Monday, January 19, 2009

Jason was (almost) a Rockstar.

Wow. Woooooooooow.

Can I just say that I totally related to poor Shannon tonight at the 'confrontation/totally awkward/throw-them-under-the-bus Rose Ceremony? I completely DO NOT thrive on tension or cattiness, and it makes me want to crawl under something and hide when there is awkward drama like that. I really can't stand people who thrive on being complete drama makers (I don't understand it at all) and I think I can safely say that Erika is definitely one of those personalities. BE GONE, Erika!! I am so glad he eliminated her, I think she is the kind of person who would throw a lamp out through his window during a fight. You know what I'm talking about.

Let me back up a bit to Natalie's date. Oh, girlfriend. She did not take the rejection well and I think it is pretty obvious that she has most likely not been dumped many times in the past, right? She wasn't very graceful. I can't wait until the Women Tell All when she has to watch her rant in the limo all over again. Good heavens. So, I guess my pick was all wrong this time around!

Naomi is my only hope, as my dark horse pick, for victory. I am liking her more and more, and I think Jason might be, too. Not as much as a few of the other girls, mind you, but I think that things may be developing...time will tell. I would like to see them on a one on one date. I was REALLY impressed with her conversation with him when he asked her to 'name names' about the other girls, but I think she could have left the rest of her, uh, admissions out. For the time being, you know?

Molly is rocking it. Apparently he knew he didn't need a one on one with her because he already knows that he likes her. I could definitely see her coming down to the final 4, at the very least. And from the 'scenes from next week' it looks like things are only going to get better between them.

Lauren was also doing pretty well, I think she had her rose in the bag no matter what (which is why she didn't get a one on one) but I wonder how Jason feels about her after that STUPID confrontation he made her go through. I am sorry, but I kind of feel like HE threw her under the bus!! I mean, he asked her for names, and yes, she could have skimped around it, but she was honest (and right, by the way) and that was what he asked for. It's not like she dragged him out there to tell him all her gossip. He also assured her that no one could hear their conversation, and then he turned around and put her out there to be stoned. That was lame. *off my soapbox now*

Megan is apparently SO full of depth, so much depth, but is not above sneaking around and eavesdropping on other people's private conversations. She pretty much has me rolling my eyes the entire time she is on screen, she is so full of it. And full of herself. I can't wait for Jason to see her little 'confessional rant' after she listened to their conversation and see what an IDIOT he was for keeping her around. I hope she goes home- soon!

Jill is going FAR. I think Mike made a dang good dark horse pick right there. She is getting better and better. I can definitely see her in the final 4, as well. Go, girl!

Melissa's just darling, bubbly, and nice...and is apparently more mature than she appears to be. I think Jason really likes her, I can also see her in the final 4.

Stephanie is such a pure, pure soul. I just want to reach through the tv and hug that woman. I think Jason was a prince to deliver her little girl to her on her birthday and make it such a memorable day. I was SO excited when she was leaning in to kiss him, until it turned into a kiss your mom would give you. Eeghk. I will cry for her if (most likely when) she gets her heart broken.

I will be surprised if he keeps Nikki around for much longer, simply because their personalities are SO different, and I don't think it was a good sign that they had absolutely nothing to talk about on the group date during their one on one time. Kind of a sign, right? I think he kept her kind of by default because of the drama the ensued tonight.

Kari...uh...who was she again? I guess it doesn't matter because she got cut. She seemed nice enough and cute enough but I guess that's what happens when you don't ever talk to each other...he sends you home!

Shannon. Wow. Megan was MEAN when she was talking about her attacking Jason at the Bust exhibit, but, well, I hate admitting this, but...Megan was right. That was absolutely mortifying. Pretty much everything Shannon says is mortifying and really embarrassing.

So, I have Molly, Jill, and Melissa as far as who I will think go on to the final 4 dates. I am not sure about that 4th slot. Could be Naomi, if she plays her cards right. It's probably more likely to be Lauren. I guess we will find out! As for the scenes from next week, I wonder what's up with that Final Rose??? Do you think he cuts more than he is supposed to? Or keeps more than he is supposed to??? I can't wait to see!


