Wednesday, July 22, 2009


EDIT: Thanks to Candi who found out that After the Final Rose is airing on Tuesday, July 28. I was only looking at Mondays. :)

Today I decided to check my trusty Guide on my cable box to see how long next week's Bachelorette (only 5 days until the finale!) is going to be....and see if they are planning to tack on the After the Final Rose or not. Well, there is no 'Final Rose' on my list. Not for this week OR next week. So it seems we will not be checking in with Jillian and 'fiance' after the last episode airs.

Is it strange that I am getting so nervous that she is not going to pick anyone at all? I mean, did anyone else find her 'I'm so happy' response very very weird? I want to be wrong, I want her to choose someone and be very, very happy. I really hope she is. I am just nervous that I am going to be let down again and be soooo disappointed. :(

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Candi said...

WHAT??? Maybe your listings don't update that far in advance. I haven't checked mine but did some research and After the Final Rose is supposed to air Tuesday night, July 28, at 10 pm. Apparently Melissa is supposed to be coming back to give an update also. Keep your fingers crossed!!! I'd be crushed if I went through all the trouble of watching this season and then nothing came from it!!!