Friday, February 26, 2010

Too Funny

Okay, so Jimmy Kimmel was on the Ellen show today, and he made the funniest comments about the Bachelor. Apparently he is a huge fan as well. You can watch the portion of his interview HERE. Fast forward to 40 seconds in, and it kind of cuts into the middle of their conversation, he is talking about "If Jake chooses Vienna...

It's really funny to watch, but if you don't want to for some reason, this is what he said:

“If he picks Vienna, I’ll just say this, if he thinks that’s a good decision, I don’t want him flying my plane,” Jimmy told Ellen DeGeneres during an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” set to air on Friday.

“That’s not ‘Sully’ Sullenberger type decision making,” he continued, referring to pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who heroically landed US Airways Flight 1549 in the Hudson River off Manhattan on January 15, 2009.

“She’s weird. She’s crazy,” Jimmy said of contestant Vienna Girardi. “I don’t know. I think Ali [was] the pick.”

Monday, February 22, 2010

You Know You're Classy If...

...your name is NOT Rozyln.


I mean, what can I say? I guess the point of this post is to say something, but really? Wow. I just could not believe, sentence after sentence, what a total classless person she is. Sad for her, she couldn't even come up with a good answer for anything she was asked, so she started answering questions with another question. The only thing I could kind of decipher from her was that apparently when she was being kicked off, she thought it was because she used the producer's cell phone. Is that what she was trying to say? She really botched it up, if so. It was really fabulous how she called everyone a liar and accused Chris of hitting on that guy's wife. Really, really, really classy.

Okay. Onto the other women.

Michelle is still completely and utterly crazy. She contradicted herself a few times and still believes apparently that she left because there was no spark- omitting from her mind, I guess that she threw a big fit when he did ask her to go. I am glad some of the women came to Elizabeth's defense when she threw out there 'I do not need a therapist.' Thank you, Velicia for backing Elizabeth up and telling Michelle that she is, indeed, unstable. Yikes.

Elizabeth won back some points for me when she admitted that even she was saying, "Boo Elizabeth" when she was watching her 'no kissing' crap. At least she can admit that she made the wrong move there.

Ally made me cry a little, I felt sad for her and I almost broke down when she mouthed 'hi' to Jake and they had their little chat. I really really wish she would have never left. I do hope she is the next Bachelorette...and since they didn't announce it tonight, hopefully they will on the Final Rose. It would have been weird to announce it tonight since the feelings are still so fresh with Jake. That is, IF she actually is the next one. I really have nothing to back myself up except a lot of hope.

Props to all the girls for feeling guilty for talking so much smack about Vienna. I was a little perplexed when Chris asked them for examples of why they all disliked her so much and only Ella came up with a very vague answer. I wish they would have given specifics, but it looks like no one really wanted to hold onto it anymore. Probably because they have all feel stupid because she has gone so far? Ally was especially nice about it, way to go Ally. Maybe she is trying to redeem herself so that everyone loves her and wants her to be the next Bachelorette? (wink!)

Not much else is sticking out in my mind right now. Gia was great, I feel bad for her but I am glad she learned so much about herself and will hopefully have a successful dating future. I would have liked to have heard from the other girls, like Corey, for example, who seemed to be totally forgotten about.... and a side note: I loved the out takes, I thought they were so funny.

Lastly, so when they were showing Jake with the final 2 girls, and he was talking about Vienna, and how he was hearing stuff about her from all the other girls, and then he finally said to himself that the way HE felt was the only thing that, Jake. Were you not the one who crashed Jillian's love fest -after you had been sent packing- to warn her about Evil Wes? Talk about a double standard! That really, really rubs me the wrong way. From the preview of next week's episode, it looks like the fact that the other girls hated her rubs Jake's mom the wrong way, too. Go Jake's Mom! Tenley must prevail!!!

You know you'

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Family Blog Updated...

I finally updated our family blog for those that read it! LINK HERE

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alli On Ellen

Did you see Alli on Ellen today? She explains her job making her come back and sounds like she very well could be the next Bachelorette. What do you think?

