Monday, January 18, 2010

On Cloud Jake

Oh my. Oh my.

As always, I guess the best place to start is at the beginning. Right? Okay.

So, Vienna was the lucky girl to get the first date with Jake. It was a magical day, full of panic and sweaty palms, and a bit of making out. Vienna seemed to be fairly normal on the date, besides constantly putting the moves on Jake...which is why it kind of surprised me that all the girls have all this hatred towards her. Why don't WE get to see the drama? Why don't WE get to see the gossip? The 'brutal honesty?' I seem to recall Wes having to relive all of the crazy crap he said to the other guys over and over again. So why aren't we allowed to see the 'real' Vienna? Hmmmm. Anyway, she gets a rose, and the girls get all hysterical over it. Come on, have they NEVER seen the Bachelor before? Seriously? Do they think she is out with him gossiping about everyone? Of course not. She has got GAME. I hate the line "If she is his type then I am soooo not." Ugh. Give me a break. Anyway. Vienna's in. I don't love her, but whatever. Until I see proof, I am just as clueless as Jake, I guess. I only saw her crying as she tried to apologize, apparently an empty apology. Again. Why don't we see what happened in the first place? Ugh.

Okay, moving on, the group date was next. The group date was full of laughter, tears, more tears, and some tears. The whole comedy club thing would have put me right over the edge, so I don't blame Ashley for feeling like she wanted to die rather than stand up in front of everyone, but did she really need to be such a baby about it? I mean, seriously, she followed MICHELLE. There could be no better person to follow. Then Corrie really surprised me with her bit about the other women. I guess people thought it was funny- I thought the thing with Vienna was really catty. Just my 2 cents. I am not team Vienna, I promise, I just think, come on, you are as bad as you are saying she is. Elizabeth apparently has the mouth of a sailor, and Tenley can fold herself up like a pretzel! Fun! Anyway, once the horrible, horrible awkwardness that was the comedy club ended, I finally came up for air from under my quilt and got to witness some of the most train-wreck moments I have ever seen. First, when Michelle decides to get all high and mighty with the girls and ends up- surprise!- crying and storming out. This is after Alli has chosen to use a piece of her alone time to warn Jake about what a horrible person Vienna is. Then Tenley chooses to reveal how she was once married and cheated on (so sad!) I miss something, or was there no mention of pregnancy anywhere? Nice one, ABC. I watched their conversation twice, so someone tell me if I missed something. Then we see Michelle FINALLY get her oh so romantic make out moment with Jake! Angels were singing in her precious head until Jake DARED to remove his lips from hers. Luckily he called her bluff and sent her packing. Seriously, she is one special kind of nuts. But she's gone now. And that gave the other girls hope. Until he decided to give none of them a rose. BURN.

Finally Jake had his last one on one date with Ella. Now, Ella really rubbed me the wrong way the first night....but I wanted to throw my arms around her and bawl when her son came running up behind her. Okay, I am not afraid to admit that I cried a little. And you know what? It REALLY made me love Jake how excited he was to surprise her. He was absolutely giddy. I liked it. He was so good with that little boy. Now that he has met her son, I feel like he owes it to her to marry her. Okay, maybe not. Maybe a little. No, no, I like Alli.

(By the way, I had heard through the grapevine that Ella was NOT going to get a rose tonight, so it looks like those spoiler sites aren't always right, people. Take that. )

Okay, so the cocktail party was full of some fabulous drama in itself. Elizabeth got called out for her completely blatant teasing, and she was somehow completely shocked by such an accusation. Um, okay. Really, Elizabeth? Really? She tried to laugh and charm her way through it, but then when she realized that he was actually trying to have an adult conversation with her, she started grasping for straws. Somehow she didn't get that the kiss wasn't what mattered, it was how she was trying to hold something over his head that did. Ohhh Elizabeth. So pretty.

At this point, Vienna has the audacity to steal Jake away so she can, oh, I don't know defend herself against all the crap that every girl has talked about her behind her back to Jake! I love how this ruffles everyone's feathers so badly, but you know what? Just because she has a rose does not mean she can't go try to clear her name after they openly admitted how much they had said about her to Jake. I know, once again, I sound like I am team Vienna, well, it's not HER so much as the situation. Grrrrrrrr.

