Monday, February 15, 2010

And Then There Were Two...

Mucho sadness tonight.

It really devastated me tonight to see poor Gia get her heart crushed. I liked Gia more and more as time went on, and even after she was cut tonight, she continued to be very mature and sweet about the other girls. I wish Jake would have kept her and sent Vienna packing, but I guess that's why I am not in charge...I am just left to sit at home and yell at my tv while my husband wonders why he married such a scary woman. Just kidding, you know he is yelling right along with me.

We were yelling a lot when Alli called and begged for forgiveness. Really, Jake? You really like the other girls more? I know he was intimate with all the other girls and Alli missed out on that, but seriously. Come on. More yelling at the tv.
Okay, to be fair, I guess letting Alli come back would have kinda been a jerk move on his part. And I am pretty sure (hoping! fingers crossed!) that Alli has secured herself a spot as the next Bachelorette. Thoughts?


"My name is Tenley. I am twenty-five years old...I am divorced...and I live in a van down by the river."
(If you don't know what I am referring to, I don't even know what to say. Click HERE.)

Wait just a minute now. Are you telling me....are you saying that Tenley has been married before? Gasp!!!
Seriously, Tenley, it's time to stop. talking. about. your. ex. SERIOUSLY!!! Besides the ex-verbal vomit that kept spewing out of her, I think their date was nice. I like Tenley- she is really safe though. She is Jake's personality twin, and I think that could be a bad she doesn't really add much to the relationship. Don't get me wrong, I really really really don't want Jake to choose Vienna, but at this point, it wouldn't surprise me since Tenley is so vanilla.

Vienna, however, is totally immature, which apparently is a huge turn on to Jake. Um, whatever floats your boat, fella. The thing that made me the most crazy about their date was when she put on her little nighty. I felt like, wow, she couldn't have saved that for when the camera's weren't around? I really wonder sometimes if she is just looking for her moment in the spotlight. That's probably unfair of me, I am definitely still harboring ill feelings towards her from past weeks. But yeah, she drives me nuts. I am interested to see how Jake's family feels about her.

Women tell all next week- I was making candy during the previews so I missed a lot but I am sure it will be juicilicious. Looks like there is some dramatic footage from the Rozlyn scandal, YEAH!!!


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

I thought Vienna just looked trashy. The nightie thing was over the top for me, too. You're beloved crazy Dad is going to watch this, girl!! I thought Tenley opened up a lot, which was nice to see, but he is totally picking Vienna. It's going to be awful. He should have stuck with Ali.

jen hulet said...

Okay, somaybe I'm wrong, but when they were showing the previews to the final show, it looked like he didn't pick either of them. Maybe he'll realize he made a mistake. Just a thought!

MT said...

well there you have it folks. i mean, he was talking about rings... wow. never thought after jillian, he would take to someone like vienna... (blah) - but there you have it.

i'll admit i enjoy watching two people fall in love, though. their dinner conversation where they got to talking about rings and she told him she loved him, it was kind of endearing.

Mike D said...

Do you think he finds her googly eyes attractive?

Melissa said...

I thought the same thing Jen. Both girls were crying, both girls said something to the effect that they didn't know what they did wrong. But that's what they do! They trick us LOL.

with that said, I don't know WHO I like. I liked Gia. She was so sweet and so humble when she was "broken up with".

I like Tenley, Vienna is growing on me. I think it's fun that they flirt and are "immature" together, but she was also serious too.

grr...just skip the woman tell all..I want to see the ending!

Candi said...

Ugh, I'm so frustrated that I just wasted my time watching this!!

CAN NOT believe Vienna is still there. I mean, seriously? You like the fact that she's immature?? HUH?? She will be a complete freaking nightmare if he picks her. Goodness.

Tenley--I agree. Honey, stop talking about your divorce, your ex, your previous marriage, blah blah blah. SHUT UP! Get over it. Be happy you're there. I hope he picks her though...given who the other choice is now.

Poor Gia. I liked her but she just wasn't for him. And her family creeped me out...even more then Viennas.

And I'm thrilled that he didn't let Ali come back. She left knowing that she would just try to come back. Too bad. I agree, she'd be a good bachelorette...I think it'll be between her and Gia actually...or maybe Tenley if she doesn't win.

After watching the previews for the finale I'm actually thinking he doesn't pick either one. Or he picks Tenley but doesn't propose yet? Vienna definitely looks devastated so lets hope he doesn't choose her!

Brooke said...

I was sad to see Gia go but just once step closer for Tenley. I can't believe it's between her and Vienna, what in the world? Jake's coo coo, San Lucas has driven him crazy. Tenley is vanilla I agree but they would have a great, trust-worthy life together. They are perfect. I will be shocked if Vienna is chosen, shocked!

Joanna Taylor said...

LOL. I think if Jake picks Vienna he'll find out in a couple of years that she's totally ADD or bipolar when her interest in him wears off. I can SO see that coming.

Darby said...

This episode was painful for me to watch.

I liked Gia but really didn't think they were too exciting together. Her pouty faces and almost baby talk voice made me crazy.

I don't see her being confident enough or having enough personality to hold her own and be the next bach'ette.

Vienna ugh, seriously you put on your nightie???? I do see they have lots of fun together and it's clear he likes her but I just don't look at her and see wife/mother material.

Her comment at the very end, it may have even been in the previews... she said something like "I love this life" um. honey. THAT is not real life. You are on a TV show... Also he is a pilot and sure you can drop everything and fly around the world but when you have kids and he is gone days at a time it won't be all candles and hot tubs. Flying to wherever at a moments notice won't be on the agenda. :)

Tenley, I agree drop the ex talk, but I do see her as the best fit for him. Just enough cheese to suit him.

I did notice they played the "on the wings" music during his and Vienna's date, foreshadowing I hope not!

Ali... honey you blew it. Half of me wanted him to say yeppers come on back and half of me was glad he said no.

2 weeks... no.... I can't wait two weeks.

jen hulet said...

I do think that Alli could be the next bachelorette, BTW!!

The Peach.... said...

Yep, Vienna's lingerie took the cake. WOW. That's all I could thing. She is very very presumptuous.
And Gia...I was so sad for her. She was so graceful.
Tenley does need to drop the whole, "ex" thing. I think he's going to get sick of that. Vienna is going to win, I can feel it. Duh.

Joy said...

LOVE the comments! I cannot wait for the finale either, I am on pins and needles. I want him to choose Tenley but so worried it's going to be Vienna and it makes me break into a cold sweat! EEK!!!

"when you have kids and he is gone days at a time it won't be all candles and hot tubs." SO TRUE!!!

Shannon said...

I had heard there was a spoiler out there somewhere that reveals the winner?!?!? Truth? Rumor?? I am not looking...NOT LOOKING!

I am disappointed in his choices. I agree w/ everything you said. Tenley is like his personality twin, Vienna very different. She IS immature and he obviously finds that endearing in some screwed up way. Sigh. Why Alli, Why?!??! Dummy.

Candi said...

Didn't see a place to reply to your new post but OMG!!! I watched when Ellen said she thought Ali would win. He was on Kimmel or something too and he pick her also. I guess Ali would be a good Bachelorette. Definitely stupid of her to not know about the work thing...JeeZus. And she hadn't even been there a year??? Not sure that's long enough to have a big commetment to your job....crazy girl.

Candi said...

Forgot to mention that the van down by the river part was HILARIOUS! Love it!