Monday, June 29, 2009

The Dark Horse of the Apocalypse

...also known as: Ed.

Mike's boy is BACK!! Can you believe it? Because I was actually somewhat shocked! I had my suspicions last week when they blurred out the face of one of the guys in an 'upcoming episode', but I still felt like I was reaching for straws of hope where there were none. I am happy to have Ed back but worried that the chemistry may have fizzled. We shall see, I guess. I am glad he gets another chance.


My heart is BREAKING for Michael. Oh, my, could there be a bigger sweetheart than him? Scratch voting Jake for the next Bachelor, let's all vote in Michael! He is a doll and I wish that he and Jillian had more chemistry together. Poor guy.

Sad to see Jessie leave instead of Wes, but I am not shedding tears over it. Much more upset about Michael's departure.

Soooooo. I think I will be chewing anti-acids for the rest of the week after all the crazy confrontation I witnessed tonight. If I haven't said it before, I will say it again: I HATE confrontation. It makes me so nuts. I was literally shaking and sweating and freezing all at the same time when Wes and Jake were going at it. Well, first, when Jake was there alone talking with her, and he said, "My body just went numb." that was EXACTLY how I felt! My body felt limp and lifeless as I awaited the awkwardness to end.
I did NOT like when Jake confronted Wes. I felt like Jake's accusations were pretty flimsy, actually. Yes, he had a name BUT no real story to back it up. And Wes's family seemed pretty sure that Wes was clean. I really felt sorry for Jillian that she had to go through all that. I am even MORE sorry that she feels enough for Wes to keep him, even after alllllll that. Sheesh.

Reid. I am having mixed feelings here. Probably some of my hesitations come from the fact that I am pretty sure he is the no-chemistry guy on the one on one dates, so maybe I am seeking the worst, but I don't know. I think he may be a little too neurotic for my liking. And, she ALWAYS comes to him, if you will notice. Whenever they are sitting together, he lays back while she leans into him, or she sits up so she can face him while he reclines. I don't know, it's wierd. But his family was cool and he is alright. I am just 'blah' about him I guess.

Kyptin's family was....stuck UP. All but the dad rubbed me the wrong way, especially his sister. Eep. I would have been afraid if I were Jillian. I love how they cut the tape and got in the hot tub anyway, haha. I wondered if Jillian felt silly in her cow spotted bikini (or whatever that was) in front of his proper family.

I guess at this point I don't know WHO I am rooting for. The only one I am rooting against is Wes. Ohhhh PLEASE let Wes go home soon!! Otherwise...I don't know. Who are you rooting for???

Monday, June 22, 2009

Noooooo!!!! Noooooo!!! WHY?? Why, Jillian, WHY???

How's that for drama? Imagine me on my knees, screaming to the heavens in agony as I watched Jake exit the building. I just CANNOT believe she let him go. Granted, I love 99% of the guys left (die Wes), so I would have been sad if pretty much anyone had left....but I probably could have coped better with Michael or even Jesse leaving before my beloved Jake. sniff.

So. I am begging you to go onto and let's all nominate Jake to be the next Bachelor! That way we can see his pretty face for a long, long time. :)

Moving on, Wes pretty much sucks, right? I mean, HELLO loser. How many times is he going to mention the fact that he is plugging his music career? And NO ONE had the guts to say anything???
So, it looks like Jake finally works up the nerve to come back and spill the beans about Wes maybe next week or the week after? I am pretty much wigging out from all the scenes they have shown from the future episodes, I can hardly stand it. Seriously, I was panting because I was having so much anxiety over all the future scenes. I was desperately searching for Kyptin to be in that final destination with her, I mean....PLEASE let it be Kytpin. PLEASE!!!

Michael is such an awesome, funny guy, and I really really like him but I think Jillian made a mistake in keeping him over Jake because she already KNOWS that he is not really what she is looking for right now. She needs to listen to her gut and follow what her heart is telling her. Michael is a doll but I don't necessarily think he is the one for her.

Jessie is pretty darling, I must admit, I think Jillian is really taking a hard look at this guy whom she never paid much attention to before. He is so sweet to her and I love it. I have almost forgotten the ugly hat. I wouldn't mind seeing him stick around for awhile.

