Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On the Wings of Love

*Thank you for all the nice words for our friends. We continue to pray for their family that they might have some comfort during this terrible tragedy.

Before I jump into my Bachelor blogging, let me first share with you something that most of my friends and know, and now you will be privy to know: I HATE awkward situations. Give me almost any other uncomfortable emotion over awkwardness any day. PLEASE! I just don't handle it well...which is probably why I spent half of last night's episode with my face buried in
our throw pillows. Awkwardness! Everywhere!!

So let's discuss Jake first, shall we?

Um, did he hop out of a Brady Bunch episode and onto that 'edgy' motorcycle of his? Using words like 'Dynamite' to describe the stewardess outfit...what happened to the word 'sexy' or even good old 'hot', Jake?
He is a good boy, through and through, and I respect that about him, but WOW that man is Cheesalicious. Cute, but full of CHEESE. It was so funny to see how he reacted to the 'forward' girls, you could see the discomfort just leeching from him. I guess I find him half endearing, half annoying.

As the episode got going, Mike and I started to sort through which of the women would be our 'picks' and which would be the 'dark horse' picks. As the Rose Ceremony got closer, however, we knew that this would be no ordinary season. The cheese factor resonating in the room was just too high to ignore. So, we decided to make a special change to our picks. This season, we chose our usual 'Pick to Win' and instead of the Dark Horse, we chose 'Best Cheesy Fit'. We found that the 'normal' girls that we liked were not necessarily cheesy enough for him. So, that is how we decided to resolve the issue.

Without further ado, our Picks for The Bachelor, On the Wings of Love:

Joy's Pick:

Elizabeth. Love her. She is down to earth, has amazing values, and yet manages to be a normal, non-goofy person. And, as a side note, she looks like my friend, Hillary. That's a bonus.

Joy's Cheesy Match:

Tenley. Oh my goodness. Could a girl who has played a Disney Princess half her life be ANY more perfect for Jake? I think not. Her tinkling voice made is to easy for me to envision her as Ariel, hugging millions of Disneyworld-going children everywhere. She completes him.

Mike's Picks:

Ashleigh. I admit that she had me wondering if she faked her fall or not at the beginning, but after a carefully watched replay, I think it was sincere. It made her memorable, and she IS adorable, so I think that this was a good choice for Mike.

Mike's Cheesy Pick:

Kathryn. Now, she isn't nearly as cheesy as Tenley, but still- the cheesy factor is there, therefore I allowed this pick. (haha) She is a flight attendant, so it's possible they could be perfect together. Maybe they could open their own private airline service together. Wouldn't that be CUUUUUTE? Also, another side note about Kathryn...while she looks a little crazy in this picture, in real life she is cute, and a good mix of my friend Jean and a bit of Meredith from Grey's anatomy. Yes? No? Anyone?

Now, there was one woman who stood out to both of us. She was my favorite from before the show started (looking at pictures online), and soon became a favorite for Mike, too.

Ali. So, I guess Ali isn't an official pick for either of us, but we both agree that we think she will go far. She is cute, real, and looks like the girl next door. Right?

Now, onto the rest of the women. I am going to skip all the women who got eliminated EXCEPT one.

Kimberly. I really liked her, and maybe it's because she reminded me of one of my friends (apparently I am forming weird emotional attachments to the girls who look like someone I know) or if it's because she just seemed so down to earth, sweet, and wholesome, JUST what he was looking for? I don't know, but I was sad to see her leave.

Okay, onto the rest:

Vienna. Yes he really kept her. In her 'hometown interview' it was like she was channeling Erica Rose cirque Bachelor Prince Lorenzo. Totally high maintenance and spoiled like crazy. Unlike Erica, she managed to not let out the fact that daddy buys her everything she ever hopes for and more slip in front of Jake. Nice play, Vienna.

Gia. Unfortunately for Gia, Jake didn't send all the rest of the girls home when he saw her (as per her fantasy) but judging from the upcoming scenes from the season, she makes it FAR. I think that Jake has probably never had such a worldly woman interested in him, which is perhaps why he is so intrigued with her. Maybe. I don't know. I'm not seeing it.

Ella. Momma Ella made it through, even with her completely PSYCHO references to their future together. I found her to be totally pushy and off-putting, I seriously have no idea why he kept her around AND it also looks like she makes it pretty far, too. I hope she starts growing on me if I have to continually watch her from week to week.

