Monday, February 8, 2010

Is it in the Cards????


Sweet, sweet Allie.

Why have you forsaken us? How could you leave when Jake was so desperately pleading for you to stay? Don't you know that you are going to regret your decision and try to come crawling back. Precious Allie, did you not learn anything from Jillian and Ed?

I am so sad right now. Yes, I heard the buzz (amongst other buzz) that Allie was going to leave this week, and yet I tried to keep my chin up and hope for the best. My heart was breaking when she actually said she had to leave. Even when I knew it was inevitable. Sigh.

So, with a moment of silence in my heart, I suppose I will move on to the other girls.

Gia- Her family seemed semi normal, her brother's hair was killing me, and Mike's commentary during her part of the dinner was the only thing really keeping me interested. She is so darling and yet she is so unsure of herself. I understand her plea to want to feel special, to stand out from the other girls. We all want to feel that way. I don't blame her for feeling insecure, but she must realize that she signed up for all this unsureity? I like her but I feel like her fears will be her weakness. She needs to let down her walls for real or she will be outa there.

Tenley- Why does the word 'ex' exist in every sentence that comes from her mouth? I get it, she is divorced from a total we need to hear about him constantly? You know who is also divorced? Vienna. But we rarely hear her speak about it- only when it is really necessary. For example, when Tenley did her dance, did she have to point out that her ex never appreciated her dancing? No. Just dance and let Jake enjoy the awkwardness and let it be a moment between you (also enjoyed Mike's commentary during this time- what would I do without him?) Tenley's family seemed incredibly sweet and I still feel like they are a match made in heaven. They all seem to be teetering on a precariously thin sheet of hope for their precious Tenley, I wonder what will happen if she is in the bottom two, only to have her heart SQUASHED. I think if Jake is any kind of man, he would tell her BEFORE she expects to get proposed to. Or maybe she will be the one? That would make them all rejoice, I'm sure. I would be excited!!!

Vienna- Ughhhhh. Okay, question: From the way Vienna talks, were you not expecting a totally decked out mansion for her home? Were you not expecting expensive cars, and a million dollar lifestyle? I kinda was. Does she live at home still? Yack. Vienna mostly bugs me now just because Jake likes her so much and I feel like the other girls are so much BETTER for him. What is he seeing in her? It saddens me.

Okay, one side note about Allie...when she was talking about the wishes on the falling leaves, and he hopped up to shake the leaves...Oh. So. Cheesy.

Can't wait for the fantasy dates. And Allie's phone call. Just cannoooooooot wait.



CandraWynne said...

I just cannot believe it!! Does she not realize that she will regret it for the REST OF HER LIFE!! and for Jake to tell her that she wasn't on the line tonight, and that he didn't want her to go, and to have her still leave I was kind of mad at her. Does she really think she will be happy at work knowing that she left the best thing behind? Um NO... she'll end up quitting anyways!! I honestly thought that Gia would have been the one to get sent home tonight. I agree she is sweet but not his match... If Ali doesn't come back next week it will be between Vienna and Tenley and if Tenley doesn't get it I don't think I'll ever be able to look at Jake the same way again :) Guess we'll just have to see!

Darby said...

My head is exploding.... girl he was begging you to STAY yet you left??? She looked miserable, dumb girl.

Tenley had me till her weird silly dance.

Gia's mom creeped me out. She is cute and nice but i don't think she will go all the way.

Vienna, ugh. Her dad was too intense and she is too much of a Daddy's girl, i see that being trouble.

Um... I grew up in Orlando about 25 minutes from Sanford and spent TONS of time on that same river they were on (St. John's river) it's amazing and beautiful but she is giving us Florida gals a bad name. BE GONE Vienna! :D

I shed a tiny tear when Ali left and almost wanted him to propose to her right then and there.

Can't wait till next week.

MT said...

so even though she seemed to go on and on and on about her grandma... this week ali was back to being my fav. and then she up and left. i too heard some buzz, but kept the hope alive that maybe it was wrong. she seemed like she was going to stay and then left. ugh. she looked like a very tortured soul indeed. like she didn't get a wink of sleep. didn't she know how long the show might last before she signed on? i didn't like any other girl with him this week.

last week i didn't mind vienna, but this week i couldn't stand her again. she didn't dote on her dog as much as i thought she would and i totally thought she'd have a house like you had envisioned too.

gia has been cheated on and i now understand her insecurities more, but i find it kinda strange she would come on a show where she voluntarily shares a man with tons of other women. there was really nothing to her hometown visit.

tenley's family was nice and her home was beautiful, but you are right. she talks about her divorce way too much. i think she's on the rebound and not quite healed enough to be married again.

darn, if ali doesn't come back (which i don't think she will since they just did that last season)... if she's really gone... then blah! BLAH!

Candi said...

Just now watched this...