So, I loved all your comments on my post below. LOVE them. I seriously eat them up. So your synopsis for next week's episode, OH MY GOODNESS! I had to go back and watch after your comments and I was gasping! What is going to happen there??? EEK!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

And Then There Were Two...

Mucho sadness tonight.

It really devastated me tonight to see poor Gia get her heart crushed. I liked Gia more and more as time went on, and even after she was cut tonight, she continued to be very mature and sweet about the other girls. I wish Jake would have kept her and sent Vienna packing, but I guess that's why I am not in charge...I am just left to sit at home and yell at my tv while my husband wonders why he married such a scary woman. Just kidding, you know he is yelling right along with me.

We were yelling a lot when Alli called and begged for forgiveness. Really, Jake? You really like the other girls more? I know he was intimate with all the other girls and Alli missed out on that, but seriously. Come on. More yelling at the tv.
Okay, to be fair, I guess letting Alli come back would have kinda been a jerk move on his part. And I am pretty sure (hoping! fingers crossed!) that Alli has secured herself a spot as the next Bachelorette. Thoughts?


"My name is Tenley. I am twenty-five years old...I am divorced...and I live in a van down by the river."
(If you don't know what I am referring to, I don't even know what to say. Click HERE.)

Wait just a minute now. Are you telling me....are you saying that Tenley has been married before? Gasp!!!
Seriously, Tenley, it's time to stop. talking. about. your. ex. SERIOUSLY!!! Besides the ex-verbal vomit that kept spewing out of her, I think their date was nice. I like Tenley- she is really safe though. She is Jake's personality twin, and I think that could be a bad she doesn't really add much to the relationship. Don't get me wrong, I really really really don't want Jake to choose Vienna, but at this point, it wouldn't surprise me since Tenley is so vanilla.

Vienna, however, is totally immature, which apparently is a huge turn on to Jake. Um, whatever floats your boat, fella. The thing that made me the most crazy about their date was when she put on her little nighty. I felt like, wow, she couldn't have saved that for when the camera's weren't around? I really wonder sometimes if she is just looking for her moment in the spotlight. That's probably unfair of me, I am definitely still harboring ill feelings towards her from past weeks. But yeah, she drives me nuts. I am interested to see how Jake's family feels about her.

Women tell all next week- I was making candy during the previews so I missed a lot but I am sure it will be juicilicious. Looks like there is some dramatic footage from the Rozlyn scandal, YEAH!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Painful Reminder

If you haven't read THIS, you must. What a tragic thing that could happen to any of us. If you read her more recent posts, you can see that this family has TRULY seen a miracle.

Read it. It will change you.

An excerpt from her post:

"Please do not try to sugar-coat things for me.
I am responsible. I am the Mommy.
I should have been more attentive.
I should never have walked away from that tub.
I hope to forgive myself one day... Right now that feels impossible."

I cannot EVEN imagine.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Is it in the Cards????


Sweet, sweet Allie.

Why have you forsaken us? How could you leave when Jake was so desperately pleading for you to stay? Don't you know that you are going to regret your decision and try to come crawling back. Precious Allie, did you not learn anything from Jillian and Ed?

I am so sad right now. Yes, I heard the buzz (amongst other buzz) that Allie was going to leave this week, and yet I tried to keep my chin up and hope for the best. My heart was breaking when she actually said she had to leave. Even when I knew it was inevitable. Sigh.

So, with a moment of silence in my heart, I suppose I will move on to the other girls.

Gia- Her family seemed semi normal, her brother's hair was killing me, and Mike's commentary during her part of the dinner was the only thing really keeping me interested. She is so darling and yet she is so unsure of herself. I understand her plea to want to feel special, to stand out from the other girls. We all want to feel that way. I don't blame her for feeling insecure, but she must realize that she signed up for all this unsureity? I like her but I feel like her fears will be her weakness. She needs to let down her walls for real or she will be outa there.