Reid is my sister's heartthrob because he is SO cute, but his OCD stuff is starting to become a little annoying. I think it's his OCD that causes his, um, problems on the overnight date, his perfectionism and all that catches up with him leaving him....incompacitated, perhaps??? Do you think he is in the final two??? WHO comes early to propose to her??? Is it Wes? Is Wes still going to be there? Am I ever going to sleep again???????

Kitpyn really puts the twinkle in Jillian's eye. She has this look when she is with him, this glowing stare of adoration for him. I think she REALLY likes him a lot. I am hoping that he does get to stick around until the very end and PLEASE bless that he gets the rose. They just seem like they are made for one another!

Jake, bless his soul. Poor guy put it all out there and got his heart totally smashed. Let's make him the next Bachelor, people. We can unite and do it!!

Tanner, well, I am not sad to see him go. Mostly because there was no chemistry. I love how Wes got all worked up when Tanner came clean about tattling to Jillian. Wes is such a jerk. Ugh.

I wasn't sad to see Robbie go AT ALL. I was not a Robbie fan.

Okay so, hopefully I will wind down after those scenes at the end. I am DYING to know how this all turns out, how the drama plays out, etc. Dyyyyyyyyyying!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Do You Like Me? Check: Yes...No...Maybe....

Alright. I am feeling a little overwhelmed by all of what I witnessed tonight. I mean...I am having a hard time pulling my thoughts together because I feel like there is so much to remember! Ohhhh the drama! Another crazy thing is....I find myself REALLY liking so many of these guys....a lot. I think she has a solid group (minus a few (wes).)

Okay, let's start with the first major thing....Ed leaving. I am so sad Ed left, because I really liked him, and obviously Jillian did, too. But I don't necessarily blame him for going...if he was going to lose his job over it, then he probably made a good choice because there was only a 1 in 8 chance that we was going to get picked. She made it seem like he wasn't making her a priority (she got a little frosty about it all) and kind of patronized him by saying, "Next time you meet a girl you are crazy about, don't let work get in the way." Well, it would be different if he was actually in a ONE on ONE relationship with her!!! I mean, yeah, by all means, make your partner your priority. I thought it was kind of snotty of her to say when she had been making out with another guy in the hot tub, like, 12 hours earlier.

Next...Kiptyn Kiss. HELLO! Talk about a zoom lens, I think you could actually SEE them swapping spit. I am not complaining though, I still stand by Kitpyn...even if he did look kind of unattractive last week. What was up with that? Did they have a lighting malfunction? Because all the guys kind of looked ugly last week. They were back to looking nice this week- especially Kiptyn. She was SO giggly and silly with him, you can tell she adores him. Sigh. :)

Jesse was a doll on the glacier, no doubt about it. I starting liking him more and more in the airplane, and then he absolutely stole the show by playing around with her on the ice. I was a little biased against him since he wore that seriously ugly hat last week, but he redeemed himself this week and I actually like him quite a bit. I think Jillian liked him too, although she did seem a BIT hesitant to make out in the hot tub. Maybe she was worried about getting branded 'hot tub Harris' again.

Michael...Oh how my love continues to grow for this breakdancing fool. I find him hilarious and darling all wrapped up into one package. His personality is so attractive to me, I don't know what it is about him, I just find him to be SUCH a doll. I do think, that maybe his inability to really REALLY be serious might be his downfall with Jillian, but I am glad he is here still.

Jake is still darling. Why does she have to brand him as Perfect? Obviously no one in life is perfect, including Jake (he has to be hiding SOME flaw...somewhere....right?) and I don't think it's fair that this is what she would hold over him. In fact, I think it's kind of a cop-out. I am glad she hasn't let him go yet, hopefully she will find him to be more real over the next few weeks. He hasn't had much face time the past couple episodes, which kind of hurts me a little because he is so darling when you see him actually interacting with her. Hopefully Jake will get some more time with her next week.

Wes- Ugh, SUCH a jerk. Let's fast forward to scenes from next week when he BRINGS UP the fact that he is getting publicity from this show. Dirtbag!!! He is monotone and seems to have no personality. She claims to know all about his family, well why haven't WE been shown these insightful conversations? Maybe the producers are trying to make Wes out to be a slimeball, and they are succeeding if that's the case. Unfortunately he makes it into future episodes, it looks like a hometown date of some kind. BOO.