Finally after a tad more drama, the Rose Ceremony finally arrives. Not a moment too soon for me, I am excited to whittle these numbers down, baby! Sadly, Elizabeth and Valisha (who? huh?) are both let go. You know what, Elizabeth will be fine. She can get a date any day of the week. No need to cry.

I think Gia deserves an award this week for holding herself together when she was (gasp!) not chosen for a date, and for trying to keep the peace and be nice. I like her a lot more now.

I still like Alli, but CHILL OUT sweetheart!

Scenes from next week look juicy. Burning a rose.....not giving out 2 more....what drama will unfold????


gordon, cindy and carter said...

Short and Sweet because I have GOT to go sleep...
So glad the Michelle drama is over! Thank you Jake for calling her bluff. Sad to see Elizabeth go but she did that to herself. You can't tease the Bachelor and expect to stay. Oh and I love it Joy...Valisha who? huh? I was thinking the same thing because she was in a couple of scenes in the background or standing next to the other girls and I was like "who is that girl?" Alli needs to tone it down a bit and spend her time with Jake better, I still really like her though! And, yes, Gia did better this time but I think it's because we didn't get to see her around Jake. I hope she goes soon. Love your posts, it's so nice to have other opinions and have someone to talk to about the show :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah you didn't miss the pregnant thing...that is what I was thinking too! Anyhow the spoiler sites are totally wrong because I heard that tenley got kicked off this time...NOPE she didn't...I too don't like when people tell me those things from there...drives me crazy...but some people like em... I still LIKE tenely alot. I don't know I just do!!! So I am thinking Elizabeth will be the next bachelorette. What do you think???

Candi said...

I was wondering about the pregnancy thing too!!! Never happened though. Maybe it's some future drama or something?

SO glad Michelle is G.O.N.E. What a freakin psycho. Elizabeth was right when she said she needed a therapist instead of a husband...but then again so could Elizabeth! Wow, she was totally not what I thought she would be like! Of course he sent her home! Why would any guy in his right mind keep a girl around that he can't kiss and is such a tease when he has 10 (?) other girls more than willing to kiss him at any moment of the day!!

Defintiely thought Valisha was going home...I don't think she even had any one-on-one time with him did she?

It seems like Gia gets her moment to shine next week...we'll see how they do!

And I agree, I'm not team Vienna either but I'm definitely not standing up for the other girls bashing her all the time. It seems like in seasons past the viewers got some sort of look into the drama in the house, but I've seen nothing worth calling her out about...hmmm. Wonder what's up with that?

I still like Ali...although she does need to zip it sometimes. I REALLY like Ella, too. I've liked her from the start but just didn't see her going very far. She seemed too much like Stephanie when Jason Mesnick was The Bachelor. But this week she went up a few notches in my book...I like her a lot.

And I don't think he gives out the last rose next week. Didn't Jillian do that once??

Brooke said...

Ah ha ha ha! I love reading your thoughts so much!

Okay, I really have to give it up to Jake this week. I love his maturity. He is not up for games and I love it. He is there to find a wife not a high school sweetheart.

Speaking of, Elizabeth is totally 100% coo coo in my eyes. And like you said, she can "get a date any night of the week". Good for her.

I will end with Tenley b/c I really love her. She doesn't get wrapped up in the girl pettiness. She is perfect.. I know they will end up together, I can just feel it! But what's this pregnancy you speak of?? I missed that!

Brooke said...

PS.. who is that one girl that doesn't say anything? Cody and I are always like "who is that?" when it pans over to her.. haha

MT said...

There are a ton of girls I don't really know on this season yet. Valisha -who is gone now-, Kathryn, Jessie, and Corrie. But Corrie's little tribute to what the other girls are like and her bashing of Vienna...that was lame and immature. Pretty gutsy to embarrass herself that way though. I loved that Jake said, "Bless her heart, Vienna wasn't even there to defend herself." He is such a stand-up guy.

