Monday, May 31, 2010

A Win for the Little Guy...

Before I post about the Bachelorette, I just wanted to mention that we are having a little guy of our own!

We found out this week that I am having a boy, and while I am nervous (we currently have all girls), I am also very excited, and grateful to have a healthy baby. Very grateful.

Okay, moving on. :)

Juicy, juicy, juicy.

I don't know about you, but I was hiding under my pillow for about half the episode tonight, mostly during the confrontational moments between Craig/jerk and Jonathan/wierdo. I really don't like either of them, but I will admit that I cannot stand a bully, and therefore, I was definitely hoping for a win for Jonathan. Just to show Craig that no matter how tough you think you are by picking on people in the will not come out on top!!! I was DYING during Craig's one-on-one time with Ali before the rose ceremony. He couldn't even form a proper sentence! "um, well, I mean..." He couldn't answer any of her questions, just stammered the entire time. I am glad she saw through him. So glad. Of course he immediately comes in and starts making fun of Jonathan for talking too much. Um, insecure much? Makes sense now that he would pick on someone who easily makes conversation when he obviously can't make it for himself. Oh, and WHERE was Ali when he called Jonathan out in front of everyone? I was dying for her to walk in and see that catastrophe! Then she could have known for sure what a jerk Craig was.

PHEW!! So. Glad to be done with Craig....not glad that Jonathan stayed over DARLING Chris H.

He was so cute in the first episode, and was basically non-existent tonight. That was disappointing for us. You failed us, Chris H!!! So many random people stayed over you!

Okay, so WHAT the Frank???

Talk about swooping in unexpectedly! I did NOT see that coming. In fact, I may still be in shock. He is definitely not the person I would have paired her with. He still may not be the person I see her with. Maybe it's because I would not be attracted to him myself? She seems to like his motto of jumping from one thing to another if you aren't totally happy. Now, this is not a bad thing, especially in his phase of life....but at what point do you commit to something and not run at the first sign of unhappiness? That is what concerns me. How long before he is 'over' Ali and running off to something or someone else? Am I way off the mark here? Have I let the women of The View sway me? (Yes, they discussed this very thing last week and I sat there nodding like an idiot at my tv.) Seriously, by my own observations, it seems to me like he has this short lived enthusiasm for things. He throws himself 100% (very VERY enthusiastically!) into whatever he is passionate about at the moment, and then moves on at the drop of a hat. That would be a red flag to me. I am not Ali, though. Oh, and PS Frank, Ali is NOT your girlfriend, so please quit saying that.

Okay, moving on. to. Jesse.

Oh my cuteness! Why didn't I recognize his potential last week? He is pretty darling. I can see what she likes in him. I don't see huge sparks between them yet, but I hope something more blossoms here. I really enjoyed watching their date, and he seems like a really nice guy.


Ty is sweet. He has a southern boy charm that I do like a lot. Ali's facial expression when he informed her of his divorced was concerning to me, but she seemed to appreciate his honesty since he got the rose on the group date. I haven't seen a ton of chemistry with them, either, but I am interested in seeing where things go with them.

Craig R.

Can I just say...this guy totally bothers me. Again, Ali, this guy over Chris H? Really???? He seems like such a whiner!!! Get over the fact that you don't like Justin. Seriously. Move on. Unlike the Craig/Jonathan situation, Justin is NOT doing anything to you. So let it go!


Um, talk about a trooper! I would have been super put out if I had been him, one legged jumping through the sand, up and down stairs, and from the looks of next week, alllllll the way up the hill to Ali's house. He never whines or complains about it and I like that. He may not be my favorite guy for her, but you've got to respect this guy's attitude! So interested to see what brings him to tears next week....

Kasey/aka mini-Jake

This guy already drives me nuts, and that was before I was reminded that he is about to turn into a crazy stalker in the episodes to come. His voice grates on me, and really...just curious as to what she sees in him.

I was really thrilled with the way that both Roberto and Chris L. handled the fact that they did not get any dates this week.

Roberto just seems...genuine. Yes, I realize that word is completely overused in the world of the Bachelor, but seriously. He does. He seems comfortable and confident in himself, and Ali obviously loves him. I am super excited to see them interact on a date. Hopefully next week....

