Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Do It Yourself.

Lately I have found myself drawn to 'do it yourself' blogs, specifically the type that specialize in home renovations. I am SUPER jealous that there are women out there who pick up a miter saw one day and say to themselves, "What should I do with this? Oh, I know! I will create my own wainscoting all over our house." or, "Today I think I will build a custom playhouse from scratch into that cubby under the stairs." I am in awe of it all, really.

and.....I am tempted. Tempted to run out and buy myself a nail gun and some two-by-fours and a bucket of high gloss paint and just go at it. Custom baseboards? No problem. Fancy moldings? Piece of cake. Just give me a level and I will do it.

Seriously, though, I am curious. Have any of you ever been so tempted by a do-it-yourself home renovation project, that you actually did it? Not your husband...YOU. Did it turn out? Was it a disaster?

What about redoing a piece of furniture? Stripping something, repainting it, remaking it...I have tried sanding down a piece of furniture just to paint it white and BOY. Was that a reality check. Is remodeling like gardening? You need to have the green thumb? I am beginning to wonder if this is not the case....

I will leave you with my musings along with some links to my favorite 'do it yourself-ers' blogs. You can oggle and drool right along with me.

Thrifty Decor Chic : That custom 'big boy room' redo has me literally dying. Um, custom mouldings everywhere, anyone?

Sawdust and Paper Scraps : Are you kidding me with that Playhouse? Seriously?

House of Smith : All that woodworking is going to give me a heart attack. Her bathroom redo? Dying. Her laundry room revamp? Darling! Breakfast nook? Perfection.

Ashley Ann : This room do-over nearly put me into heart failure. Okay, so this isn't really a home remodel, more of a room make over, but still. WOW.


Nancy said...

Joy I am so the same way! The thing that stops me though more at this point is the money. Some day I will be renovating for sure. I was going to point you to Shelley at the House of Smiths, but looks like you've already found her. I think the cool thing about her wainscoating though is that she is using pre cut wood from Lowes with liquid nails, I could do that for sure. I'd love to watch you try! Your house already has great bones and you can take amazing pictures, that's all that counts right? P.S. if you try any of it you have to document and share.

Melissa said...

OH thanks for the blog links Joy! And it's funny you posted about this because since we are buying our first house, I have been looking at a TUN of do it yourself blogs! I am going to be redoing the cupboards in our new house and some other stuff and I'm not sure if I'll be cut out for it or not!

Anonymous said...
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Sarah said...

This post is timed perfectly for me. I was just thinking that I wished there were some sort of woodshop classes for adults. I never took it in high school, but I'd love to be able to build bookshelves and things. I'm sure we could do it, but it might just take a while! :)

erin and shaun said...

Wow! I love to look at these things to and imagine all the things I'd love to do....if only I had a house! I would love to come help you with any projects so I could learn how to do it for myself someday. I love to build and assemble things and you are a smart girl. We could totally figure it out!

Alicia Phillips said...

So I loved all of those, but the done up laundry room. I am a little in shock at the lengths gone to for a laundry room! I have just been getting the fix it bug for the boys room, its not what I want and I am for sure going tomorrow to look at that molding on the walls as a backdrop, loved it! And I think there is paint in my future!