Monday, June 29, 2009

The Dark Horse of the Apocalypse

...also known as: Ed.

Mike's boy is BACK!! Can you believe it? Because I was actually somewhat shocked! I had my suspicions last week when they blurred out the face of one of the guys in an 'upcoming episode', but I still felt like I was reaching for straws of hope where there were none. I am happy to have Ed back but worried that the chemistry may have fizzled. We shall see, I guess. I am glad he gets another chance.


My heart is BREAKING for Michael. Oh, my, could there be a bigger sweetheart than him? Scratch voting Jake for the next Bachelor, let's all vote in Michael! He is a doll and I wish that he and Jillian had more chemistry together. Poor guy.

Sad to see Jessie leave instead of Wes, but I am not shedding tears over it. Much more upset about Michael's departure.

Soooooo. I think I will be chewing anti-acids for the rest of the week after all the crazy confrontation I witnessed tonight. If I haven't said it before, I will say it again: I HATE confrontation. It makes me so nuts. I was literally shaking and sweating and freezing all at the same time when Wes and Jake were going at it. Well, first, when Jake was there alone talking with her, and he said, "My body just went numb." that was EXACTLY how I felt! My body felt limp and lifeless as I awaited the awkwardness to end.
I did NOT like when Jake confronted Wes. I felt like Jake's accusations were pretty flimsy, actually. Yes, he had a name BUT no real story to back it up. And Wes's family seemed pretty sure that Wes was clean. I really felt sorry for Jillian that she had to go through all that. I am even MORE sorry that she feels enough for Wes to keep him, even after alllllll that. Sheesh.

Reid. I am having mixed feelings here. Probably some of my hesitations come from the fact that I am pretty sure he is the no-chemistry guy on the one on one dates, so maybe I am seeking the worst, but I don't know. I think he may be a little too neurotic for my liking. And, she ALWAYS comes to him, if you will notice. Whenever they are sitting together, he lays back while she leans into him, or she sits up so she can face him while he reclines. I don't know, it's wierd. But his family was cool and he is alright. I am just 'blah' about him I guess.

Kyptin's family was....stuck UP. All but the dad rubbed me the wrong way, especially his sister. Eep. I would have been afraid if I were Jillian. I love how they cut the tape and got in the hot tub anyway, haha. I wondered if Jillian felt silly in her cow spotted bikini (or whatever that was) in front of his proper family.

I guess at this point I don't know WHO I am rooting for. The only one I am rooting against is Wes. Ohhhh PLEASE let Wes go home soon!! Otherwise...I don't know. Who are you rooting for???


Let the Good Times Roll said...

WHAT THE HECK? Spence and I just finished watching, and we were both like "we have never seen a more dramatic bachelor!" I was totally shocked when Ed came back, but I think he is SO CUTE! I am rooting for Ed, but I also like Reid. She seems totally into him and like you said, I thought his family was adorable. Spence and I both felt so bad for Michael, he was so darling, what a good guy!

Brooke said...

Jililan was so giddy to see Ed back.. so, I am kindof rooting for him since Jillian seems to be. But, I really love Reid. Poor Michael, he was indeed young but oh, so in love. Poor kid, I mean guy.

Missy and Jake said...

OH MY JOY!!!!!!!!!! I am seriously SOOOOOOOO happy that my boyfriend Ed came back-I was screaming, and giggling and going numb from pure happiness when he came back! I am so in love with ed and cant wait for him to be the one!!!

The Williams Family said...

Welcome back darling Ed! Hooray! I am almost rooting for him to win at this point. I agree about Michael though - what a sweetie - so sad. I thought when Wes got confronted he was bumbling all over the place - totally looked guilty. He had absolutely no good comebacks - I swear he called his family on the way there to prepare them so they would say the right thing to Jillian. He is such a greasy douche bag! I am still a fan of Kiptyn but I thought his mom was a freak of nature - scary...his sister too. I totally agree with you about Reid I think I am just nervous about his "lack of performance" next week. Diarrhea! Poor guy having to go through that on national television. During his family visit I kept thinking “his poor family has no idea of the embarrassment that is coming.” I liked his family a lot though. I too need to go pop some ant-acids before next week. Blah!

CandraWynne said...

I'm just glad Jullian suvived all the "surprises"! I think I would have fainted if I opened the door to see Ed, especially after all the drama in Texas. I am SO mad that she kept Wes. I swear her head is screaming "Get rid of him" but he heart is in it too deep and I think she likes the stardom that would come with being with Wes in the end. It will be interesting to see if Wes can keep his stories straight or if he will get caught. I was SO sad to see Michael go, and I wanted to cry in the end when he was making his farewell. You could see the sincere gestures and how much he really liked her. I cannot wait until next Monday!!

Wright said...

Love your blog header, by the way. You creative cat.
OK, WHY didn't Jillian demand to meet this Laurel? There is a way to get to the bottom of this drama! Jillian needs to show up!!!!!!
I am rooting for Ed or Kiptyn....Wes is a freak and Reid...well, cute kid, but I don't think he's the right guy for her. Kiptyn's family was crazy...omg. We need to see Ed's family to make an educated choice, right??????

Wright said...

I mean, Laurel needs to make an appearance...not Jillian. Duh.

Amanda, Jared and Camden said...

ED!!! I vote for Ed!! Im am totally in love with him!! Everything is better now that he is back!! Wes is a total loser!!!

hendywow said...

I don't know if I can watch after she ended up keeping that pig Wes. I just want to shake her and remind her that those kind of decisions are why she is still single! And I completely agree with you that Michael needs to be the next Bachelor!

Jen Petty said...

OK, here's my theory about Wes. Jillian had to keep him this time so that it would seem like she was making her own mind up instead of following what Jake said. I think (and hope) she'll cut him next week, but she doesn't want to appear easily influenced which is why he stayed this week.

Candi said...

Ugh. I may be only one, but I hate that Ed is back. I think Michael probably got cut since he came back. And of course she gave him a rose...what would be the point of asking him to the rose ceremony if she wasn't going to give him a rose??? AGH...I just don't like him. If he left her never know.

I HATE that Michael and Jesse are gone...I really liked them both. And I'm surprised Reid is still there. And WTF is up with WES?? I would think one of the producers would step in and let her know what's up when he's clearly said on camera that he's not there for her!! I guess I'm hoping it'll be Kiptyn in the end. He seems like the best out of the bunch that's left. GO TEAM KIP! :)