Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Better Late than Never!

Well, I was able to catch up on the latest Bachelor episode tonight, and let me just say right up front- that is some quality tv, my friends. A lot of claws came out and some of the crazies got even crazier.

I am so excited to hear what everyone else (who watches) thought!! And I am assuming you want to hear what I thought since you are reading this post....

There are so many places I could begin! I guess I will start with my girls, Natalie and Naomi.
I must admit that I was a little disappointed in Natalie this week. Even though she is my pick, I have to face the reality that she is pretty immature. I think she is adorable but I don't think she is at the maturity level that Jason needs.
Naomi- Oh my. What was that kiss at the pool? Jason ever so politely avoided her first make-out attempt, but don't you worry, she came back for more. That made me want to bury my head in my knees and hide because you know he wasn't feeling it.

On to Mike's girls, Lauren and Jill. News Flash, Lauren: YOU ARE ON THE BACHELOR! Nothing makes me more crazy than the girl who whines over the fact that she is not getting all the attention or mopes over the fact that he is 'dating other girls'. You would think that after a million seasons of the show that girls would realize that they are going to have to share the spotlight. Yeesh.
Jill really surprised me. Mike's dark horse may come back to win it all! I have to admit that I was really weirded out by her hot dog topping monologues in the first episode, and I wasn't all too thrilled to have a repeat of them this time, but it seems that Jason digs the ketchup/mustard theories, so you go, girlfriend. Their one-on-one seemed steamy and Grown up? You get what I'm staying?

One-on-One date #2 went to Melissa, who also did incredibly well, but in a totally different way than Jill. She seemed to have all the right answers about kids and mommy-hood and her life path. Surprisingly, she seemed really genuine about it all. And he seemed genuine about liking to smooch her, Oh yeah!

Okay, is Shannon drunk all the time? I mean, seriously...does she seem to be tipsy at all times, or is it just me? She is NUTS!! Why does he keep her around? I love how in his interview he says that she impresses him, terrifies him, and weirds him out all at once. NICE. "You're so cute, you're so cuuuuuuuuuute!" He needs to let her go. Just let the ice-tosser go, Jason.

Make-out Molly scored the rose on the group date for stealing him away and impressing him with her 'talent', apparently. I had to laugh about that one. Again, I don't not like her, but I am just not feeling her for some reason. Thoughts?

Nikki somehow thinks that having a nephew qualifies her as mother of the year. She is kind of haughty, don't you think?

Raquel sneaking into the limo to get some time to talk to Jason could have been seriously genius on her part. Unfortunately, his discomfort level changed it from genius to creepy. She got cut, so I guess that says it all.

Since we are on the subject of getting eliminated, I guess I will throw out Sharon and Lisa's names right here. I don't really feel like there is much to say about these two, I wasn't torn up over the loss of either, even though I think he could have made some smarter eliminations (cough, cough, ERIKA)

Oh, precious Erika. Why, Jason? Why? She is a total bully and I don't understand why he keeps her around...Anyone care to enlighten me?

Kari: Who is this girl? I don't think she has said more than 2 words in any of the episodes (telltale signs of a true dark horse, by the way). I don't have much to say about her, I don't even think I could pick her out of a line up at this point. She has no camera time at all.

Megan. Megan, megan. The claws have come out and Megan is right in the middle. I think it's her attitude about parenthood that makes everyone so nuts towards her. She has a superior attitude about it that even makes me, a mother of two, roll my eyes. She'd better watch her back because Erika is about to take her OUT.

Stephanie is so, so nice. I am so impressed with her sweetness and her maturity level! She has such a good heart. She still looks a lot older than Jason to me, but I like her. I don't think they have a connection at ALL at this point...but I really like her and think she deserves the happy ending. Even if it's not with Jason. She makes me all teary-eyed.

Well, I guess my synopsis has to end here since I have to feverish little ones who are calling for me everytime I type two words.
I am dying to know what everyone else thinks of these girls! Am I way off? I can't decide who I think will take home the final rose, at this point I think Jill has a good chance....but of course, may the best woman win!


Kim said...

ohhhh ok, here I go on the bachelor. Shannon (the you're so, cute, oh stop being so cute, let me say one more time how cute you are) can go she creeps me out. (come on Jason). Erica and Megan need to both be eliminated because the cat fight is making you both look ugly. Nikki, I could see being his housekeeper with her constant motherly attitude toward him. Stephanie just not seeing a connection, again a great mother figure for him, really want her to have a happy ending. ok more later..children are screaming. Jason seems to know exactly what he's looking for though.

Candi said...

