Monday, May 26, 2008

The Rich Man's Tuna

Mike and I have discovered a wonderful treat. Salmon, made up like tuna fish. We have been grilling salmon for awhile now, and Mike puts the perfect spices on it, lets it marinate and....YUM. Well, the other night we had some left over in the fridge, so Mike put some mayo in and and we put it on crackers, like tuna. It was scrumptious. Not a cheap treat, but worth the splurge! I bought some canned salmon tonight, but I doubt it will compair to Mike's delicious grilled version.

So. Let me share another story. We were at Mike's cousin's graduation party this weekend. Mike's little sister came into town for it, as well. Well, us girls (yes I still consider myself one of the young girls) decided to take off for a bit and go try on swimwear at Target. Okay, I KNOW that was a bad decision for me to make in the first place, being that I am still carrying around a little (read: all) baby fat. But I really didn't know how poisonous the environment would actually be. I somehow endured watching them and their perfect, untouched by children, bodies try on bikini after bikini and look fantastic...while I basically hid in the dressing room. So, due to this very traumatic experience...Mike and I joined a gym today. HOORAY! I am going to take naked before and after pictures of us, and post them on the blog. Haha, you wish. :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Okay, my friend, Anne Marie, had a 'Simple Pleasures' tag a little while ago, and I LOVED it. Here is my response to her tag.

The Sleepmate. It is a tiny noise machine that I can take anywhere I go, and it produces the yummiest white noise EVER. Love it.

Sun Blocking Eye Patches. I am addicted to these and my earplugs. Grouped with my about a fab night of sleep.

Lavender Vanilla Pillow Spray. Ahhhhh Relaxing. Down Filled Mattress Cover. Wait a minute. All of my simple pleasures have to do with sleep. Bwahahah!! Okay, onto something different.

My Home Alarm System. Is this allowed? Talk about Piece of Mind. Whenever Mike leaves town this allows me to feel totally safe and to sleep like a baby. (Here we go with the sleep again).

Bubble Bath. Currently I am using White Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works. I l-o-v-e my bath. Can't get enough soaking in piping hot water. In scrumptious bubbles.
Okay, I really adore this lotion. It's Johnson's Nourishing Renewal Lotion. Mike brought home a sample home from NSHIMBA last year, when we were in school and very poor. I used it to the last drop, and counted down the days for Mike to get a job so that I could make this my first purchase!!
Body By Victoria. I love this shower care line. The gel, scrub, and lotion. It's divine! It smells delicious and feels oh so pampering.
If you really want to turn heads, use this hairspray. It's 'So Sexy' but it smells like the Body by Victoria line. And it lingers all day. YUM.
Okay, I will leave it at that! :)

Now YOU are tagged. What are your simple pleasures???

P.S. Sarah Update. She is still really sick. BUT I think things are looking up. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers, please!! PLEASE!