Monday, January 26, 2009


"You're great."


"No, YOU'RE great!"


a pat on the back


Bye bye, Megan.

I am SO glad she is gone. SO Glad.

Sooooo.....lots of drama tonight! I have to say I was extremely pleased with all of Jason's cuts. From this point on, I really don't know that he could go wrong. Let's see.....

First he cut Nikki, who I almost thought was going to get the rose over Stephanie because of her last minute admissions to him, but luckily he stayed the right course and gave it to Stephanie. They kissed again, which made me a little weirded out but at least this time it seemed more like a kiss between lovers, and not a mother and child. Stephanie is always so level headed and doesn't seem to get emotional like the other girls, and she seems like such a....passionate person. I would love to see a more fun side of her. She is always so gracious, though, and I love it! I want to wrap up a present full of the best things in life and give it to her.

Megan's kiss with Jason looked to me like she was biting his face off. I am just so glad she's gone now. He made SUCH a good choice not giving out that final rose, because I really do think he would have given it to her.

Lauren went from being cute to being a total brat, and I guess she thought that was a good strategy??? Anyway. I am not to sad to see her go.

Shannon was a total freak throughout this whole episode. I could not believe her pleading to Jason. It reminded me of Grey's Anatomy: "Pick me, Choose me, Love ME." Anyway, I guess the ray of light in this story is, at least she has a puppy to go home and make out with...

So. Jillian, Melissa, Stephanie, Naomi, and Molly-the-hoe remain. Jillian played it cool and I am glad she is still around. Melissa lost her cool but I have to say my pendulum is swinging her way. I like her. I didn't think I would, but I really do! I just hope she doesn't screw it up next week. Naomi needs a better connection with Jason. Making out on a fake movie set in front of everyone else does not a connection make. Molly, uh, secured her rose pretty well. I don't love her BUT I am not to the point where I would be mad if he chooses her. And I have to admit that I remember that the person he DOES choose has dark hair, so maybe I just subconsciously know he won't choose her. ;)

Where is Deanna? It's down to 5 women, so after next week he goes to 4, which means hometown dates, right??? So when does she make her appearance? I want her to come and GO.


Shannon said...

joy you spoke my words exact...go read my post. that is alike in watching this show...however i think I am leaning more towards naomi than melissa... i do like her though...and I already don't like molly. this episode proved it!!!

Kim said...

Ohhhh I don't know who I want to win but I'm soooooooooooo glad he kicked out Lauren and ms. "we are so perfect for each other he just can't see it" Megan. Nope we can't see it either. Shannon I think is a good girl just not for him. And MOLLY WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!! I think the crazy part was how she kept telling all the other girls "I didn't get much sleep, I'm so tired, I'm going to sleep all day" um, yeah you are now officially the skank. But I can't forget Jason played a part in that too..... And Nikki Nikki, please please get some counseling b/c there is nothing wrong with you but you second guessing yourself all the time. If she had won she would have been like the stepford (sp) wives and been like a robot to try and please Jason all the time.

hendywow said...

You crack me up! All I have to do is read your blog, forget TEVO!

Missy and Jake said...

Ok...fine, I'll stick up for Molly-I like her-I feel like she really is the only one with a real connection at this point-and I like that she is normal(right, the whole "I didnt sleep all night" thing was alot-but maybe they were just talking all night??ha ha) anyway-I think I like Molly,then Melissa, then Jillian,then Naomi(she has potential to move up on my list) and I love sephanie-but you are right-not for him. Who knows, DeAnna could be coming back soon-did you see the tears in nexts weeks episode-it looks like he was talking to stephanie that what it looked like to you...maybe he will put DeAnna back in the compition in her place...oh boy, my mind is wandering now.

gordon, cindy and carter said...

I'm still really liking Jill and I think she will go very far...maybe even last. Oh, and nice "walk of shame" Molly. I think she will be leaving soon. SO glad Megan is gone! And from last weeks "sneak peek" you knew that after he gave the rose to Jillian that he was letting the rest go...good choice Jason! I'm wondering where Deanna is too?!? Maybe when they return from Seattle?? It has to be soon. Love your posts Joy!

