Thursday, July 9, 2009

Watch Yourself.

I blogged about this on my family blog, but wanted to share here in a public forum to get the information out there to anyone who may not have access to our family blog:

I recently discovered that someone from Brazil has been downloading pictures off our family blog.
Now, downloading a picture off our blog isn't easy, to say the least. I protect them to no end. However, I did leave a few unprotected, and yep, some international weirdo totally downloaded them. Who knows where the pictures of my girls are going to end up? I tell you what, it REALLY bothers me a lot. What bothers me more is wondering how many downloads happened BEFORE I protected my pictures.

Are you wondering how I know this info? Statcounter. I would recommend to EVERYONE that you put statcounter on your blog. Go to and add it. It is free and easy and gives you tons of info about who is visiting your page. Statcounter also shows who is downloading your pictures off your site. Precious info to have, I think.
Does it creep you out to think of some guy in Taiwan or Nigeria or something downloading and sharing pictures of your children??? Yeah. It TOTALLY freaks me out. I am also disturbed because I have only had statcounter for a couple of weeks and so I wonder how many downloads or weird visits happened before that time.

I know this same thing happened to my friend, Kelli, too, so it's not a single occurrence with our family. I would strongly STRONGLY suggest you take pause when you are posting pictures or info about your family and especially your kids. You never NEVER know who is looking.



Callisters said...

What do you do to protect your pictures from being downloaded? That is very creepy!

Kristen said...

Thanks for that info! Yikes!! I hope you don't think I'm creepy because I read your blog but we don't actually know each other...I do feel like I know you because I've heard so much about you from Katie. :) I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts about The Bachelorette tonight!

Feely Photography said...

Wow I need to get that! Does it give you an IP address as to who exactly is doing it? Or just a location (state, country) or a name??

Amber said...

Joy, I posted a link on my family private blog to this post, for your explanation of stat counter. Hope you don't mind. I think private is the way to go for everyone! Better safe than sorry!

erin and shaun said...
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