Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Oh my drama! I cannot believe I had to wait an extra day to find out exactly what happened. Apparently the Bachelorette starts way earlier in Utah than in does in Indiana. When I settled down to watch it last night...it was ending! But I found out at that point that Justin had been sent home for the girlfriend drama, so I could not wait to watch it online today.

Okay, so Justin...what a coward! I was kinda surprised that he just walked out like that at first. He was in full flee mode...he was scaling buildings and small children to escape Ali's wrath. It was like he was afraid of her, seriously, what did he think she was going to do to him? Anyway, somehow he found the strength to sit down and feed her some lies for a few minutes, then bailed again. Ali was so quick on her feet and so powerful in what she said to him, I was so proud of her! I was DYING, like jaw on the floor gaping, when they played the messages. What a JERK. Seriously. ABC needs to start listening in on all phone calls from the guys and weed these d bags out. Sheesh.

Okay, so moving on. Ty and Frank got the one on on dates this week. I can't say that I am super excited about either one of them, still. I was disappointed that Frank got the other one on on date, why didn't she choose Craig? That seemed kinda unfair...and rude? Maybe she had made up her mind even before Frank's date that she was sending Craig home? I wonder....Anyway, again, kinda blah about Ty for some reason. I don't have much against him except for the fact that I am loving Roberto and Chris. I don't want to watch her kiss TY. PS, Ty, Button your shirt! Frank's date, well, it looks like everything was moving around smoothly....but according to the previews, aka MAJOR spoilers at the end of the show, Frank is going to leave. Why did they show us that? I seriously have maintained full outer darkness when it comes to spoilers this season...Somehow I have managed not to read or hear anything about how things are going to end. I DO NOT know who wins. So why did they go and show so much???

Group date...have I ever told you that I love Roberto and Chris L? I think, according to the spoiler preview, that at least Roberto will be sticking around for awhile. Well, him and Ty. Deducing from the spoiler, it seems like Kirk goes next, then she cuts someone on the home dates...Chris L? (nooooooooo!!!!) maybe vice versa.. and then Frank, Roberto, and Ty go to Tahiti, where Frank leaves....so that would leave Ty and Roberto? I don't know for sure, but I that's what I am assuming from the preview. I really, really don't want to see Chris L go, though!! However, maybe he could be the next Bachelor! I would LOVE to watch that!!! Anyway, the group date was hilarious. Loved watching th guys wrestle. Nothing wrong with an oiled up Roberto, hehe. Seriously, though, that part was cracking me up. Way to go, Craig, for beating Roberto! I am glad he got some alone time with her, especially since he didn't ever get the date. Too bad he went home anyway.

Okay, so...thoughts?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All By Myself.....

Hello!! I am late posting again, so sorry about that, but I am excited to dish about this week's episode. So good!

Okay, so I am really happy with her decisions this week. I think she was right on sending Kasey and Chris N. home. Finally we heard Chris N. speak....and it wasn't so pretty. Good move, Ali.

So, they arrived in Iceland and had a poem-showdown for the one on one date. I was DYING for Chris N as he recited his incredibly odd poem to her. He looked so terrified up there. Poor guy! Frank thought he had it in the bag, but Kirk came in and stole the show with his Rootbeer Eyes line. I wish it would have been Roberto or Chris L, but I am wondering if they even had a chance since they had already been on one on ones with her? Oh well.

So...her one on one with Kirk. I don't know why this guy bugs me. Okay, so their date was not awful, he seemed more genuine and his story of near death did soften me a bit. But I am still not team Kirk by any means. I think this guy is too close to the brink of overly-cheesy for my taste. Oh, and it drives me nuts how he is constantly manhandling her face when they kiss. It's a bit over the top for me. Whatever.

Group date: Well, Ty was definitely in his element, but as far as he and Ali go, I am not seeing the chemistry. I guess she felt it enough to give him the rose, but I am not feeling it. I like him enough, just not for her. I am still loving Roberto and Chris L. A lot! I think Roberto is cuter but I like Chris L's personality more.

Two on One: I guess Ali is a glutton for punishment because it took another totally awkward date with Kasey for her to finally send him packing. Her reaction to his tattoo was classic. Her eyes looked like they would pop out of her head. SERIOUSLY Kasey, now you have that hideous mark for the rest of your life! A great daily reminder of how you got dumped. So, they left him on the glacier. All alone. "Allll by mysellllllllllllf....."

