Monday, May 25, 2009

4 down.....

I would just like to begin by letting you know that I am having horrible internet issues, so I am unable to give this post the proper attention I normally give my Bachelorette gossip posts. I was EXTREMELY lucky for Mike's laptop to pick up a weak signal, so I am typing as fast as my little fingers will let me. Sooo excuse the unorganized, quick post.

First let me just say that Wes HAS to go. Soon. In the previews it seems like she does eventually come to her senses about him and starts questioning his reasons for being on the show in the first hopefully it does end up that he leaves. I think we may have to endure him for a few more episodes, though.

Next, I was LOVING Micheal and Tanner in the car, their enthusiasm seriously had me rolling on the floor, and I came to love Michael a little more from that experience. I was so happy that Jillian heard them cheering on the phone because I think that made her like them both more. I do have to say I was laughing at Tanner calling Juan feminine. Um, pot calling kettle black in a MAJOR way! But I am glad that he and Michael are still around because I enjoy them both.

Jake, Oh my. He is darling, right? There was quite a bit of cheesiness in the air on their fabulous date, but I have to admit I think he is genuine and could be a good match for her. A really good match!

I was happy to see that there is a good attraction between her and my man, Kiptyn, although he didn't get much face time on this episode.

Dave needs to lay off his steroids or something, I could not believe how worked up he was over Juan. Seriously, buddy, get a life. He could focus all that energy on Jillian and take it all, probably, but instead he is caught up in obsessing over Juan not taking the shot. Whatever.

Speaking of Juan, he drives me nuts. But apparently not as nuts as he makes Dave. Sheesh.

I felt really sorry for Brad when she chose Wes over him. And what was up with everyone watching their alone time? That was just mean.

Apparently ripping off your clothes and jumping into water worked well for Mike but was a complete flop for poor Brian. Brian really did NOT seem like her type, though, so I am fine with it. In fact, I was happy to see Julien go, too.

MOURNING over the fact that she let Mathue go, although I do think that there are other guys better suited for her, AKA Kiptyn, Sasha, Jake....LOVE them all.

So there's my quick recap, hopefully my internet is fixed soon!!!


Candi said...

Thanks for the re-cap...I was totally caught up in Jon & Kate plus 8 last night and missed this!!!

erin and shaun said...

I seriously LOVED Jake! Hope he goes far. I'm amazed that you know all of their names and can keep them all straight so early on!

Let the Good Times Roll said...

Loved Jake.

Weston and Nicole said...

I never liked Wes from the moment I saw him...something so fishy about him. Hope he leaves sooner rather than later!

Brooke said...

Love Jake. She needs to end the show right now and marry him.

Wright said...

I love Jake and Sasha...and I actually liked Brad, but agree he wasn't her type. LOVE IT!