Friday, January 15, 2010

Spare a Suggestion?

Confession. We moved in a year ago and I have never fully decorated. Ummm...never even come close. Before you judge too harshly, please understand that as soon as we moved in I was asked to do a HUGE project with the Downs Syndrome Association, and then photography clients kept pouring in from there. A WONDERFUL blessing, but not for my poor, empty walls.
So now I am turning to you. Yes, I am taking advantage of all the Bachelor blog readers I have to please brainstorm and see how I can fill these gorgeous blue walls.

DISCLAIMER: I recently took down all the Christmas decorations except the wreath over my mirror. So any decoration you see just sitting around doesn't really belong there, I just happened to set it there when I was brainstorming what to put where. We just BARELY got that entry table last weekend, so ditto for the things sitting on it. That is not normally where they go.
Also, do you hate the mirror? It was the only thing I bought as far as decor goes, I thought, Ooo I really like it when people lean mirrors on their mantles....anyway. Be honest. I can take it.

Disclaimer #2. We are in a townhouse and so my spaces are pretty squished. It has been tough decorating here because we aren't planning to stay more than a few years, so everything I buy needs to fit into our future house, too.

This is the entry way. Note the table and few accessories I was 'feeling out' for the space. There is a tall empty wall up from it and to the left is an empty wall twice the size as the wall the table is on.
front story
This is the staircase, I am thinking of a picture collage up the wall and the one looking directly ahead???

DSC_8939 WEB

DSC_8940 WEB

Behind our couch I had to stick this little cubby/table to hold my cookboooks, craft items, playdough, coloring books, etc. You have to improvise when you are in a tiny space.

Ughhhhhhh. My least favorite view of the house. Whoever built this house was on crack. Seriously, he is bankrupt now because he made so many idiotic decisions. Anyway, one was the placement of the far right window DIRECTLY against the fireplace...and then putting another window on the far left wall (JUST out of view of this picture, you can see it in the one above). There is no place to put a sofa and only a tiny place for the tv. We are planning to replace this one with a nicer one but for now this will have to do.

Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!!! If you have lots to say, you can email me. joyouswilliams at gmail.


Brooke said...

Love your home Joy! I am not very great at decorating advice. .our walls are still bare after 2 years. However! I saw in a pottery barn catalog that they put a collage of pics ( I believe all b&w) up the entire length of the stair case and it was darling. Love your wall colors and the wreath on the mirror. I am no help beyond that but love your house!

The Peach.... said...

Well, as you know, most of my walls are bare as well....but I agree, the placement of the fireplace is retarded...are you going to mount a TV over it? almost need some built in's to the side of it to balance the room out....but that's probably not happeneing in this house. I wouldn't stress toooo much, this isn't permanent. Since you know you won't be there for too much longer, experiement! Hang pictures!!! Make your little book wreath! Hang mirrors! Get creative! It's not permanent....

The Peach.... said...

we can chat more about this tomorrow....

Anonymous said...

please call me crazy! Have you ever seen when you "fake" a window to make your home look symmetrical. I did it. I wish I had pictures now, darn it all. You put up molding and you hang blinds in it that match. You could do that on the other side of your fireplace! It's easy to do...just a thought! I think your house looks great though!!!

Melanie Reyes said...

Hey Joy love the blue walls and I think you're going to fill them up great.

My suggestions:
*bw photo collage
*vinyl art (see link below)

good luck![]=tags&includes[]=title

Nancy said...

I understand about sparse, I took my Christmas decorations down and am dying at how undecorated my house feels! Anyway all I can say is that I LOVE your wall and trim color and I love the hardwood, so you have awesome bones to work with, I'd say you should find some great fabrics to make pillows and use to pull accent colors from, but what a fun time you'll have doing that, and I want to see the results, plus no one is really looking too much at your decor because they're too busy being distracted by your awesome pictures! Love all the Black and Whites!

Annie G. said...

Are you crazy? You don't need any help! But...I do have one idea...what about hanging the mirror about the fireplace horizontally instead of vertically and maybe putting something on each side so at least that part of the room feels more symmetrical to you! Or you could always mount t.v. above fireplace (think like my house)! Such a great focal point...i know:)! I love all the black and white and a photo collage up the stairs would be awesome!

Joy said...

Thank you for all the awesome advice!!! I really appreciate it! Okay, this is dumb but I cannot look up at a TV, it kills me. Remember I am super short, haha. I could not mount a tv up high because my neck would hurt to look up at it! That is a fabulous suggestion, though. I am moving forward with stair collages and ordering some more canvases and crossing my fingers that it all comes together. You are all the best! xoxo

MT said...

sorry - i have no imagination. your pictures are so pretty, though, i'm sure they will liven the place up. good luck!