Christina. Well, how could you help but not love this chick? She's fabulous.
I'm not serious, of course. I cannot handle snotty attitudes and girls who are defined by being mean. Did she come up with the Jelly Bean parting gifts while she was drunk with all her guy friends? Probably. It went over SO well. BLAH. Go home.

Ashley. Okay, this girl, I actually DO like, for real. Don't get me wrong, her stewardess stunt was incredibly weird, but other than that, I think she is a good egg. Mike almost chose her as his Cheesy pick, but she got elbowed out of that spot at the last minute.

Rozlyn. Dum, dum, duuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm...... It seems that Rozlyn is sure to be the cause of lots of heartache, drama, and tears this season. She is beautiful, I think she's around for the same reason Gia is, he has never been able to get a chance with such a woman. But apparently she is super naughty and goes home (or so I am guessing from the previews. And by the way, I noticed that my pick, Elizabeth, was not shown in the midst of all those crying girls. So she probably gets sent home. BOO!)

Michelle. Ummm. Wow. Words cannot describe this girl's level of crazy. My jaw was touching the floor pretty much every time she opened her mouth. I cannot believe he kept her!! Someone should have told him to send her home! STAT!

Oh wait! Someone did. Jillian and Ed. Aren't you glad they were there to save the day? I was laughing so hard when they were interviewing Michelle, they were so visibly uncomfortable by her. I can't blame them, though. She is NUTS. Hey, guys, sorry Jake didn't take your important piece of advice. Good thing you were there, huh?

So the last three girls are not big characters at this point in the game, but worth mentioning anyway.

Valisha. When he picked her, I was like, who? She seems nice enough but did she get any camera time? (Sign of a dark horse. IF we were picking dark horses. Which we aren't.)

Jessie. Again, not much happened with her. She got a bit of face time, but I never really saw them have any chemistry together.

Corrie. I think Corrie's cute. Mike doesn't. She seems nice and really like she would be his type. I am interested to see how things develop with her and Jake.

So that wraps it up with the women. The upcoming scenes from the season sucked me in or else I don't know if I could really handle the completely awkward, goofy, cheesiness that is oozing from this season. I am excited to hear what naughty thing Rozlyn has done, excited to see Jake freak out and kick the lights as he storms out of the interview...Excited to see who he ends up picking!! Do you think he is going to pick someone who is truly a good match for him? Or do you think he will pick someone like Gia who is normally his 'out of reach' type of girl? I am SO interested in everyone else's opinions, so please dish!!

Remember, I do not read spoilers, the only thing I use to make my predictions are what they show us on the show. Please no spoilers! Thanks!


Candi said...

Ok, Jake is obviously a nice guy, but he's still a GUY. So I see the boobalicious ditzy chicks staying around for a while until things start winding down and getting serious.

I like your picks. I don't think Tenley will go too far though...I think anyone who's gotten the first impression rose made it very far afterwards right? I like Ali and Elizabeth the best.

And can I just say that I usually have no problem seeing guys without their shirts on but there's something about Jake doing it that just makes me want to crack up....must be the whole cheesiness thing. BUT as cheesy as it's going to be, I think it's definitely going to be an interesting season!!

Amanda, Jared and Camden said...

I knew it was going to be a cheese fest! I am TOTALLY HOOKED though! The previews look awesome! i can't wait for the drama - even if it does make me super anxious. I could not believe some of the awkward, embarrassing things some of those girls were saying! And the girls that kept referring to themselves as jake wife already? Come on! So silly. I like Elizabeth and Ali! I have a feeling things get weird with elizabeth for some reason. We will see!!

Jen said...

Joy, I may now have to watch this season...I got fed up a few seasons ago...but you have totally inspired me to go watch!

Darby said...

Cheesefest for sure!
I liked your pics and was also super sad to see Kimberley go home. I really liked her. Oh the Drama, bring it on! Where do they get these girls!

erin and shaun said...

Yeah, the entire first 30 minutes had me laughing!!! I was like, "Am I really watching something so over-the-top cheesy?" But I guess I am. I do the girls really think those horrible lines make them look good? I am totally team ALI and I also love TENLEY for him. Sounds like we're on the same page. Bring on the drama! (and the cheese!)

erin and shaun said...

