Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I wanna tweeze 'em.

Okay, if anyone is still out there since I last blogged, um, last monday (oops) then please join me in some Bachelorette chat. I do have to admit that this week was super fun for me because for the first time in a LONG time I had a big gaggle of girls to watch it with! The ongoing commentary throughout the whole thing was hysterical and so fulfilling that I almost didn't blog about it today. Yet here I am. I cannot stay away.

Let's start with a moment of silence for Sasha. I really did like him a lot and I mourned his departure quite a bit, although I can't say I really blame her for sending him home. I can understand why she felt like he might be a bit, um, unrealistic in his qualifications for a mate. But he seemed like such a cool guy, so I was sad to see him go.
As far as the other two cuts go, I wasn't too upset about them. Tanner and....Brad? Don't really care.

Wes is making me (and my whole gaggle of women) nuts. If I have to hear that song one more time I will probably flip out. I am excited for next week, maybe he will be exposed for being here for the wrong reasons and then get sent packing. He seems controlling, possesive, and boring on top of it all.

Tanner-feet-in-his-mouth was creepalicous as ever, but don't you kind of think that Jillian is pretty well informed at this point that he has this wierd fetish? I mean he is OP-EN about it, so she has to either a: be into it, or b: be seriously layed back about it because she is keeping him around.

Dave is a raging drunk lunatic. Holy COW I could not believe his rage last night, and it actually makes me want her to pick Juan just so Dave pops a vein. I can't get over his anger...it makes me speechless. Let's enroll him in anger management, stat. Who goes on national television making multiple death threats to another guy over not taking a SHOT??? Run run run run run run Jillian. Dave wants everyone to warn her about Juan, but really, where does the real danger lay? Hmmm? hmm????

Juan is still super cheesy and very femme in my opinion, I really don't want Jillian to pick him but I do think he may be getting a little bit of an overreaction from the other guys. There has got to be something we are missing or edited out if they all have such distain for him.

Robby's kiss with Jillian was super super cute on the movie set, it made me so silly excited for them, but I still feel like he is a bit shady, I know nothing about him and was a bit disapointed that he was backing up DAVE the freakshow when he ripped into Juan. Classic line deliverance: "I agree with Dave 100%, we'll talk later". *clink!*

Jake and Kiptyn didn't get much face time this time around, I am getting a bit nervous that Kiptyn is going to get eliminated coming up here because Jillian seems to have a real issue with his heart never being broken. He is adOREable, so I really hope she keeps him around for awhile. I think she really enjoys kissing him and such, so hopefully that keeps him safe for the time being.
Jake is still darling, I still think he is going to go far. (I hope!)

Pizza man- Um, Mark, came out of the woodwork tonight with his brave confrontation with Dave about Juan. I really love it when people speak up for the underdog, so he won some mega points with all of us. Now he just needs to spend a bit of time with Jillian, that would be helpful for him.

Jessie, Mike, and Michael all need to get on their game or they are going to be sent packing. I don't think they are going to have a chance unless they get a one on one or awesome make out session with her. I feel like they are so far from front runners, poor guys have no chance at this point.

Reid got a bit of face time, a tiny kiss, a little romance...but I am also worried for him, he needs to step it up or get some one on one time in order to stick around.

Ed- Oh my my my, he is DARLING!!!!!!!!! I want to bring him home to live at our house if Jillian stupidly cuts him. Hopefully Mike is okay with that. Seriously, though, he is a doll and I loved their date, it gave ME butterflies.

If only she could pick 3, I would happily walk away with Ed, Jake, and Kiptyn as her men. Hopefully one of those will be the next Bachelor...

Until next time...enjoy your week...we are enjoying ours!


Weston and Nicole said...

Totally agree on everything...you put it so well!
Dave seriously scares me.
Tanner's feet fetish is creepy as ever.
Wes still bugs.
Robby's kiss scene was SO adorable (my sister and I rewound it like 3 times, haha), but yeah, that was SO surprising when he was backing Dave 100%. I was shocked. Everyone knows Dave is crazy!

Let the Good Times Roll said...

LOVE Ed! I think he is such a sweetheart and althought I thought Jake was a little cheesy the first week, I really loved their date last week and thought he was cute again last night.

Jennifer H. said...

Phew thank goodness you posted!!! I was worried since you haven't posted since the last show. :)

I'm sad that Sasha left but I think she made a good decision too. I LOVE Ed too...so cute and still lovin' Jake.

Wes has GOT to go. He is slimy. And OMG if Mr. Foot Fetish doesn't go soon I am going to flip out. He is just NASTY!!!!!!!

CandraWynne said...

You put it all so well :) I seriously had to fast forward some of the yelling from Dave because I was getting so tired of it. And what was up with him almost falling over when she offered him the rose? Can we say drunk?! I keep hoping Jullian will see the real Dave, Juan, and Wes SOONER than later and give them the boot!

Nick and Maddy Winward said...

That is such a cute picture! Man, your girls are so photogenic!