Monday, July 26, 2010


So the 'Men Tell All' is kind of an anticlimatic episode, especially when the most dramatic characters (Justin/Rated R, Frank) don't show up. It was enjoyable to see the outtakes from the season, let a few of the guys weigh in and say their peace, but really....not much happens. Except for when they show the final two guys, and I start having huge butterflies and wonder how I will ever be able to wait another week for the final episode! I am DYING to know who she chooses! I was listening really carefully to how she worded things, and I am leaning towards Roberto being the one she chooses, but maybe that is just me guarding and protecting my heart since I want her to choose Chris L SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad. He is SO darling. Roberto is hot, don't get me wrong, and really he is a good guy. But I am rooting for Chris L. What a sweety. Do you think that ABC would ask Roberto to be the next Bachelor if she chooses Chris? I think they would. However, I am not sure if they would ask Chris L. What do you think? I tell you what, if they choose Kirk I will barf. I am not a Kirk fan. Still. Please, ABC. Don't do it.

Okay, so what is up with Frank being on the Final Rose? Why was he not there tonight with all the other guys? I had this crazy moment of panic that there will be a Molly/Jason moment and Frank will try to get Allie back. Probably not, but fun to imagine. Seriously, though, why does he deserve to be on that episode? It doesn't make any sense to me.

What did you make of the Bachelor Pad previews? Hmmmmm.....Elizabeth does not make a good blond...Tina Fabulous is a bit loose with her lips, don't ya think? Tenley seems much racier than she did with Jake! Probably trying to live down the fact that Jake basically called her bad in bed. Ouch.

Okay, so what do you think? Chris? Roberto? Who will be the next Bachelor?

Monday, July 19, 2010


Alright, so I just finished the final seconds of this week's episode of the Bachelorette. I endured text after text tonight while I was shooting a family session at the Library, taunting me about how I was missing all the drama as it happened. (totally worth it, SUCH a fun session!) Anyway, when I got back to my car I already had 10 texts about it including, "Roberto is P.I.M.P", "wowza", and "I want to jump through the TV and marry Roberto." So, naturally I geared up to jump on the Roberto bandwagon and fall in love with him.

He did not disappoint. Seriously, could he be any more darling? And could she be anymore ALLLLLLLL over him? You can tell that she has some serious chemistry with the guy, and honestly, I can totally see why. He is definitely one. hot. boy. Their date was so romantic, LOVED how they were on their own little private heart-shaped island, (did you catch that it was heart-shaped? 'cause I am not sure if they mentioned that enough times...) and you could just SEE the chemistry steaming through the dewy air of Tahiti. It was HOT. He confessed he was falling in love with her....they entered the fantasy suite...SOLD. I was SOOOOOOOOLD.

Enter Chris. "Poor, sweet Chris," I was thinking to myself. I mean, there was no chance he could ever top the hot, romantic Roberto's date, right? WRONG. I am seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY loving Chris!! No, they did not make out in the water the whole time they were on camera (although they did plenty of kissing!) They laughed. Joked. Had fun together. Talked. Really connected. She made the genius comment about how that's how she wanted her relationship to be like with her partner- romantic but fun. And you know what? She is totally right. Because you can only make out for so long, and then you have to come up for air/reality and see what is REALLY there. She and Chris have an actual friendship on top of the romance. Anyone who has been married more than 2 seconds knows that the romance does fade into the background a bit when real life settles in. It is still there, just not at the forefront at all times. So what she has with Chris makes me literally yell at the TV, telling her she is an idiot if she doesn't choose him.

I guess I should mention the 'drama' (not so dramatic when you hear about it weeks in advance) of Frank leaving her for the love-of-his-life-who's-name-I-have-already-forgotten. I am glad he felt awful when he told her and she bawled her eyes out. I would love to know if he is even with this chick anymore, or if he has already moved on and moved to China to pursue some lifetime goal he has for the moment. I really have to wonder if the fear of the seriousness of the situation with Ally is what really triggered his 'reconnection' with the other girl. It's like he can't get too pinned down or he freaks out. Whatever. Chris and Roberto are SOOOOOOOOOO much more awesome than him, I can't believe she even shed a tear. Not my cup of tea at all...

Concensus: I love Chris and I love Roberto. I love Chris more, but I still love Roberto. Roberto is hot, and Chris is darling.

I wish we could skip the Men Tell All and go straight to the finale. I just want to KNOW. Is Chris going to get his heart shattered? Is Roberto the next Bachelor? What will happen!!!???

PS I realized last week that I will be at the beach for the finale! I am frantically trying to figure out a way that I will be able to watch it without my kids crawling all over me. I don't know if I will have a computer, either. EEK!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good News for the Big Girls.