Robbie- I can't stand this guy. Don't ask me why, but he is just shady and wierd. He is Dave Jr. He needs to be sent packing.

Tanner- Seriously? He is still around? I am glad she didn't cut him last week for semi-ratting Wes out, but where is the connection? It's bizarre to me that she cut Mark instead of him.

Reid. Oh, Reid. I save Reid for last because....well......I have to say that I think Ried is the one who, um.....has the issues........on the overnight date. You know, the scenes from 'coming up this season in the bachelorette'. Yeah, I think it's Reid. I don't even know what to say about this except, well, that sucks. Especially to have it broadcast on national television. OUCH. He seems like such a good guy, but he isn't going to be able to live that down...I don't think....

I guess I should give a farewell shout out to Mark. He was an alright guy, but I am not to torn up to see him go. She made a good choice, if it wasn't Tanner. or Wes. or Robbie.....

I am sooooo interested to see how this season is going to end!! I think that next to Andrew Firestone, this may be my favorite season yet. Lots of drama and lots of really good guys. Love it!

I adore everyone elses comments and insights, so let me hear them!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Awkward Turtle swims into the room...

Okay so if you are not hip with the lingo (like I wasn't until the beach trip last week when my younger cousins all enlightened me) whenever there is an awkward moment, you can make a turtle with your hands and swim it into the room. Or, you can place your clawed hand on someone's shoulder to signify the 'awkward squirrel' that is now crouching on their shoulder. Or, you can just do as my sister Katie's friend does and announce that there is diarrhea EVERYWHERE, meaning that the situation is completely and utterly awkward.
The point is, my friends, that there was an ocean of awkward turtles, a million mating awkward squirrels, all under a pile of awkward diarrhea tonight on the Bachelorette. Holy cow. I was literally trying to shake the awkwardness off of my body after it was all said and done. I completely cannot stand confrontation, and that rose ceremony had me in a cold sweat. Holy moly.

So, let's rewind, and begin with Kiptyn's one on one. It was full of cuteness and lovey doveyness, enough to win him a rose and keep him in the running. I do like him a lot (he is my 'pick' after all) but I kind of noticed tonight that he wasn't as good looking as I remembered him. Still cute, but not AS cute. In fact, I noticed that with almost all the guys. Maybe they had bad lighting or something. Anyway, the point is, I am glad he is still in the game.

Jake is really freaking me out. DON'T back down now, Jake!! I am kind of suspicious that he is going to leave next week, hence Jillian's broken heart. They are making it seem like perhaps Wes is the one to go, but I am really thinking it could be Jake.

Mark the Pizza man really scored tonight with his rose. I wonder if she wasn't forced to choose one or the other if she would have kept him around. I am not seeing much chemistry between them. But he seems like a good guy.

Michael the breakdancer is seriously cracking me up. I want her to keep him around just so I can have a good laugh each week. They seem to have NO sparks right now but I do think he is her type, with his dry humor and carefree, easygoing attitude. I like him more and more each week.

Ed is still darling, although he didn't get much face time, I am SO glad he got a rose. I like Ed. Go Ed.

Robbie is seriously buggin. He is like a mini-Dave, only smaller and weaker. He seems like a total bully. I could not believe his little tantrum at the rose ceremony about the one on one time. He could have said that WAY better than he did, it seemed so childish. Ew, he is really rubbing me wrong.

Reid seems like a cool guy after all, he is kind of getting more and more camera time and I am glad. He seems like a genuine guy and hopefully he continues to impress me by being awesome.

Jessie, what the heck is up with your hat, dude? We all wanted to rip it off and toss it overboard. Yeesh. He is SOOOOOOOOOOO much cuter without it.

Tanner P- Wow. Poor guy looked like he was going to hit the floor tonight as all the drama unfolded. I am kind of mad that the guys who egged him on to tattle to Jillian about Wes in the first place (um, Ed and Jake, I think?) acted totally oblivious to the whole thing. They WANTED him to tell, then acted like it was completely unexpected and uncool. I am glad Jillian didn't throw him under the bus.

Wes- I want to barf when I look at Wes. I think he is totally phony and Jillian needs to axe him PRONTO! I wonder how long it is before someone tells her that he is the one with the girlfriend. Maybe Tanner will come clean about it next week.