P.S. I was really sad to see the military pilot go. I thought she was a good match for him, but I guess it just was not meant to be.

Joy said...

Erin, we were sad to see her go, too. Mike ALMOST chose her but changed at the last minute. She did seem like a good match, I agree.

Oh, I LOVE all the comments! I eat them up. It's almost like I am not enduring the awkwardness all alone!

The Peach.... said...

Well, someone has been extra busy today! YOU! You busy girl! Blogging about the cheez....and then a new blog header to boot.....hmmmmmm.....busy busy girl.

The Peach.... said...

I am copying you.

Shelly said...

omg you are hilarious!! I had to read this twice because it was so funny. I love the thought of you and Mike watching this together debating over who is going to make it. Elizabeth is my pick too, I love her!

Britney said...

JOY! Your first show wrap up is AMAZING! I couldn't agree with you more about the awkwardness...I'm the same way, spent most of the show with my head in my pillows.

I like Ali alot. Can't wait to follow this!

jami said...

Okay Joy - I promised myself I was swearing off 'the Bachelor' -- now I'm gonna have to watch!

MT said...

oops, i just deleted my comment...that stinks...hope you got to read it...feel free to copy and post it. darn it...

Joy said...

Sure! It came to my email. Here it is:

Jake = Awkward. That's just who he is. He doesn't seem completely comfortable in his own skin and he seems kinda scared of women. It'll be interesting to see if he can loosen up. No doubt he's easy on the eyes tho. ;)

He didn't make the wisest decisions when handing out the roses. Paris Hilton doesn't seem Jake's type at all so dog/baby girl has got to go. He should trade these two out for Military Girl (who I really found endearing) and Kim or Stephanie. Boo. Women like Ella are sure to walk all over him. He kinda seems like he'd be easy to dominate. I was shocked and disappointed he would give up flying for love. If a woman loved him, they would love all of him and that includes the fact that he is a Pilot.

I'm thinking the producers had a say in who stayed...I mean, why else would Michelle get a rose?

I'm not an Elizabeth fan and don't think Tenley deserved the 1st Impression Rose, but she uses words like DREAMY to describe boys and he uses words like DYNOMITE to describe girls...so maybe you are right on track to match these two for the best cheesey fit.

Should be an interesting season. [-k- I'm done with my book ;)]

MT said...

thanks - i love these discussions on your blog ;)

The Peach.... said...

There, that about sums it up. Of couse I will drink in every cheezy last drop, because I am in desperate need of laughter in my life. And who can resist 15 psychos vying for cheez boy's love??? Yipppeee!

Kathy said...

Oh JOY! I just LOVE reading your posts! You nailed every one of my thoughts and opinions! Especially the awkwardness and cheese factor! Wow, he is a good guy, but it is hard to watch. How can someone so handsome be so dorky?

Candi said...

I went back and watched again, lol, and noticed a couple things.

1. At the beginning Chris asks Jake if he'd give up flying for love if a girl was terrified of flying....and then Ali has this fear of flying....Chris brings it up again before the rose ceremony and says Ali hasn't flown in 8 years but I thought she said she USED to be scared and DIDN'T fly for 8 years??

2. When Elizabeth, military chick, first met Jake she did the whole fake quarter toss thing, "Heads I say, Tales I go", got heads, and ended up going home, lol.

3. Jake looked D.R.U.N.K. before the rose ceremony. I think they all get progressively tipsier as the night/nights go on, lol.

Ok, is it Monday yet??

Allison said...

Oh wow, I just watched the whole episode last night, FINALLY! ugh man the previews for the season are RIDICULOUS!! I can not believe they show so many of the girls faces, it seems like in seasons past it would be the back of a girls head as to leave us viewers in the clear BUT this preview was so clear as to who he keeps for a while! wow, I did hear a rumor as to what the shocking event is that takes place but I won't say anything, it is shocking though! SO yes I like Ali, I think she was the least crazy of the bunch, I think there has NEVER been as many crazy girls. Almost ALL of them had desperate/crazy comments the whole night. Rozlyn = Biotch for sure, Elizabeth seems cute and down to earth but what's up with the scandalous dress and weird boobs, they looked really abnormal to me. Funny how brother and sisters must think alike cause I love Ashleigh and Kathryn, both of Mike's picks. I liked Tenley until she cried about kissing him, yikes. Wow I can't wait until Monday ;)