*family blog updated.

You all know my angst when it comes to buying maternity clothing. Well, I just got some great news and thought I would pass it along...Forever 21 now offers MATERNITY clothing!!! There's not a ton of variety, but still...exciting! Click HERE for the link!

edit: I also got this GREAT LINK from my friend Candra...I thought these were really cute, too!

Speaking of maternity, the fabulous Brooke Ashley Photography took some maternity pictures of me and I am so pleased with them! Here are some of my favorites, check out her site to see the rest!

Til Monday!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Popsicles and Other Frozen Treats....

Alrighty, so first off....remember that gorgeous couple I was photographing last week? Well they have officially tied the knot and their images are up on my photography blog.

Secondly: I am back in Utah and actually remembered to turn the tv on early and catch all of this week's episode! I LOVED the comments from last week, I was nodding in agreement to all of them. Love reading what you think.

Okay...first: her hometown date with Roberto. LOVED him in his baseball uniform, um, yeah. If I were Ali I would have given him the rose right then and there....sigh. So cute! His family was nice, too. It's interesting to me, though, that Ali is almost insecure with the fact that SHE would be good enough for him...other than being really good looking...what is it she is seeing? I think he is a good guy, don't get me wrong, but I don't see why she is so in awe with the fact that he would even like her. It perplexes me.

Next she was off to Chris L's hometown, where I emptied an entire box of kleenexes just watching their family interact, talk about love, talk about his deceased mom, etc. I was literally bawling my eyes out. It seemed like her connection with Chris deepened so much. Let me interject here and just point out that the word 'connection' is way overused on this show, in my opinion...but seriously, it seemed like there was a real connection between then. I feel like he has a real grasp on what is important, he would really treat her well, and take good care of her. Their kiss seemed WAY better this week, too. However, his family isn't super sarcastic or dry, not the kind of humor that Frank's family used, which she seemed to like. Although she did laugh a lot with Chris's family, I wonder if their tender love for eachother would be too much for her? Too heavy?

Next she went to Kirk's house. Where to even begin? His dad seemed creepalicious at first but I really think it was his way of teasing her in a way...trying to unnerve her. I literally choked on my drink when she said, "Kirk's dad likes to keep dead animals in the freezer along with snacks, popsicles, and other frozen treats." Genius. His families actually ended up seeming really nice, but obviously it is a moot point now that she booted him off. (HUGE relief to me since I was worried for my precious Chris L's safety this week!)

Lastly came Frank's family. Let me be honest with you and say that I fast forwarded through most of their 'alone time' on the boat. Okay, now that I know he is going to ditch her next week, I really just don't care to listen to him whine about not being sure of her feelings. I did watch most of his family, and they seem really darling. His dad was funny, I liked them, I liked their humor. But again, moot point???

Okay, so my DVR cut off the scenes from next week, which made me so sad. What happened? I am SO glad that Chris L and Roberto are going to Tahiti with her...and seeing as how Frank is ditching, that would make them the bottom 2, no? That makes me really happy. Let me be honest and say that even though Roberto was my pick, I am rooting for Chris. I can only imagine his poor, tender, broken heart if she lets him go. It makes me tear up just thinking about it...sniff.

Til next week!

Monday, July 5, 2010


Okay, short post this week because I am in Arizona photographing the most BEAUUUUUTIFUL couple's wedding (can't wait to share!) but I just had to hop on and comment on tonight's Bachelorette. I LOVE watching with other people, tonight's episode was so fun to sit and analyze with a room full of fellow enthusiasts. Anyway, the fact that she cut Ty....totally threw me for a loop. We immediately went back to last week's episode, where they showed the previews from the upcoming season...and Ty is there. A lot. I swear he is in Tahiti. Is he coming back? What is going on? Chris L is completely missing from the Tahiti shots, and Kirk makes a millisecond cameo that could have been from anywhere. ABC definitely has me fooled. I have STILL managed to keep in the dark about the outcome of this season, but the suspense is killing me!!! I can't wait to see who she cuts on the hometown date (although I fear it's Chris, I am crossing my fingers it's Kirk) and who actually ends up in Tahiti.

Oh, and of course I have to comment on Jake and Vienna's national cat fight. Holy moly! I think Jake definitely came off looking like a HUGE jerk. As much as I couldn't stand Vienna before, she had some great points....and all Jake had was a horrible, superior attitude. I won't say Vienna probably didn't manipulate the situation to her advantage, but when he yelled at her...she had me totally on her side. What a d bag!!!

Did you see the preview for the Bachelor Pad? Money involved? I am wondering how they win...must look into it...

Until next time!!!