guess it's ABC's way of taking everyone by surprise.
Mike's Dark Horse: Jillian
My Dark Horse: Treasure (who, um, I went to high school with and did not recognize until I read Lizzy's blog! That's Treasure Morgan! And she got cut. BOO JASON!)

So, Since Mike's 'pick' got cut, and my 'dark horse' got cut, we both got to pick again. ( Hey, it's our game, so we make the rules.)
Mike's new Pick: Lauren (I really like her too, I had a hard time decided between her and Natalie for my first pick)

My new Dark Horse: Eva Mendez. Oh, I mean Naomi. But doesn't she look so much like Eva?

A few things to mention. First, there were a few 'What the HECK' people that he kept. Why? Why?
Mean girl: Erika. She isn't nice, and she was really catty. Why would he choose her over Shelby?
Salsa girl: Shannon. I have no words for this. He could have kept Treasure but THIS is who he kept. Stupid.

Another girl to mention: Molly. For some reason, she bugs me. Not so much that I want her gone, because actually I think she will go really far. I think he likes her. But, I don't know, there is something about her.....

Megan- Shut up about the mommy bond, Megan. That's why all the non-kid girls voted you the least compatible.

I think that she could have smoothed things over if she had not called them all Bi-otches in front of Jason. SMART MOVE, honey.

The First Impression Rose girl: Nikki. Eh, she's pretty and all, but I don't know if I see her going far. She seems nice enough.

Deanna- Will apparetnly be making an appearance soon. GO HOME DEANNA. You had your chance, and you chose JESSIE!!!!!!!! ! ! ! !
Lastly, I have to mention Stephanie. I literally cried for this girl, I feel so awful for her. She seems SO sweet and so genuine. But I can't help but think that she looks old enough to be his mom... It's not like, wrinkly type old, just really mature looking, I guess....

Okay, so if you made it to the end....then you must be a Bachelor fan too. Or you think I am totally psychotic. But if you are a fan, let's be fans together because I love to dish about the Bachelor!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Sugar = Fat

It's diet time again. I have been eating like a crazy person (stress does that, I think?) so it's time for me to stop. When I was in Ut I didn't have much choice over what I ate, that's one of the downsides to being a house guest. But now I am taking control and my first order of business is to cut out sugar for two weeks (long enough to stop craving it.) Anyone want to join me?
(PS, I am typing this as I am eating chocolate covered cinamon bears. Someone save me.)