Monday, July 27, 2009

And So She Chooses....

Yes, I am going to talk about the Bachelorette finale here. This is it. So if you are on your blog reader and you don't want it to be is the time to turn back!!!

So. Here we are. And the winner is....




I don't know why but there wasn't much enthusiasm from anyone at our house over that one. Well, maybe except for Mike, who I guilted into giving me the 'thumbs up' picture since he DID choose Ed as his dark horse. (I wanted him to get by a picture of Ed on the TV but he wouldn't do it. Just so you know.)

DSC_0193 WEB

A few girls came over to watch the finale with me and it was so much first. Here's a picture from halfway through, before all the broken hearts starting getting thrown around:

Girls WEB

Then depression started filling the room as Jillian one by one let people go. So, here's my (our) synopsis...

Kiptyn- I was absolutely shocked that she did not choose Kiptyn, and here is why: In their final days together, whenever Ed leaned in to kiss her, she was turning her head, not really seeming very into it...but when Kiptyn would go in for the kiss, she was gripping his face with her hands and not letting HIM go. She seemed so much more passionate about Kiptyn. I think he was really surprised that she cut him and I felt really, really sorry for him.

And then entered Reid. HOLY MOLY. It was like someone turned on a million lightbulbs in my family room. We were all lit up and excited and giddy to see Reid again. And when he proposed...TOTALLY thought she was going to say yes. FOR SURE.

And then she didn't. And....I think she should have. I can't believe how excited I was to have Reid there in front of her proclaiming his love for her. It seemed so right. But apparently not to Jillian.

Enter Ed. Silence in the room. We are all so depressed that Kiptyn and Reid have just had their hearts shattered, that the excitement and love that Jillian and Ed are rejoicing in is barely penetrating our hearts. We are all still mourning for Reid.

Fast forward to now. I have nothing against Ed, he is a nice guy. But I am not over the moon about it. I am glad that they are happy, glad that Jillian is happy with her choice of Ed. I am STILL very intruiged for After the Final Rose tomorrow. I am curious if they are still together or not?? She was acting so fishy at the Men Tell All that I am still not convinced that things are peachy in relationship land. I guess we don't have to wait long to see!!!

Okay, on another note, I made some delicious treats for us favorite bread dip, some artichoke dip, and a bunch of sweets.

The spread:
Treats 3 WEB
(you can see my freshly painted walls along with the bottoms of my awesome new standouts, which I will blog about at a later time.

Okay, these yummy, delicous carmel chocolate preztel yummies were found here: and they turned out absolutely DIVINE.
Treats WEB

Lastly, some mini pies which were delicious. It was dark outside by the time these babies came out of the oven so I had to use the overhead light to photograph them...not as appetizing looking as it should be. Trust me, YUM.

Treat 4 WEB


Candi said...

Ok most importantly, that food looks AMAZING and I will be needing recipes for ALL of it asap, thanks. :)

And onto the other stuff...

I felt SO sorry for Kiptyn!! I really liked him. I mean, at least he dressed normal and all, geez. Maybe she'll pull a Mesnick and have a change of heart!

Reid...I thought it was cute that he came back but seriously dude, you were a day late and a dollar short and you DID NOT have on the right shoes.

Ed...I'm not too excited that she picked him but hopefully everything will work out for them. He left her once never know.

I'm excited for tomorrow night!

erin and shaun said...

Yeah, agreed...I'm feeling pretty "blah" about that ending. I really wanted her to say yes to Reid. Love him!!! Can't wait for tomorrow night.

MT said...

Reid ... I was excited to see him back as well, however, -He didn't do a good enough proposal! He didn't tell her how happy he could make her. He didn't go on about how much he loved her and that they couldn't possibly be happy in this world unless they were together. It just didn't do it for me. Obviously if she let him go the first time, she already knows she could live without him. No means no. (Unless you are Jason from last season. Ha ha.)

I feel like her choosing Ed over Kyptin was the safe way to go. She knew Ed's love for her and it really seemed to bother her that Kyptin was always the 'dumper' and not the 'dumpee'. I think that scared her a lot more than she let on.

Crazy, crazy, crazy. I hope she's still together with Ed after all that. Like she said, "Ed better not #@$%^*! disappoint."

Wright said...



Sniff Sniff.


I am with you, Ed? Really? He would have been my LAST choice, and what is up with those short green shorts he always wears? Yikes! She better like those shorts, she's going to be seeing a lot of them, apparantly that's the only pair he has.

And YUM! Your treats look divine! And love your wall color!

Let the Good Times Roll said...

Well apparently I am the minority here, but I loved Ed the whole time. I think he is such a package, and I can actually see them having a future together unlike her with the other two guys.

Brooke said...

Um, why wasn't I invited to this party? Yummy food! Love the walls and standout.. and that chandelier.. one of my guilty pleasures. Where did you find it? Can I get a better look at it!

I seriously saw Ed coming the entire time. When he came back she went coo coo over him.

But, I too am not so giddy about it. I do think, physically.. they do look the best together. But, Reid I thought was the most intriguing.

Nancy said...

Joy, how fun! I don't even watch the bachelorette and would have totally come to this party! I think I'm going to have to try those brownies and thorw a party just so I can have fun too!

The Airharts said...

Joy, just quick-I came across these awesome photos..I KNEW you would LOVE them...maybeyou have already seen them, but I think its so cool and you came first to mind... I would do anything for this picture in my house, and legs like hers! ha ha-PS, Ed was my pretend boyfriend(except when he had that femmy lisp every now and then) so I was extra happythat he was the one!

Melissa said...

You crack me up!! I really like Ed and was happy that she picked him. He reminds me of my husband as in the way he looks at Jill with just love and adoration. It's cute and I like them together!