Monday, July 6, 2009


Will someone please look up Jillian's phone number for me so that I can call her up and scream "I told you so!" a couple of times? And then I will ask her to be my best friend. And ask her to share her clothes with me.

Seriously though, I could NOT be more pleased with how my precious Bachelorette ended tonight. Not only did she give Wes the boot, but she also saw him for the total douche that he is (excuse my french) and realized that Jake was right all along. It was sweet, sweet justice. Mike and I gasped audibly a few times at the totally jerk-filled comments Wes had all night. I WOW. At least Wes felt at home in Spain since he did have a number one Mexico. What a genius.
Okay, so there is tons more I could say about Wes, but I can't blog about HIM all night. However, if you want to read what his 'ex' girlfriend, Laurel, had to say, you can click HERE.
If you want to read what Jake had to say, Click HERE and read the third paragraph where he talks about Laurel and Wes being in cahoots. Something to think about....
Enough about Wes. Onto the remaining 3 men! I have to be honest, I think I like them all!! There are characteristics about all the guys that I think mesh well with Jillian.
ED! I think she and Ed make a great match, and I am glad that she gave him another chance. I do worry about their future (away from the cameras) and him being a work-a-holic. That's pretty much my only concern with Ed, though. He is such a cutie and she OBVIOUSLY loves being with him. I think Ed is a front runner right now.

Reid was such a doll on their date and although his 'generalizations' were kind of making me nuts, I still think they had great chemistry. His joke about people carrying tourists around on their backs in Philly had me ROLLING. Loved that. prediction is that he goes home next week. Well, my predicition is that he has the 'problems' on their overnight time next week and then goes home. Eek.
Kiptyn is still a fan favorite of mine, although out of all the families, I liked his least. I wonder if Jillian sincerely liked his family or if she was just saying that. I guess since I chose Kiptyn as my pick in the beginning, I should start getting nervous because usually my picks get cut at the end.

Anyway, I hope everyone was as entertained as I was tonight, and didn't have as big of anxiety attack as I did during the confrontational moments with Wes. Awkward turtle!!!


Candi said...

SO so so so so happy he is FINALLY gone! What a a scum bad...nuf said.

Ok, so Ed is growing on me this week. They obvioulsy have some good physical chemistry and I think they're both on the same maturity level...just not sure he's got the same sense of humor she does. him but it's time for him to go. They look like they have fun together but that's about it. He's like the cool guy friend. But not someone she needs to marry.

Kiptyn...I dunno. I didn't like him as much this week for some reason. He's still super cute and seems to really click with her so I'm sure he'll be in the final 2.

It still seems like someone comes back in the end? WHO could it be?

Kelli Bramble said...

Ok, I'm totally subscribed now...and I don't even watch the show! :)

And oh yeah, I always read your title as "where is the joy" so I subscribed in my reader and it was some weird lady with lots of cats. haha. Not sure why I'm sharing, just thought you would think that was funny.

The Williams Family said...

Wes was just a ball of fun this week, wasn't he? I could not believe half of the crap that came out of his mouth - what a douche! that is some good reality TV...I bet mike was loving it! I pretty much feel the same way as you about the other three. Kiptyn is my pick also so I kind of gotta root for him, but I think Ed might be the best for her - I think he is darling. A little worried about the workaholic thing though too. I LOVED Reid this week, but I am hesitant to like him because of the awkwardness to come - I already am so nervous for him! Ahhh. Great episode though!

CandraWynne said...

I knew Wes was a slime ball but this episode showed that he is even worse than that! Throughout their entire date she would make comments and he was so self centered it made me completely sick! I'm so glad that she finally figured him out and sent him packing. Last week I was disappointed that she didn't listen to Jake and send him home then, but Jullian made good points about making sure there were no "what if's". Oh and do you think Wes had a little too much to drink on the limo ride to the airport?! YIKES :)

I agree with you on the rest of the men, I'm worried about Ed because they seem to do more kissing and making out than talking. Kiptyn is still my pick and I'm hoping he's not the one with problems in the bedroom. I can't believe there's only a couple of weeks until the final rose ceremony. Hopefully it will all work out in the end and she'll end up with the right one!

Weston and Nicole said...

Hooray that Wes is gone! I can't believe some of the stuff he was how he actually told her he originally came on the show because his producer thought it was a good idea and told him to not get out the first round...and how he said he had to look out for "numero uno" etc etc etc. What a creep. I'm totally with Jillian when she said that this is only going to hurt him in the end, because no one likes him!

I'm not sure how I feel about the other 3 guys. I think Reid cracks me up with his sarcasm and their relationship is always light and fun...I kinda don't see her and Kiptyn anymore together...I think he's the type to back out in the end and break her heart. I like Ed...but their conversations are week. This will be interesting to see what happens...

Kathy said...

Joy, you are too fun! I love this blog. I am with you on every point. I totally thought his girlfriend was in on the whole thing the whole time. Finally someone else sees it too! I can't believe he thinks this will help his career. Everyone thinks he is total scum! I was a Jake fan too. Let's hope for next season.

Matt and Joanna said...

You make me laugh Joy! I haven't been able to watch the bachelor for a few weeks so I'm extra happy you post about it! I get all of the juice and info. I need. I really like Ed~hopefully he'll make it to the end!