Tenley- Why does the word 'ex' exist in every sentence that comes from her mouth? I get it, she is divorced from a total we need to hear about him constantly? You know who is also divorced? Vienna. But we rarely hear her speak about it- only when it is really necessary. For example, when Tenley did her dance, did she have to point out that her ex never appreciated her dancing? No. Just dance and let Jake enjoy the awkwardness and let it be a moment between you (also enjoyed Mike's commentary during this time- what would I do without him?) Tenley's family seemed incredibly sweet and I still feel like they are a match made in heaven. They all seem to be teetering on a precariously thin sheet of hope for their precious Tenley, I wonder what will happen if she is in the bottom two, only to have her heart SQUASHED. I think if Jake is any kind of man, he would tell her BEFORE she expects to get proposed to. Or maybe she will be the one? That would make them all rejoice, I'm sure. I would be excited!!!

Vienna- Ughhhhh. Okay, question: From the way Vienna talks, were you not expecting a totally decked out mansion for her home? Were you not expecting expensive cars, and a million dollar lifestyle? I kinda was. Does she live at home still? Yack. Vienna mostly bugs me now just because Jake likes her so much and I feel like the other girls are so much BETTER for him. What is he seeing in her? It saddens me.

Okay, one side note about Allie...when she was talking about the wishes on the falling leaves, and he hopped up to shake the leaves...Oh. So. Cheesy.

Can't wait for the fantasy dates. And Allie's phone call. Just cannoooooooot wait.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Wreath...

*Family blog updated also. :)

Okay, it's official, I basically blog about Jake and Wreaths.... Hmmm.... Well, my sister was giving me an earful about how I don't share my projects with her, so here we go! I got the idea from my darling friend Nancy, and thought I would make one for my door. The results? Well, you be the judge.

So, first of all, I bought WAY too much felt- make sure you don't buy too much. I think one yard would have been plenty. I cut out a million circles but still had so much left over.

Feb 2010-16 WEB

Fold them like so....
Story Web

Start pinning them in in bunches.
Feb 2010-22 WEB

Make sure you get the inside...
Feb 2010-27 WEB

and the outside...
Feb 2010-26 WEB

Okay, so ignore the felt bow holding it on the door- I was in a rush to share and did not have the cream ribbon I envisioned on hand. Other than that.......Hmmm. I am not sure. Everytime I drive away from our house I can't decide if it's festive or just an eyesore. What do you think? I added some sparkly hearts today but I am still not sure about it.

Feb 2010-29 WEB

Ideas? Suggestions????

Monday, February 1, 2010


Why, Jake, Why????

I don't have much to write about tonight, but I want to hear what everyone else thinks.
I was so completely and utterly annoyed by Vienna and it did NOT help for me to hear Jake say that he had been holding back from her so that he could connect with the other women (insinuating that he would not be able to like the other girls if he concentrated on Vienna. Seriously? Really.) She is so immature compaired to the other girls. PLEASE let his eyes be opened on the hometown date. WHAT could he possibly be attracted to in her? Her spoiled-ness? Her whiney-ness? Her crazy facial expressions? Someone enlighten me.

Alli did better this week (after her tantrum during the prank Corrie pulled) but I felt like she couldn't look Jake in the eye when he asked her about Vienna. It was like she was lying through her teeth. I REALLY do like Alli, but I am not sure that I like her with Jake. What do you think? I think she would make a good next Bachelorette, of all the girls who are left, she is who I would want to watch. That is IF she doesn't go all the way this time.

Gia is also really moving up on my list. I like her a lot, I think she's sweet. However, I feel like they don't talk about much except for him reassuring her. I think that could hurt her in the end?

I still love Tenley and I want her to be 'THE ONE.' I feel like she is so perfect for him. Her laugh is like tinkling glass. Or water. Whatever. They snuck that elevator version of On the Wings of Love in her date, which was awesome, of course. Seriously, though, I think Tenley was made for him.
I was sad to see Corrie go, but it made sense. They didn't have much of a connection and she seemed really surfacy. That moment in the boat- SO awkward. I wasn't too attached to her but DANG it was hard to see her leave and Vienna stay. BLAH!

Didn't Jake mention before that he saw Red Flags with Vienna? Does he have Red Flags with ANY other girl? AGHHHHHH! It makes me CRAZY!!!!

Til next time. I was too busy to blog this week (editing an awesome maternity session!) but I actually have other things to blog this week (gasp!) so stay tuned. :)