Friday, March 19, 2010

The Handsome Men's Club

Okay, my sister in law sent me this and I could not stop laughing. I think my favorite part is how the men are slowly revealed throughout the clip. New ones just keep cropping up. That, and "These are my superhero tights!"

Monday, March 15, 2010


Most of you have heard the news that I am expecting again. Bring on baby #3! I am almost out of the first trimester and it cannot come fast enough, and I am crossing my fingers that it brings with it some relief. I have the misfortune of having Hyperemesis when I am pregnant. Basically, it is really rough morning sickness. The kind that makes you wish for death. I have gotten used to puking pretty much anywhere and everywhere, which is nothing new since I have been through it twice before.
Anyway, enough complaining. That is not what this post is about. This post is about twins.
I know what you are thinking, and no, I am not pregnant with twins. I have seen for myself that there is only one little nipper in there. You want to see? Well, twist my arm!!

Ultrasound WEB

Cute already, right? ;)

No, this post is about the twins that nearly made me lose what little I had choked down for breakfast and lunch today.
I decided that I would turn all my rotting bananas into banana bread today, and so I went about mixing up the ingredients. Well, I cracked the eggs and....gag....twin yolks were in one of them.

eggs web

Seriously? I have NEVER seen this before. It grossed me out so bad, I don't know why. The thought of those twin yolks were seriously plaguing me, though. I called my sister in law and she assured me that twin yolks are normal, in fact, they are good luck.

Ummmm. Okay. I am still completely grossed out. So...does this happen often? How have I never seen one in all of my 28.5 years? Please let me go another 28 years without ever seeing another!!!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Dust Has Settled

***Family blog updated!!

I don't know about you, but I have been eating up all the interviews that Jake and Vienna have done...Regis, Kimmel, Ellen... I watched and laughed and scoffed my way through them and....I guess it's okay. They are happy and I GUESS that's the point of the show. That doesn't mean she doesn't drive me completely insane, though!! It's her eyes or something. They're shifty.

I loved all the comments from the finale post. Thank you for watching and dishing with me! I can't wait for The Bachelorette to start, I seriously cannot wait! I think Allie will be fun to watch, and hopefully they have awesome guys on there, so help me. And...she better not choose a jerk in the end, UGH!!!!!!

So...I watched Molly and Jason's wedding. STOP JUDGING ME! I had to watch, it was like a train wreck! I loved all the fabulous details...especially the pouring rain! Holy moly, could you believe it? Why didn't someone run up there with an umbrella?? I was dying for them. Seriously, though, their reception was fabulous. I was a bit jealous!

So hopefully I will find motivation to blog before next season. I did make some changes to the house per your suggestions, I will post them soon!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010


What can I say here? I am disappointed, but not surprised. I hate that the ending this season was totally ruined for me, that it was spoiled early and that I had to suffer through the inevitable. All I can really say Boo on Jake for breaking Tenley's heart. Boo on Jake's family for not taking him by the shoulders and shaking some sense into him. Boo on the 'magical spark' that was missing between him and Tenley. Boo on having to see Vienna molest Jake with mud all over their bodies. Boo to the ridiculously cheesy 'On the Wings of Love' Jake/Vienna montage I gagged all the way through. Boo to watching them dance to the live performance (um, Mike's worst nightmare right there).

A few more key points: It breaks my heart how well Tenley fit into Jake's family, how much they loved her and she loved him, and how important it was to Jake's mom to have someone who would unify the women in their family.....and then he chose Vienna. I was laughing at how awkward Vienna's time with them was, and just how her immaturity flashed like a huge neon sign when you compared them side by side.
I have to ask myself what kind of woman Jake was truely looking for...didn't he call Vienna his pet or baby or something like that? I wonder if he was looking for someone to coddle or spoil....if so, he found his match!

Did anyone else think it was so random when Jake was announced for Dancing With the Stars? That was the only true surprise for me this whole night. I was seriously wondering how in the world they decided on that???

I know that some of you are not huge Alli fans, but I am looking forward to her season. I like watching her, she's cute and stylish and doesn't annoy me (although she can really whine), and hopefully she has awesome guys to choose from. I can't wait!!!

I really loved all the texts I received tonight during the finale. It was so much fun, I was laughing the entire show because it seemed I had an ongoing commentary from my friends even though they weren't with me. Loved it!!!

Soooo....what did you think?