Monday, January 25, 2010

Stupid Genius

First I would like to say that it is truly sad when I haven't posted anything all week in between my Bachelor posts. I do have life outside the Bachelor. I promise.

Okay, now that I have my disclaimer out there, can I just say....I LOATHE VIENNA. Vienna, I was totally easy on you last week but now my eyes have been opened to just how awful you are. I was so annoyed at how much crap the girls talked about you (still kind of am) but HELLO. Ridiculous.

Alright. Back to the beginning. The girls went trecking across the California coast and drama ensued. Thankfully for everyone, Vienna and Alli were not in the same RV. Thank you, ABC.

Gia got the first one on one date with Jake and I really warmed up to her. She seemed so relatable, and I loved her stories about what a geek she was. I was laughing at their spin the bottle game, not only because it was unbelievably cheesy, but I thought it was funny that it was Jake's idea (especially after she had just finished telling him how her first kiss was the worst because it was during a spin the bottle game....ummmm....) I really liked Gia, though. I feel like if she came out on top (barring any crazy personality quirks that may surface later) I would be alright with it. Oh, and I have to mention the piano montage of 'On the Wings of Love' in the background of their date. Nice.

Next came the group date where Vienna was horrendous. "I want to be last." Is she two years old? Get over yourself!! We were cheering, jumping up and down when Jake informed her that she brings the torment from the other girls upon herself (that is where the 'genius' in my title comes in). I loved it. Sweet chastising.
Corrie became more outgoing and I liked her much more this week. I really could not stand her comedy routine last week. Give me Corrie ANY day over Vienna though. Seriously. I still don't see much spark between her and Jake, unfortunately. (Or fortunately?)
Tenley got some awesome one on one time and I feel like she is seriously MADE for Jake. Someone mentioned how bubbly she is all the time, and how she always sees the positive. That seems like the type of thing he would absolutely adore. She's my match. She's going all the way. ;)
Alli is Jake's new pick since all his girls got axed this week. I have to say, Alli needs to GET OVER her problems with Vienna. Yes, we all know Vienna is disgusting, Alli. Move on. Focus on your relationship with Jake!! Is she going to give him an ultimatum? A 'her or me' situation? I am absolutely DREADING her 'talking to' she is going to give him. Start spooning out the awkwardness now. UGH.

Lastly the Two on One. The beginning of the bloodbath of mass proportions. Mike's girl, Kathryn, AKA Jean Smith was totally burned when he sent her home when he totally could have given her a rose. Ella had already been sent packing...what would have been the harm? I feel like Kathryn wasn't given much of a chance. In Jake's defense, she REALLY needed to be more upbeat during her one on one time. Maybe her totally downer attitude had something to do with it?
Side note: We were cracking up at all the girls bawling their eyes out when both bags got taken away. Um, WANT people to leave. Did no one explain to them how this works???

Onto the cocktail party. Jessie (the girl with the dark hair, in case you didn't know who I was talking about.) pulled him aside at the cocktail party and gave him the truth (again) about Vienna. I really liked the story she told him, about the cars. It was a perfect example of a HUGE RED FLAG. (This is where the 'stupid' comes into play in my title). Why, oh why, oh why, did he not let Vienna go? He has been through this before with Wes. Where there is smoke, there's fire. Evil, evil fire. But he kept her, completely dissing Ashleigh and Jessie by having one of the roses removed. Ashleigh's reaction was actually pretty fair, I thought. I would have said the EXACT same thing. Vienna. Really? Spare me.

Vienna, I had your back last week but you are just TOO spoiled and self centered. I am seriously nervous about next week. She makes the stupid move by hopping into Jake's bed- he does NOT seem happy....but I am still scared that he is going to ax Corrie...or Alli will overstep her bounds with her 'talking to'...or any other thing that would keep Vienna around.


PS Was it interesting to anyone else to see the 'behind the scenes' stuff at the Rose Ceremony? I have always envisioned Chris Harrison lurking in the corner of the ceremonies, waiting to jump out and announce the 'final rose tonight', but apparently he is actually halfway across the house laughing and joking with the staff. Do they have to pause the show and round him up when it's time for him to announce that final rose? Also, I loved how the producers scurried out of the shot when Jake came walking out. Like, noooooo one else is here, we promise. Anyway.


MT said...

Okay, so everything started out good and exciting and then it all kinda fell apart for me. I spent so much time with my face scrunched up - and I kinda lost my enthusiasm for this episode. Lol.

Surprisingly, I liked Gia and her date with Jake. Dumb decision about the heals on that date, but it was cute she wanted to be cute for her first date.

Vienna wanting to get her way and be the last one to kiss him goodnight was ridiculous and I'm mad Jake indulged her. He should have told her, "it's now or never".

I'm glad Ashleigh is gone...her one on one time on the group date was super awkward. They had NOTHING to say to each other and their cuddling was strange.

Jessie telling Jake Vienna isn't right for him... what a lame way to use her time with Jake. Let him make his mind up about her himself. If he can't see how she reaks of immaturity, then he isn't a very good judge of character. I think he is keeping Vienna one more week for ratings. I was kinda hoping he would. Just to see crazy Alli give Jake that stern talking to. Alli bugs me. "If that is what he wants, I'm NOT." Doesn't she understand he's trying them all on for size and comfort?

I think Jake is cutting people abruptly because he wants to get the numbers down so he can have more quality time with each girl. These group dates are not a good way to get to know each other.

I wish he would have kept Kathryn. I really wanted to see what she was all about. I never got to see her personality and I was intrigued.