Shannon said...

Awesome update again! I am team Melissa all the way...Naomi runs a close second for me BUT i'm just not so sure she's very mature. And yes, WHEN does Deanna come back?!?!? I am READY!

Candi said...

I am SO addicted to this show!

Nikki. So glad she's gone...her "control freak" personality and weird sideburns were bugging me.

Lauren. Wow. She became a beotch rather quickly. Glad she's gone, too.

Megan. I liked her for some odd reason but I'm glad she's gone because her and Jason just didn't seem very compatible.

Shannon. Haaallelujah, she's gone! She's finally gone! Go get your electric tooth brush and make out with your dog...weirdo.

Molly. I don't like her. I don't know why. I just don't.

Melissa. She'll be in the final 2. I'm certain of it!

Jillian. I'm thinking final 2 with Melissa.

Stephanie. I'm glad they connected a little more this week, but it's still weird when they're together.

Naomi. I think he really likes her, but I don't think he really wants her. If that makes any sense. Her or Stephanie will probably leave next week.

And, I'm guessing Deanna will come back next week...since there's technically another spot because he didn't give away the last rose? She'll probably we waiting at his parents house for him, LOL! We'll have to wait and see!!

Wade Family said...

Joy I love it that you are so so into the The B.. I would have to say I am right there with you and so is my Grandma if you can believe it. She love its. Last night she had myself along with my two cousins over for dinner and to watch it. Got to Love it.

Lindsay said...

So I have been reading your Bachelor posts, but havent commented yet. So here I go. I agree with you about the girls that went home. They needed to go home. How sad when he totally rejected Shannons kiss. I am liking Melissa more and more. I think Jason is too. I am going to put my bets on Jillian and Melissa in the final two. Love your posts. ( husband it totally into the Bachelor too-so tell Mike he is not alone :)

AnneMarie said...

A FREAKING MEN!! You should have your own column in the paper. You are too good!!!

erin and shaun said...

I felt like giving Jason a big high five after last night! Finally they have someone on this show who see through all the crap and gets rid of it! Right before the rose ceremony he said, "I just don't know which two I'm going to send home" and I screamed to myself: "It's so easy! Megan and Shannon...and maybe Lauren." Right until the last half of the episode I still thought Lauren was at the top of the list but she really let her true colors shine didn't she? As much of a psycho as Shannon is I have to say I was really impressed with how she handled her rejection. I expected some major water works but she was really classy, way to go Shannon! I REALLY wish Stephanie and Jason could work out but I just don't see it. Don't you want to be friends with her? She's so nice! Thanks for the great post. Can't wait for next week, looks like there's going to be more good drama!

Lindsey said...

i couldn't wait to read your post today. i almost texted you last night but i didn't cause i didn't want to ruin it if you tivoed it or something. i wanted to die when shannon tried to kiss jason and he totally was grossed out after she was digging the black napkin in her nose for five minutes. i had my hands over my face, it was so awkward. AND like you said, i think stephanie is such a great person but it just gives me the creeps to think of her and jason for some reason. and i agree with candi's comments, nikki's sideburns were freaking me out too!! loved your post, you summed it up fabulously!

Sherwoods said...

Man, am I ever so glad you do this! I really miss being able to watch all the episodes! Thankfully, I was able to catch up on the first three when I was in UT (it meant only three hours of sleep, but who needs sleep...right?). I REALLY like Melissa and hope he chooses her!

Wright said...

OK, I totally thought of Grey's Anatomy, too!!!! Love totally stupid. And Mollie, hello? Total tramp????!!!! I like Melissa and STephanie. Stephanie seems way more mature than any of them, including Jason.

Erin said...

That's how I feel. I know that the girl he chooses has like way dark hair right? I am guessing Jillian is the one who stays in the end. I wish I knew jillian a little better. Yeah, where is the whole dramatic entrance from Deanna? I know LOST is on right now...I thought you guys were a huge fan of that show too..any thoughts there?