Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh Man.

I have to say that I am a little embarrassed that my last post was from last week's Bachelor and there is nothing in between. I promise I do have a life outside of ABC. I have been gone all weekend in St. George with my sis and sis-in-law and our clan of kids...more about that another time. Right now I need to discuss good old 'J'.

Could you hear my heart breaking tonight? Even though I know it was for the best, I just could not stand it when he sent Stephanie packing. I don't think I have EVER cried at this point in the game but...yeah. I will admit it, I was bawling. I think Jason's parting words to her really depicted how I felt about their relationship, as an outsider looking in. She is an incredible person but there was no spark between them. Perhaps she will be the next Bachelorette? I would LOVE it for her. I wonder if it would be incredibly boring to watch, though?

I really felt sorry for Jason tonight because it seems like all the girls he has left are pretty cool. Except Molly, of course, but I doubt she will be hitting the road anytime soon. I think he has it pretty bad for her. What is it about her that rubs me the wrong way?? I guess she is just too 'on' all the time. Like she is so excited and bubbly, sometimes it's like she is just going to, I don't know, bite him out of excitement. Like a puppy. I was disappointed to hear that he likes her kisses the best. That's pretty significant, I would think.

Melissa is a doll. I want her to win at this point. I would be happy with Jillian, too, though. But back to Melissa, I was excited for her to have that casual one on one time with him at his home, and to be able to bond with him like that. I am SO nervous for her for next week and her hometown date. I feel so bad for her that her parents won't see him. I guess I will have more to say about it next week when it actually happens.

Jillian is cool, and I think it's obvious that Jason really likes her, too, especially since he took her out to clarify her feelings for him. I can't wait for him to go home with her, and spend more one on one time with her and see her being 'real'. Hopefully there will be no more talk of condiments from here on out.

Naomi is.....okay, well, I feel obligated to love her since she is my dark horse, but honestly, I kind of don't know what I think about her. I have to say that I think Stephanie pretty much nailed it on the head when she said that she is a doll but immature. Oh, and her family looks absolutely NUTS. What in the world is up with burying the dead dove? She looks like she is going to die of shame.

Alright. So, I still have the first episode recorded and I watched the 'This Season on The Bachelor' part again, and I am mad at how they totally edited it to seem like Deanna came back when all the girls were there (I now reckognize all the comments and when they were REALLY said and why...none having to do with Deanna). I think she comes back on the final episode, maybe right before he proposes because she says, "It isn't haven't proposed-yet." UGH. I hope it's very short and he immediately kicks her out. She looks awful in the preview, by the way.
Also, in that preview there were a few scenes that haven't been shown yet- one on ones with certain girls, two girls for sure. So, if you still have it recorded and you want a little spoiler for should watch. ;)


Shannon said...

Ya hit the nail on the head AGAIN. I agree w/ you on all counts! Sniff sniff for Stephanie...I was almost in tears too! I want her to be MY friend. LOL But, I understand there was no spark..I don't think there ever was. Molly--here is the problem w/ her--she is F A K E...I do NOT like her at all. I am routing for Melissa all the way! Jillian is appearing a bit aloof to me at this point...I don't know, I can't put my finger on it. Naomi, well..she seems to have some issues perhaps?!?! She is definitely not mature or selfless enough to be a mom...yet. I do, however, think she is really pretty...but that can only get you so far.

I too, am ticked about the entire Deanna situation...they DID make it seem like she came when there were a bunch of girls there. Shame on you, ABC! I can't wait to see what unfolds as she comes back though.

Good job again Joy!

gordon, cindy and carter said...

I too am so sad Steph left last night but I'm glad, since there wasn't any sparks, that he let her go before going to her home town. It would have made it harder for her. I'm still rooting for Jill though!! I didn't record the first episode but thought I could just go on and watch it, but no! They took it off...but, you can go to and watch it there :) I'm going to do that while the kids are napping. I want to see it again for sure! Thanks for the post Joy :)

Missy and Jake said...

I'm I allowed to comment if I still like Molly...I know, I know, all of your friend disagree with me, but my top choice is Jill,Molly,Melissa,Deanna,Naomi, I think Melissa is super young and fake...I know, you love her.Obviously we dont have to worry about molly in the final two, because of the clip at the end with dark hair(enless she gets a really big makeover). Anyway, I am loving this season becasue all the girls are nice and friends. Finally we have a bachlor that has his head on strait and picks cute nice girls! Yeah for Jason!

Candi said...

I'm glad Steph is gone. I was sad to see her go but there just wasn't a romantic connection between them. And I was thinking she'd make a good Bachelorette but like you said, it might be a little too boring?

Molly, I just don't like her much. She's just too fake, and always happy.

Naomi, I like her but she's not for Jason. And OH MY GOODNESS...Mama has lost her marbles...I feel so embarassed for her next week!!

Jillian, so her human side came out this week. I think Jason appreciated that even though she was a little reluctant about it. But like he said, I'd be too afraid she'd break his heart.

Melissa, come on girl, you can win this!!! I'm hoping next week won't hurt her...maybe he'll still get to meet her family, just not on camera? Who knows. But if her friends that he's meeting are Dallas Cowboy's cheerleaders, I'm sure he'll forget all about her parents in no time! ;)

My predictons...Naomi will leave next week, Molly will leave after that, leaving Melissa and Jillian to fight it out for the end. Deanna probably comes back during the finale like you said, but he'll end up picking Melissa.

I need to go back and watch the beginning again.

LOVE your Bachelor posts!!

Joy said...

Oooo I like everyone's synopsis. I agree about Naomi, I think she will get the axe next week. I think Molly might stay til the final 2, we shall see...and I think Melissa WILL go all the way!

Jen Petty said...

OK, am I the only one who thinks it is hilarious that you recorded the first episode and watched it again!? You are a nut Joy! We still love you though!

Erin Wittwer said...

I have debated on whether or not I should comment on your blog because everything you say, I totally agree with! But just wanted you to know that I am a devoted fan and will be til the end. I actually get excited to watch the Bachelor when Friday comes around because I know that the weekends go by way too fast and then it's back to Monday night! And then afterwards I always wonder if I should ruin it for you since I watch it 2 hours ahead of you!