I'm really not a fan of any of the girls left in the competition. However, you are right about Tenley. She is the only one I can see Jake with in the end.

gordon, cindy and carter said...

Ditto! Joy, everything you said is right on.
I love during the rose ceremony how he didn't want to give the last 2 roses out...meaning he Wants to get rid of Vienna. But then that would mean it would be time for the hometown dates and ABC isn't ready for that yet. Seems to me like Chris had to talk him into giving at least one more rose out. I can see him sending Jesse packing (who?) and it was awkward seeing the one on one time with Ashleigh, so why not pick Vienna. At least he can fake having a good time with her, but that just leaves more drama for him to deal with from the other girls. I just hope next week is an easy elimination and he finally gets rid of the beast!

CandraWynne said...

I agree with the comment above. i think it is an ABC thing keeping Vienna around. When Jake was saying goodbye to Jesse he said "I listened to everything you said" I would have said "Then WHY is SHE still here!" I'm nervous for ali as well, there are lines that cannot be crossed and I'm scared that she is going to and he's not going to like that side of her. Still not sure about Gia, I think she did a great job showing Jake that she is from a very different place than he is but she's ok with that and doing things the way he likes them. I'm just not sure she could do it permenantly.... then again maybe she's ready for a change! Can't wait to see what happens!

Candi said...

Keeping it short this time...

I'm sick of Vienna, too. It's time for her to go. I'm still confused as to why we don't see any of this 'drama' with her. I don't dislike her for all the reason that the other girls have stated, because I haven't seen any of it...I just like her for her...she's definitely NOT his type.

Tenley is my pick...100%. They are perfect for each other.

I'm glad he got rid of extra girls this week. Really makes it seems like he's there for the right reasons.

AND...did you notice the part in the previews of him storming out during the interview in this episode...THEY NEVER SHOWED IT! Stupid, misleading ABC!!

erin and shaun said...

Ha Ha! So glad you noticed the "On the Wings of Love" piano montage! It made me laugh too! What also made me laugh? The awkward one-on-one time with Ashleigh! So weird!!! She was clueless! While I am definitely not a Vienna fan, Alli needs to take a serious chill pill and let things work themselves out. She's a lot more cut-throat than I originally thought. I thought Kathryn came across as really mature and level-headed during their one-on-one time (once she stopped attacking him that is!) but apparently he doesn't like mature! Like everyone else, I think Jake+Tenley=Luv4Eva!!

Annie G. said...

Oh my gosh...I thought about you the entire show!!! I could not wait to hear your reaction! I loathe vienna and agree she should be sent packing ASAP, but I was actually sad to see Ella go! I know she was probably not the perfect match for Jake, but she seemed so real to me...and I am all about real! I gotta agree with your pick, Tenley! Ahhh, true love!

Britney said...

Tenley is my pick as well, although I think she's getting too wrapped up in the Vienna stuff.
Alli, chill! I so want to like her again but feel myself just cringing everytime she talks because it always has something to do with Vienna. At the rose ceremony she just went on and on...she needs to stop obsessing and focus on trying to develop a stronger connection with Jake.
Call me crazy...but I kinda like Gia!

Joy said...

Ooooh I love the feedback on this one!! I don't know about Jake storming out and kicking the lights- do you think that's possibly next week? Or did they really eliminate it? It seems like he does some campfire stuff next week, too. Okay, so I am glad we all agree Vienna is horrible and Tenley seems like a good match. Britney, I also like Gia. So, I am thinking maybe Alli could be a fabulous next Bachelorette. I like her, but I don't like her for Jake.

Candi said...

Forgot to say, Gia's laugh annoys the crap outta me. That's all! :)

Darby said...

Tenley reminds me so much of Trista the Bachelorette. Sing song bubbly baby talking girl. I say that like it is a negative but I think for Jake they are MFEO (made for each other)! :)

Vienna bu-bye chick, ratings for sure, wonder how much ABC is giving him to keep her around. Odd about the interview thing, I do remember seeing him kick the light in the previews, so that was supposed to be this week?

Alli, sigh... don't ruin it girl. Her mouth is foul and I'm afraid she is going to open it too much with Jake. I kind of like the idea of her being the next Bachelorette.

I love how Katheryn patted him on the arm saying she was so sorry that was hard for him when he came back from sending Ella home thinking, "I've got this in the bag"... Um later chick, you are outta here too. Classic.

Jesse? Did I miss her one on one time with him on the group date or did they not show it? I never liked her hair so no lose for me there.

At this point Tenley or Alli (who needs a Valium) are my top two pics.

Marin said...

Joy, I didn't know about this website!! I'm so glad you do this! I agree with you on all of your points. I think my biggest beef with Vienna is that she is really immature. I'm SO SICK of Ali talking crap about Vienna though. I keep thinking she should just focus on Jake and not be so caught up with what Vienna is doing. Also, Gia is growing on me a bit. She bugged me really bad in the beginning, but I kind of like her now. My overall absolute favorite (I'm sure along with most) is Tenley. She's seriously a doll!!! And yes, let's PLEASE have a finale party. PLAN ON IT!

Weston and Nicole said...

We think alike. Everything you say about the bachelor is exactly what my sisters and I talk about each week! Even to the point where I thought it was interesting how Chris in an entire different part of the house during the rose ceremony! Vienna needs to go, Alli needs to chill, and Tenley is Jakes perfect match in my opinion!

我的加 said...

Every dog has his day. ....................................................

The Peach.... said...

Yes, my thoughts exactly....can we buy the piano montage of "on the wings of love" anywhere, ha ha! Can I download it on itunes?