The only thing I would have changed about this 2 on 1 date is I think she should have sent Justin home, too. I don't think he is right for her, and he annoys me more and more each week. Although then she would have had an extra rose to hand out, so I guess that would have kept Chris N. here. Whatever. Hopefully Justin leaves next week.....

Which brings me to 'the mystery guy who has a girlfriend'. Who do you think it is? We are starting to think it's Justin. At first I didn't think so because he had crutches and the guy who leaves doesn't....but now he's in the boot so it could totally be him. DON'T spoil it for me if you know (I have remained spoiler free thus far!) but if you are up for pure speculation, tell me what you think!!

So the award for 'guy who surprised me the most in a good way' goes to Craig. He really is funny! I liked his poem and I was laughing out loud when he drew the tattoo on his arm. Very witty, Craig! I wish he was a bit cuter, though. He seems like he could get lost in the friend zone. I am thinking if a guy hasn't kissed her yet (um, Justin and Craig, I think?) he is probably not going to get over the friend hurdle. Just my opinion, though.

Okay, so I am looking forward to next week! I will be in Utah and hopefully be watching with my sister/s. I am so excited to have a group to dish with, pause and analyze with, and bask in all the drama with. YEAH!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

After the Storm....Unicorn Love.

Okay, so major delay in my Bachelorette blog post this week. I have a good excuse...I was caught in a HORRENDOUS storm last night, and all of our local channels were having emergency weather broadcasts....so I missed half of the Bachelorette! Don't worry, I caught up online today, so we are all good.
First, though, can I just tell you how spastic I was last night? Tornadoes are pretty much my worst nightmare. When we first moved to Indiana, I was constantly keeping an ear to the ground listening for the sirens. (Remember THIS?) Well, last night we were out having ice cream as a family. We were happily eating our ice cream looking over a beautiful sky, when the sirens started going off. We immediately stood up and looked around, and behind us the sky was BLACK. I practically dislocated my 2 year old's arm as we threw the kids in the car, and as soon as we started driving the wind and rain started- and it was CRAZY! We had the radio on and the Emergency Broadcast System was saying, "Seek cover, a tornado has touched down in Spencer (a surrounding town)" and it was heading towards us. Um....I cannot believe I did not wet my pants. We were driving SO fast to get home- it kinda puts pressure on you when the EBS is telling you to seek cover and get into an interior room....and you are in your car in the middle of a field! Talk about pressure! Needless to say, we made it home safely and huddled in the basement watching the weather report. The storm was RIGHT over our house. Oh, and the tornado? I don't think it actually touched down. At least, after we got home I think there were just funnel clouds everywhere, but no touchdowns. I think. I choose to believe that.
So, I ran outside right as the storm was ending and grabbed this picture, check out the color!

sky web

CRAZY right?????

Okay, onto my Bachelorette post. Let's start with what is freshest in my mind:

Precious Kasey. Ohhhhhhh my goodness. This guy takes my awkwardness discomfort level to a WHOLE new level. I wanted to die, die, die when he was singing to her...and that was the FIRST time!!! The second time around, seriously. PLEASE make it stop!!! She looked like she would give anything for him to stop. As Chris L (my darling) said, She doesn't want that cheesy Unicorn Love. She wants someone REAL!!! When she dropped her head down after his second song outburst, I just wanted to hug her and remove her from the situation. I don't blame her for not giving him the rose right away. I was cracking up at the rose ceremony when she said, "He didn't do anything too over the top..." Oh Ali, little do you know! I can't wait to see her reaction when he shows her the tattoo. Kasey, NOT a good choice!!! Gag. Oh, and she sent JESSE home over this guy??? double gag.

Group Date: Okay, I do love Chris L, but Roberto is still absolutely DARLING in my eyes. I am glad he got that wrapped up, loving, hanging from the air moment with her. Sucky to be the other guys having to sit around all day and watch, though. Were you dying during their rehearsal (with all the guys?) SO funny! I was loving watching them all try to shake it.
Okay, another huge GAG when Kirk walked her up to her room. Seriously, this guy bothers me for some reason. He seems soooooo, um, insincere? I don't know, something is off about this guy. At least, that's my opinion. I felt bad for the Weatherman, when he interrupted someone else's time (I think Frank's?) and she told him to hang on....then she went up to the room with Kirk. SHOT DOWN, Weatherman! I am glad she sent him home. I loved Frank's line: "I want what you have!" when he kissed her. That was classic. Love it.

