Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It Begins!!!

I missed the original showing of this, but found a decent copy on Facebook. You really only need to watch the first 30 seconds. I am excited for this! I know some people don't like about you? Who will be watching with me?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Here It Is....

You know how some people keep their pregnancies a secret until they are out of their first trimester? Somehow....that doesn't work for me. Okay, aside from the fact that everyone would think I was literally dying (I get really, really sick), it is just pretty obvious that there is something amiss. You think?

Joy 12 Weeks web

Yeah. To be fair, I am more like 14 weeks in this one, but hey, who's counting? Um, ME!!!!!!!!

Anyway, here it is. The first of many. :)

* Just as a side note, this was taken with my new 24-70 lens (YAY!) and so there is some distortion, which is why my arm looks out of proportion to my bottom. (I really don't have that tiny of a bottom, I wish I did!) and also....don't mind the RAGING farmer's tan. It is my badge of love, sitting outside with my kids when I would rather be buried under my covers crying out of self pity. Just kidding. Kind of.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seriously, Heidi?

Okay, to say that I have been disappointed in my maternity clothes options this pregnancy would be a complete understatement. Apparently 'tent' is back in, the empire waste that billows open at the bottom. Sure, you can find a few cute things, especially if you are willing to pay out the behind for them....otherwise, it is seriously tough pickin's out there.

I have been stalking Gap and Old Navy (more in my price range) and have been sorely disappointed. What I WANT are normal looking shirts. Cute t-shirts that fit OVER the belly, and come back in at the bottom. Ruched on the side is acceptable. I have barely found anything, though. Either they are the dreaded empire tent, or else they have unflattering t-shirt sleeves, or else they are scoop necked. Um, apparently the so-called 'maternity' models don't gain any extra padding in their chest areas. Seriously, we are looking at 'a' cups, people. I highly doubt there is a preggo out there who can wear a scoop neck and not feel like a prostitute.


My sister has been helping me with my maternity dilemma. Enter Heidi Klum. Thank you, Heidi, for designing more hideous maternity options for those of us who already feel like we belong on a dairy farm amongst the cattle. Our favorite option???

Hold on to your seat.....

Wait for it.......

You are not ready.....

Seriously, Heidi?