Adios, Dave and Juan! So glad to see you hit the road! I hope they sent Dave straight to anger management, good gosh. And Juan, well, he simply drove me nuts so I am glad I don't have to listen to him anymore. I should also say goodbye to Mike the baseball camp guy, he seemed nice but I am not broken up by his departure. She will find love elsewhere (cough cough JAKEorEDorKiptyn.)

Although I was sweating buckets after all the drama tonight, I still loved every minute of it. Okay, maybe there were a few points where I literally had to stand up and walk around, but that's what makes this show so addictive. Anyway, I can't wait for next week's drama fest!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I wanna tweeze 'em.

Okay, if anyone is still out there since I last blogged, um, last monday (oops) then please join me in some Bachelorette chat. I do have to admit that this week was super fun for me because for the first time in a LONG time I had a big gaggle of girls to watch it with! The ongoing commentary throughout the whole thing was hysterical and so fulfilling that I almost didn't blog about it today. Yet here I am. I cannot stay away.

Let's start with a moment of silence for Sasha. I really did like him a lot and I mourned his departure quite a bit, although I can't say I really blame her for sending him home. I can understand why she felt like he might be a bit, um, unrealistic in his qualifications for a mate. But he seemed like such a cool guy, so I was sad to see him go.
As far as the other two cuts go, I wasn't too upset about them. Tanner and....Brad? Don't really care.

Wes is making me (and my whole gaggle of women) nuts. If I have to hear that song one more time I will probably flip out. I am excited for next week, maybe he will be exposed for being here for the wrong reasons and then get sent packing. He seems controlling, possesive, and boring on top of it all.

Tanner-feet-in-his-mouth was creepalicous as ever, but don't you kind of think that Jillian is pretty well informed at this point that he has this wierd fetish? I mean he is OP-EN about it, so she has to either a: be into it, or b: be seriously layed back about it because she is keeping him around.

Dave is a raging drunk lunatic. Holy COW I could not believe his rage last night, and it actually makes me want her to pick Juan just so Dave pops a vein. I can't get over his makes me speechless. Let's enroll him in anger management, stat. Who goes on national television making multiple death threats to another guy over not taking a SHOT??? Run run run run run run Jillian. Dave wants everyone to warn her about Juan, but really, where does the real danger lay? Hmmm? hmm????

Juan is still super cheesy and very femme in my opinion, I really don't want Jillian to pick him but I do think he may be getting a little bit of an overreaction from the other guys. There has got to be something we are missing or edited out if they all have such distain for him.

Robby's kiss with Jillian was super super cute on the movie set, it made me so silly excited for them, but I still feel like he is a bit shady, I know nothing about him and was a bit disapointed that he was backing up DAVE the freakshow when he ripped into Juan. Classic line deliverance: "I agree with Dave 100%, we'll talk later". *clink!*

Jake and Kiptyn didn't get much face time this time around, I am getting a bit nervous that Kiptyn is going to get eliminated coming up here because Jillian seems to have a real issue with his heart never being broken. He is adOREable, so I really hope she keeps him around for awhile. I think she really enjoys kissing him and such, so hopefully that keeps him safe for the time being.
Jake is still darling, I still think he is going to go far. (I hope!)

Pizza man- Um, Mark, came out of the woodwork tonight with his brave confrontation with Dave about Juan. I really love it when people speak up for the underdog, so he won some mega points with all of us. Now he just needs to spend a bit of time with Jillian, that would be helpful for him.

Jessie, Mike, and Michael all need to get on their game or they are going to be sent packing. I don't think they are going to have a chance unless they get a one on one or awesome make out session with her. I feel like they are so far from front runners, poor guys have no chance at this point.

Reid got a bit of face time, a tiny kiss, a little romance...but I am also worried for him, he needs to step it up or get some one on one time in order to stick around.

Ed- Oh my my my, he is DARLING!!!!!!!!! I want to bring him home to live at our house if Jillian stupidly cuts him. Hopefully Mike is okay with that. Seriously, though, he is a doll and I loved their date, it gave ME butterflies.

If only she could pick 3, I would happily walk away with Ed, Jake, and Kiptyn as her men. Hopefully one of those will be the next Bachelor...

Until next time...enjoy your week...we are enjoying ours!