OMG, I can't believe she left. REALLY?!?! What job could be more important than her staying?? I just don't get it. And obviously she tries to come back...I'm thinking she just needed some drama. BUT now that she's gone I'm thinking Tenley will definitely be his pick in the end.

And YES! I totally expected a huge mansion and some "Daddy Warbucks" looking guy as her dad. WRONG!! Never saw that coming. And I definitely don't see her with Jake now, at all...he almost seemed like he didn't even want to be there.

Gia's such a sweet girl but I don't think they're right for each other.

Tenley and her family just seem perect for Jake. I'm still rooting for her!!

erin and shaun said...

Favorite quote of the night: "Kissing Gia just gives me a burning desire to get to know her heart." Are you sure THAT'S the burning desire you're thinking of Jake? It's so funny that all during Tenley's awkward, awkward dance all I could think about was all the awesome things Mike must have been saying about it! Definitely expected something totally different for Viennas house and family too. I understand being torn about losing a job, especially in this economy but what was she planning to do if Jake picked her? She would have to quit her job anyway and move to Texas. But I honestly don't know what I would do in that situation either when there are other girls and you may lose your job for nothing. It's a tough call. I'm excited to see St Lucia since I really want to go there someday. Can't wait for the drama!

Luke and Marin said...

First let me just tell you how much I love your posts! I want to make that wreath so bad, it's darling! Second, all I have to say about last night is VIENNA MUST GO. Did you think she and her Dad had kind of a strange relationship? A little too touchy for me. I also agree with you about Tenley... stop talking about your divorce girl! That's what I kept saying during her home town date.

The Peach.... said...

Vienna MUST go, Joy. You know it. I know it.

jen hulet said...

We all know that Vienna MUST go....except for Jake, that is!! I seriously do not see why he is keeping her around!! It's obvious that she has caused drama her WHOLE life. And her dad..that was just CREEPY! RED FLAG!! I was really sad to see Alli go, however she probably made a wise decision, . I guess we'll see!!

Shannon said...

Oh dear Lord...the leaves. CHHHHEEEEEEEE SEEEE! For real? This whole season has been beyond cheesy. But I am addicted, of course. First things first...Allie leaving. Sigh. She has been my front runner since day one. I have had second thoughts when she was catty w/ Vienna and I thought she should have focused more on herself and Jake rather than Vienna but I still liked her. Now, I have to say she annoyed the heck out of me last night w/ her indecisiveness and whining, but still. I think she messed up. I also think a lot of this is contrived by the PRODUCERS, but that's a whole 'nother post. So, the remaining ladies. Vienna sucks, I have NO clue what he sees in her. None. She is not pretty, she barely has a personality and hello? Is anybody home? Tenley...NOT a fav of mine. I said it last week: she is TOO magical for me. And it is way too soon since her divorce. Can she bring her ex up some more? Let it go! I do like Gia, but I think they have chemistry and that's it. They're all wrong for each other. I am DYING for next week's episode and can't wait to see what you say about it!!!

Becky said...

Hey Joy, Brooke led me to your blog because I LOVE the Bachelor.

See I am on the other side...I was screaming for her to leave (And I really like Ali) I think she made a really smart decision. It would totally suck to leave there with NOTHING. No job and no Jake. It just isn't certain enough to take such a big risk. Plus, he didn't totally care. After she left he was sad for about 1 second and then seemed just fine at the rose ceremony. She looked like hell though I will say.

LOVE Tenley, but the dance was uber awkward! I mean she is good and all but ummm all the twirling was making me blush (in an embarrassed kind of way) ha.

Agree with you 100% on Gia. Sweet girl, not so sure she is Jake material.

And don't even get me started on Vienna. Girl needs to go back to her natural hair color because I assure you blonde is NOT it.

Can't wait for next weeks blog post :)

Brooke said...

I just have to say that I was totally expecting a big, glamourous white mansion for Vienna. That was funny and weird. I was happy to see Ali leave. I just never really connected with her for some reason. Tenley is still my pick but I agree, the dancing was awkward but I was still grinning ear to ear while watching.. maybe I am cheese-ball myself. I loved the leaves falling, lol! Not kidding! So, next week. Does anyone find the fantasy suite thing REALLY weird? I can't really wrap my head around it!

Joy said...

Ooo I love all the comments. I relish them. I feel like I have a big group watching with me!!! I love to hear all the different aspects- Becky you are right, it really would have been a risk for her to stay, especially if he ended up cutting her in the end.
I am glad I am not the only one baffled at Vienna's living situation. And her relationship with her dad...RED FLAG. For sure.
Fantasy dates up next!

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh Joy, I totally have to laugh! I see your blog posts on bloglines and I don't watch the show on Monday nights. I wait until they are on the web the next I'm always quickly clicking past yours with my eyes closed lol. I can't believe Allie left! What was she thinking?! a job is just a job, but the chance at love is priceless...!! Ahh!! I can't wait for next week, it's killing me!