Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Family Blog Update AND No Spoilers!

First, I wanted to inform my family blog readers that I FINALLY updated. Sheesh.

Secondly, I was just informed that you can go to a certain site and basically read how every episode of the Bachelor is going to go, who gets eliminated, and how it ends. If you want to go to it, more power to you! I am just reminding you, I DON'T WANT TO KNOW! Please don't tell me or post about it, it ruins the fun. If you want the link to the spoiler, I can give it to you. I have not read anything but the part about Rozlyn (there was a BIG warning before the spoiler, so I stopped before I read it.) It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tempting, though!!! :D


Jean Smith said...

remember how travis and i would make fun of you and mike and your bachelor obsession? yeah, well, i started watching it this season and i am officially hooked. never thought i would ever watch the bachelor and i am waiting on pins and needles for next week!

Candi said...

I'm a sucker for spoilers but this season I'm trying to hold out!!

Shannon & Eli said...

who does that...why would someone spoil the whole show...lame...it takes the fu out of watching it!!!