Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Okay, so a few things. First, many people have commented on all the chinese comments I get, and honestly I have NO CLUE why or how to deal with it...I have the 'word verification' turned on...so what the heck????

Second, I have been watching the Bachelor Pad with no time to blog about it, but still loving it. I caught up tonight on last night's episode....um, DRUNK MUCH, Gia?? Goodness. It's good that she left, because the love of her life was almost overthrown by an idiot who can't even come up with an original song for this season's serenades.

Third, my sister in law sent me this link, um, REALLY???? http://themormonbachelorette.blogspot.com/

Yes, this is for real.

That's all from me, I have been a bad blogger, even more horrible on my family blog. Maybe once I catch up editing all my sessions I did this summer....plus the ones I have coming up....eep!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Admit It.

Okay, so I watched the Bachelor Pad. I admit it....I LOVED it. I had no idea that so much drama could occur in one episode alone. If you didn't watch it, hop on abc.com or hulu and give it a chance. It was SO worth the watch.

So, I didn't realize that a lot of the people had prior relationships to coming on the show...Nicky and Juan....Elizabeth and Jesse...and that made for even better drama.

For those of you who DID watch, could Elizabeth have been ANY MORE CRAZY???? I mean, blackmailing someone into telling you that they love you....really, Elizabeth? REALLY? My mouth was on the floor.

And Michelle....precious Michelle. She is seriously just a nutbag and a half. Yowza.

I won't ruin it for you since I know a lot of people didn't watch, but again...give it a try. So worth it.

Monday, August 2, 2010


And so it ends with Roberto being the last man standing. I will make this brief since I am at the beach (yay!) and delirious from being in the sun all day- but I had to comment about Allie letting Chris go before the rose ceremony. I am glad that she let him go and didn't make him go through all the excitement of picking out the ring and all that just to get his heart smashed. However, I thought it was so bizarre how spastic she was when she was telling him that she was letting him go. She was talking like a valley girl on speed, "Um, like, you know, this week has been, like, SO hard and there are, like, two guys left and it is ca-raaaaaazy!" I was so confused at first, why she was acting so nuts. Then she tells him she is letting him go and I finally realized what was happening. I felt SO bad for him but the rainbow thing was super cool and he seemed really good on the Final Rose. But HELLO, who is the next Bachelor? I wonder if they are not hyping up the next season because of the Bachelor Pad. I wish they would have said it was him, though. I want him to have a happy ending SO bad.

I am happy for Allie and Roberto, they seem so excited and so in love, I hope it lasts! AND Roberto was my pick! Yeah! Even though I hated seeing Chris get hurt, I still think Roberto is a good guy. Bravo, Allie.