Same with Chris L, he just seems like an awesome guy. I REALLY like this guy, and I am also looking forward to him getting some time with Ali. Hopefully alone. PLEASE keep this guy around, Ali!!!

Okay, so let me know your thoughts! Not a ton of comments last week (which is completely fine), so don't be shy in letting me know what you thought of tonight's episode.


CandraWynne said...

One quick comment... during the rose ceremoney right after she gave the 2nd to last rose to Chris N. it pans to Jonathan and Craig and Jonathan has a rose on his shirt. I was shocked and was like where did I miss that.... then the next shot to Jonathan he doesn't have a rose on his shirt and he gets the last rose. Can we say HUGE editing error? :) haha

Chris L is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! such a sweetie. I'm not sure about Justin still trying to get my thoughts together on him. So glad that Craig is gone, he instigates trouble and in my book that never turns out well in any relationship. It was nice of Jonathan to tell Ali about Craig but I don't see him going very far but I will say that he was a champ for wearing that speedo at the beach. You could tell he was very uncomfortable about it but he sucked it up and went with it. Lots of fun things coming up can't wait to keep watching..

oh and CONGRATS AGAIN on your little man, little boys are SO sweet and have a special place in their mommy's heart!

The Peach.... said...

I totally noticed the exact same thing!!! Jonathon had a rose on his shirt BEFORE he got the rose, then they went back to him and it wasn't there anymore...Fishy.

Craig is freakin psycho...glad to see him go. And although I like Ty, I don't think they have chemistry...

Frank is a curious character. I'm surprised they had chemistry. I wasn't seeing it.....he's a little too hyper for me.

Such drama, I loved every minute.

The Peach.... said...

Oh, and PS....I love Roberto. LOVE HIM. He is so genuine. And I Like Jesse and Chris L.

Kehl Fam said...

I love reading these!
My top 3 faves are Roberto, Chris L, and Jesse. :)
Okay, so I've been trying to remember which guy it was who mentioned (away from Ali) that his Mom had passed away. I erased the first episode. Which guy was that?!?!

志文 said...
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CandraWynne said...

Chris L from Cape Cod :)

Luke and Marin said...

I agree with you about Chris and Roberto! They are darling! I love how they don't get invovled with the drama, and they just stay focused on Ali.

Weston and Nicole said...

Okay, just to let you know, I still read this (and seem to agree with you on everything!), but I don't always comment because I usually have a baby in my hands, haha! When I saw the first episode, I thought Ali had no depth in her conversation...she seemed a little flighty, but I have faith she'll get a little more "real" in this each week! But anyway, yeah craig was SUPER creepy and probably the most insecure guy I've ever seen. Craig R. is totally "toby" and ever since you've said that, I can't look at him and not think that! Chris L. seems super nice, I like him the best I think. I agree with everything you said about Frank...he is in things 100%, when he chooses to be, but then seems to float from one thing to another...major red flag. I think he goes far though, I saw him a lot in the "future episodes"! Crazy.

Shannon said...

so glad to have you back, Joy! Spoiler alert, spoiler alert! I picked up an US magazine and it had an interview w/ Ali about what happens this season?!?! What the what? It gives names about people who have girlfriends, and one who goes back to an ex! This hasn't even happened yet! I am ticked that I read it.

Anonymous said...


MT said...

Okay, does anyone else think Ali is using the same hairdresser that Vienna used? Lol. It's a bit yellow. Ali is a cute girl, but there are sooo many better shades of blonde out there.

Anyway I don't have any strong opinions about the boys yet, but I'm glad that "dangeous" guy us gone. Hahaha. Although weatherman took too much of his one on one time with Ali discussing him. Frank turned out to be fun, but being lead by passion is a red flag. Sometimes we have to suck it up and stick with things. I'm liking cape cod guy the most so far even though he didn't get a date. Interesting decision to not tell her his mom died but I get it. I wouldn't want to be know by that either.

Thanks for putting all the guys pictures up. I'm horrible at remembering names with faces ;)

MT said...

Congrats on YOUR little guy! Exciting for sure!

Nicole said...

Congratuations on a BOY! So excited for you and your family! Don't be nervous...a boy has been a great change for our family of girls and will be for yours as well. :)