Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So Right....SO Wrong!

Okay, today's post is going to be a bit short because my sister is here visiting (yahoo!) and I am eating up my time I have with her. We watched Ali together last night along with my friend 'J' and I think it took us almost 3 hours to get through because we kept pausing and making comments! SO fun! It was so wonderful having other friends there to revel in the drama with me. So, off the top of my head, here are my thoughts:

First, Kirk, EEEEEEEEEEEEEW!!! Creepy McCreep! His line, "When we were making out...it felt so right!" Just got under my skin and made me shiver with disgust. Speaking of shivering...."I am in the hottub and you are making me shiver!" UGHHHHH! I don't know why, but this guy makes me gag.

Roberto- Loved their date. I think he is so darling! I am glad he's still in the running. DID NOT like how he was bullying the wrestler. I wish that he would have confronted Justin in private when she mentioned that he had walked to her house. Instead he chose to tell everyone else and be party to them all calling him out. It made me disappointed. You don't need to be a part of that, Roberto!

Justin- What is it about this guy that everyone hates? I feel like it's Vienna all over again, where they all hate him but we (the viewer) have no idea why? Now, I do think it was LAME that he kind of commented a lot about walking up to Ali's house....like, "I would walk up to her house to show her how I feel!" after he had already done it. Like he was rubbing their noses in it without them actually knowing it. But seriously, what has he done that they hate him so much! No one has any love for this guy at all.

Chris L- Continues to be a favorite. He is just SO darling. I love that he has his mom's signature as a tatoo. I cannot wait for him to have a one on one with Alli! I want to see some sparks!!

Frank- WOW, we really saw his 'off' side this week! He is either UP or he is doooooooown. Poor guy finally realized that he is not the only one in the running.

Jonathan aka Weatherman- Are. You. Kidding. Me. Why did she give him a rose? Maybe it was a pity rose. But really, she eliminated such cute guys to keep this guy around, which is really too bad. He seriously CRIED during the filming? What?? And his kisses sucked. AND he whispered that he wanted to sneak off and have a real kiss, which should have totally weirded her out! WHY?????

Craig N. and Craig R.- Not really sure why these guys are still in the running, either. Especially Craig R, he seems like SUCH a jerk. And everytime we caught a glimpse of Craig N, we were like, Wait, who was that??? He is lurking in the background, who is he??

Hunter- I understand why she sent him home, they really had no chemistry. I liked him, but I could see that it was totally lacking. Not the type of sparks she has with Roberto! (wink!)

Jesse and Kasey didn't get much face time (aside from when they were bullying Justin) Jesse's Rose Ceremony denim outfit was super awesome, right? I mean....come on. What was that!?

I felt bad that Steve got sent packing after he made that cute picnic for her (especially when she kept Craig and Jonathan.), and sad for John C. that he didn't get much of a chance.

Okay, I would love to hear your thoughts!


MT said...

yeah, i guess john c. and steve just weren't her type? and weatherman is? gag me. but i thought steve was kinda cute to do the picnic thing. i guess he failed to impress with his cork popping abilities.

i think it's really odd nobody likes pro-wrestler dude. i don't get it and it is lame. he even cried when he was trying to explain his good intentions to the guys. ha ha. but he was kinda of annoying when he was rubbing his time with ali in their faces without them knowing what he was doing. i think ali was dumb for telling roberto and roberto was dumb for being dumb and telling all the guys.

i thought frank was kinda funny. -cuz he totally and truly though his connection with ali was stronger than anybody's and rock solid. ha ha ha.

*this season better not be spoiled for me like last season was. arghhhh.

Anonymous said...
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Darby said...

I missed last week and have not had a chance to catch up on Hulu. My Mom was visiting this week so we watched it together but my Tivo only recorded half of it and we missed the group date. UGH.

I too LOVE Chris, I missed Roberto's date so I don't love him yet but from the first night I did like him. Justin, I don't get the drama over him, what has he done??? Kasey, really??? His voice is making me nuts.

Having friends over on Monday to watch... come on over Joy! :)