Chris L: Is he perfection or what? I love this guy. I love their date. He is darling, darling, DARLING!!!! I would be SO super happy if he is the last guy standing (I would be happy if it was Roberto, too!) because he really deserves this kind of happiness. He is a sweetheart! I was glad she kissed him, even though she had the plague. Are all these guys going to have the illness of death next week? Happy Birthday Chris, you get a week of the plague of doom! Seriously though. Love him.

Justin/Wrestler/Rated R: No dates for him this week but HELLO, vengeful much? He took such pleasure in calling out Kasey on his burn/tattoo. Okay, so he had a valid point, but I hated his pleasure in throwing him under the bus. Don't you remember how bad it hurt when they did it to you, Rated R? I guess he was eager to get out of the hate spotlight.

So, Jesse and Jonathan were sent packing. I think she could have easily gotten rid of either of the Craigs (seriously, WHO is Craig N???) before she got rid of Jesse. Oh well. I am a little surprised because I kind of thought that Jesse would be the one to end up with a secret girlfriend at home...so now I am changing to Kirk. There is something wierd about that guy.

Okay, so there it is! Hope you all had happy watching! Remember to Guard and Protect your hearts this week.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So Right....SO Wrong!

Okay, today's post is going to be a bit short because my sister is here visiting (yahoo!) and I am eating up my time I have with her. We watched Ali together last night along with my friend 'J' and I think it took us almost 3 hours to get through because we kept pausing and making comments! SO fun! It was so wonderful having other friends there to revel in the drama with me. So, off the top of my head, here are my thoughts:

First, Kirk, EEEEEEEEEEEEEW!!! Creepy McCreep! His line, "When we were making out...it felt so right!" Just got under my skin and made me shiver with disgust. Speaking of shivering...."I am in the hottub and you are making me shiver!" UGHHHHH! I don't know why, but this guy makes me gag.

Roberto- Loved their date. I think he is so darling! I am glad he's still in the running. DID NOT like how he was bullying the wrestler. I wish that he would have confronted Justin in private when she mentioned that he had walked to her house. Instead he chose to tell everyone else and be party to them all calling him out. It made me disappointed. You don't need to be a part of that, Roberto!

Justin- What is it about this guy that everyone hates? I feel like it's Vienna all over again, where they all hate him but we (the viewer) have no idea why? Now, I do think it was LAME that he kind of commented a lot about walking up to Ali's house....like, "I would walk up to her house to show her how I feel!" after he had already done it. Like he was rubbing their noses in it without them actually knowing it. But seriously, what has he done that they hate him so much! No one has any love for this guy at all.

Chris L- Continues to be a favorite. He is just SO darling. I love that he has his mom's signature as a tatoo. I cannot wait for him to have a one on one with Alli! I want to see some sparks!!

Frank- WOW, we really saw his 'off' side this week! He is either UP or he is doooooooown. Poor guy finally realized that he is not the only one in the running.

Jonathan aka Weatherman- Are. You. Kidding. Me. Why did she give him a rose? Maybe it was a pity rose. But really, she eliminated such cute guys to keep this guy around, which is really too bad. He seriously CRIED during the filming? What?? And his kisses sucked. AND he whispered that he wanted to sneak off and have a real kiss, which should have totally weirded her out! WHY?????

Craig N. and Craig R.- Not really sure why these guys are still in the running, either. Especially Craig R, he seems like SUCH a jerk. And everytime we caught a glimpse of Craig N, we were like, Wait, who was that??? He is lurking in the background, who is he??

Hunter- I understand why she sent him home, they really had no chemistry. I liked him, but I could see that it was totally lacking. Not the type of sparks she has with Roberto! (wink!)

Jesse and Kasey didn't get much face time (aside from when they were bullying Justin) Jesse's Rose Ceremony denim outfit was super awesome, right? I mean....come on. What was that!?

I felt bad that Steve got sent packing after he made that cute picnic for her (especially when she kept Craig and Jonathan.), and sad for John C. that he didn't get much of a chance.

Okay, I would love to hear your thoughts!