Friday, June 20, 2008

Could You Hear It??

...the pitter-pat of all the tween girls' hearts in the world? Yeah, Camp Rock premiered tonight. Rachel was soooooooooo (could go on forever) excited about it. They had a commercial for it every 5 minutes during all the Hannah Montana episodes for the past, um, year??
They played this movie up so much, and tonight when we were at Target BEFORE it even premiered, we noticed that they were fully stocked with Camp Rock paraphernalia...shirts, barbies, CD's, etc. Talk about counting your chickens.... They were smart to do it, though, because some of it was already SOLD OUT!!
So. I admit it. I watched it. Okay, I watched about 20 minutes of it. I did get to see Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato sing together at the end, the song I have been jamming to on Radio Disney for the past month, This is Me. I must say that I was into it.

I am going to go ahead and write another post above this one so it gets buried. Don't tease me for long.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Okay, I must share this for any dieter out there.

1 Duncan Hines devil's food cake mix
1 can applesauce (15.5 ounces, you can find at walmart)

Mix them together, pour into cupcake pan, and bake at 350 for about 20 minutes. Do not overbake, check frequently.

These are delicious. They have no 'diet' taste. No yucky aftertaste. Just gooey chocolate wonderful tastiness.

In order to keep myself from eating the whole pan, I put them in individual sandwich bags, pile them in a large freezer bag, and then freeze them. Every night I take ONE out to thaw overnight so I have a treat the next day. It works really well!

I added the calories in the mix and applesauce and it is about 180 calories per cupcake. (yields 13) Not awful, especially compaired to a regular cupcake's 280 calories!!!

Can you top this?

White trash alert: Can you top it?
Today I was at my friend's pool (Greentree, for all you Tbirds) and there were two couples who were on the, uh, large side of the scale, who were swimming, too. The girls were wearing small bikinis, so they were hanging out all over the place. One of the guys went up to the girl in the white plaid bikini, put his face in her chest and did the 'motorboat'. Bbbbbbbbbb.
He repeated the motion a few times and then the resumed their swimming. W.O.W.