Love it!! Ok, Shannon needs to l.e.a.v.e.! But it seems like there's always that annoying one that they keep around until like the last 4 people just to aggravate us all. Raquel, I'm glad she's gone. She creeped me out. Sharon, well she just wasn't Bachelor material. Lisa, I never even saw her until she decided to leave. Stephanie, the next Bachelorette maybe? She doesn't have the look that most of the girls have but I could see her sticking around for a while longer and possibly being on the Bachelorette. Did you see the previews of her seeing her daughter next week...TEAR JERKER!! Megan, I like her. Granted she's a bit of a beotch but I like her. I don't think he'll choose her in the end but she's one of my favs. I also like Melissa...she's the cutest one there I think. Jillian, I like her too. She's my pick to win. Erica, she's like his big sister or something. She needs to go. Eva Mendez won't make it much longer, either. Nikki, you're right, she's nanny material. She seems a litle conceded to me. She'll probably stay a while longer but won't make it to the end. Natalie, she's cute, but she's blonde and I think I saw brown hair in the preview of the proposal. :) Anyone else? If there is I've already forgotten about them! Love your bachelor posts!! Al will be so happy when it's over! :)

Amanda, Jared and Camden said...

Ok. I can't stand Megan or Erica. Megan makes me want to slap her. Im glad he kicked Raquel out, that scene in the limo was EXTREMELY awkward! I cried when Stephanie was telling her story to the girls. She is very sweet and kind. Shannon is creepy to me! Don't like her. I love Melissa and Jillian. My vote is for Jillian. Can't wait till next week!!

Missy and Jake said...

Yah, I like Jillian-I think mike called a good one! forgot to mention Deanna-who knows right-did you see him on ellen talking about her?

Jen Petty said...

OK, so I have no comments on the bachelor... it takes too much effort for me to analyze it. I watched the opener, but nothing since then... though I still enjoy reading your analysis. You can buy a bunch of fry sauce before you move so you'll have a stash. Then pull it out of your purse at the restaurant... or just make your own with ketchup and mayonnaise!

Shannon said...

LOVE YOUR BACHELOR POSTS! Well done, Joy!!! I have to agree w/ ALL points you've made. Again, well done.

Weston and Nicole said...

No, you're not way off on these're so right on! And let me add that I believe the reason Jason is keeping Erika is for the "drama" part of reality TV. I seriously bet that they are making him keep her on here for that reason only! Why else?

I also didn't like Nikki this time as much as I did last episode. It bugs how every time she's with Jason, she comments on how all the other girls aren't mature enough to be mothers. Oh and Shannon...she just gets worse every time! Unfortunately, she was in a bunch of previews for the entire season so I have a feeling he'll keep her for a while. Great show! Can't wait for next Monday!!

The Williams Family said...

Brilliant post as always Joy! Shannon seriously creeps me right out. How does he stand it? I am pretty much in a constant cringe of embarrassment for her. Then there is Erica and Megan. Blah. In general I like Megan way more than Erica but I don't think she is going to last. Erica is just nasty - I was shocked when he kept her. Our pick from the first episode was Melissa, but I was worried she would turn out to be too young and immature for him - I was SO pleasantly surprised by their date...yeah! I have always liked Jill but thought she would get stuck in the friend zone, I was so glad their date ended up having a “spark”. I'm not loving any of the blondes this year except Stephanie - totally agree that she is an amazing person but I don't see her ending up with him...maybe next Bachelorette??

erin and shaun said...

AAHHH! Shannon is SO psycho! Can't wait to see her go. But my favorite moment was when Jason said to Nikki, "You've got some great......qualities. And they're obvious." As they zoom into her huge boobs that are always falling out of her dress. Ha ha!

Chelsea said...

So much to say, so little time! OK...My picks are Melissa and Jill so far. Nikki needs to go away, she is SO annoying. I hope he really isnt listening to her. Megan was the victim this week...She and Erica both need to get the boot. Shannon is ridiculous, Molly is ok but that whole kiss thing was wierd. I cant see him with Stephanie, but she is a really sweet girl...I think she is the most genuine. Anyway, I was voting for Treasure...our fellow skyline, churchill, and driggs alum...but that didnt last very long!

Erika Hanks said...

Congrats on accepting the job in Indiana! We will have to drop in sometime and see you and the Nielson's!

Sherwoods said...

I love this Joy! This is the only way I get to watch the Bachelor... oh good ol Mexico. Thanks for the updates...keep them coming!

Alysha said...

I can't believe I get excited for Mondays now! Seriously love The Bachelor and your analysis couldn't be better. I have to say that I actually like Shannon purely for the entertainment factor. She is such a stalker and I cringe every time she opens her mouth. Jillian has been my favorite pick from the beginning...we will see!

Sarah & Trent said...

Wowoooow, I think I totally want to get into the show now-- I've watched a little in passing, but haven't gotten to know the girls on this deep of a level. :) So fascinating though! You're right, after this many episodes, how in the world do they still pout about not getting enough attention!! It kills me.
Anyways congrats to Mike on the job! What an adventure ahead--we're happy for you guys! Sounds like a super opportunity. We'll have to swing out for a visit, never been to Indiana! hmmm no fry sauce though~ that same experience has happened to me in many a different state.

Vic, Linds, and the girls... said...

Hey Joy...another question for you ...WHERE did you get your papers for your blogger header? I have wanted a package with a chandelier. I have bought a couple kits but haven't loved any of them. THX