Kim said...

I CAN NOT BELIEVE HE KEPT MEGAN. He had it perfectly to keep Kari (right I had no clue who she was either)and gotten rid of Erica and Megan at the same time!!

Shannon is a sweet sweet girl but seeing the sneak peaks when she is crying saying "keep me keep me" I don't think is going to work.

I agree with everything you've said thus far about all the girls. I feel so bad for Nikki because she said something like I haven't been in a relationship for a really long time during her tell-all. And then I see her tell 'J' (I'm really tired of the note cards signed 'J') that "I'm a control freak, a perfectionist.." and he says "yeah I'm totally not that way" awkward.....

And Stephanie what was that kiss???? I think she has the mom appeal for him but I'm not sure about the sex a really great option for next season. AND..I heard them say in the commercial break "if you know a guy for our next season of the bachelorett please call. Hmm....

Candi said...

Wow, ok.

Natalie...seriously? "If you're not attracted to me then who are you...God?" Followed by a long string of bleep outs. Um, totally inappropriate but had me laughing OUT LOUD. (I'm betting we'll catch that scene on The Soup this weekend, wanna bet?)What a looser. I'm glad we got to see her true colors.

Kari...had no clue who she was. She seemed a little shy though which isn't a good quality to have on this show.

Erika. Finally, she's gone.

Megan. She's a beeotch but I still like her for some reason. I don't see her staying around much longer though.

Nikki. Yeah, I hope she goes home soon, too. She annoys me.

Shannon. Ugh. I hope she leaves soon. She's a little creepy.

Molly. I just don't like her. She's seems fake to me. I'm sure she's really sweet but it's like she's trying too hard to be nice or someting. I dunno, I just don't like her.

Lauren. I hate how she got backstabbed by Megan! She seems like a really nice girl though, she'll probably be around for a couple more weeks.

Naomi. Is it just me or is she starting to look less and less like Eva Mendez?? I think her and Jason will get more time together in the coming weeks but I don't see her winning.

Stephanie. Total sweetheart. I was crying when she got to see her little girl. But there's sill that awkwardness between her and Jason. That kiss, and whatever that was leading up to it, was completely WEIRD.

Melissa. I really, really like her. I think she'll be sticking around for a while. She seems really down to earth and knows what she wants, but she's still got that cute little spunk about her that guys seem to like.

Jillian. (My pick to win.) Her and Jason just seem to have so much fun together and they look like they're really comfortable with each other.

So exciting! Can't wait for next week! When does Deanna make her grand re-entrance?? Drama!

Jen Petty said...

I really like Molly too! She seems like a great match.

Amanda, Jared and Camden said...

Still want to slap Megan. She is awful! Still love jill and Melissa. Nikki is weird and the queen of awkward. I like Molly. Stephanie is so kind and sweet! I don't think she will make it either. Not sure how I feel about Lauren. Im still going with JILL !!

gordon, cindy and carter said...

Joy, I can't even believe you are moving! I just read your last few, I haven't even had time to look at the computer lately. Carter just had his 3rd Birthday and loved having his friends over. You should have a friend Birthday for Rachel before you move...she will Love you for it!
Ok, so I'm really liking Mike's "Dark Horse" Jill! There looks to be a true connection between her and Jason. Love the Bachelor posts! Keep them coming and Good Luck with the move!! :)

Weston and Nicole said...

All I gotta say is "I like Bears". HAHA! That made me laugh SO hard. Jason is a smart guy to get rid of Natalie. My favorites are still in...I didn't like "hot dog girl" (Jillian) in the first episode, but I think she's the most mature of them all. I also like Melissa and Naomi. Shannon still bugs, hate to say it.

Chelsea said...


Chelsea said...


Matt and Joanna said...

i totally agree with everything you said! i hope he keeps naomi around as well. i love molly and jillian... and, i feel so bad for stephanie. she is such a sweet woman, but definitely not right for jason.