I never saw any reason why all the girls would HATE Vienna. There is either a good reason ABC didn't want us to see, or it's like they all just chose someone to pick on. She might be annoying, but reason to gang up and hate her? Very strange. It bugged the crap out of me that the girls were so mad at her for "stealing" one on one time at the cocktail party. She had every right. And ALI coming to Elizabeth's crybaby defense and telling Vienna what a bad girl she was for stealing Elizabeth's time was enough for me to switch my opinion of our dear little Ali. She rubbed me the wrong way and I don't know who to root for now.

So I had mixed emotions about Jake bringing Ella's kid on the show. I understand he needs to see what life might be like and if he can even stand her little rugrat, but it is a hard spot to put Ella in. Seeing Jake with her son brought tears to her eyes and made me think Jake is teasing her just a bit... He's the carrot... Anyway, I don't see them together. She seems...I don't know...too old for him?

And lastly, ABC making us think Tenley was pregnant...that was just a total lie and they shouldn't be allowed to do that. That's like bait and switch...false advertising...and just plain evil. See you next week. I love Monday nights. ;)

erin and shaun said...

There is SO much to say about this episode I don't even know where to start! I was laughing out loud at how exasperated the normally-cool Jake looked in EVERY scene! The poor guy had a new girl crying into his shoulder every five minutes! It must be exhausting. What's up with Michelle telling him that she WANTS to leave and then freaking out that Jake told her to go. only got what you asked for honey! I am completely on the same page as you about the whole Vienna thing. I don't think I would necessarily be friends with her but I don't get it. And she seemed really cool on their date. I was a little disappointed in Alli this week for being so mean. Definitely not as sugar-sweet as I originally thought, especially after Vienna tried to apologize. Is it just me or is there a lot more back-stabbing, gossipy drama this season? I'm sure I'll think of more to say later. I always have to leave 2 comments. Ha ha! Plus I think I'm going to watch it again because so much good stuff happened!

The Peach.... said...

I think Jake was the most comical this time....he was so worn out, it was hilarious. And bye, bye Michelle and glad to see both of those girlies go....

Britney said...

I just have to say how much I love Jake! What an awesome bachelor and I'm totally impressed with him after all the drama last night.
So glad Michelle is gone, he totally called her bluff. She's scares me about how she's "going to get married, and going to have a husband" Settle down girl, sheesh.
I like Alli, but she's really buggin me with all the gossip and crap. So I don't like her as much as I did after this episode. The previews for next week look like more of the same with her so I'm feeling dissapointed.
I like Ella, I big fuzzy heart how her son got to come on such an amazing Date. Jake would be such a great Father...sigh. But I just don't feel like they are a match?
I'm not saying I'm on team Vienna either, but I'm just not seeing what all the other girls are? What are we missing??? Hmmm....
And that whole Elizabeth ending was such a guilty pleasure to watch...he called her out BIG TIME. And Jake's comment "the queen of mixed signals" made me want to do backflips and give Jake high, i just LOVED how he handled that coo coo! ;)

Britney said...

oh and what's this pregnancy stuff? I missed that?

Sherwoods said...

You make me laugh and I LOVE to read your blog about this. How I wish we could watch it together! And can I just say that I can't watch Kathryn without breaking into a grin because to me she looks JUST like Jean. Even some of her facial expressions are jean to a T. Maybe you should come to Mexico for the next few episodes. How fun would that be!

Candi said...

OK, ABC officially SUCKS! AGH!

The part where Tenley says she's pregnant was a joke! She told that to Jake to break the ice before she told him about her divorce...BUT, they didn't actually show it...they just showed the outtake for it in the commercial to suck us in!! How dare they!!

Here's where I found it...the deleted scene is at the end of the article.

Candi said...

Here's the link again...I can't see it all in my other post.

Kim said...

I was all set to spurn the bachelor this year cuz I'm still mad at Jason...then Chris taped it and I was hooked. Darn him. Tomorrow looks like Jake is giving a smack down.....