Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back to Reality...

Mike and I just returned from the best trip ever!! We went on a retreat with his company to Orlando. It was 'couples only' and so we had to leave the kids at home (and go to Disneyworld without them...sniff) but hey, I guess you gotta do what you gotta do, right? ;)

Cook really took care of us on this trip. I had a pedicure, Mike and I got massages, we went to the Magic Kingdom for the day, and the Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios for dinner and fun two of the other nights.

Warning. A lot of really bad pictures ahead. A: I took most of them myself- self portrait style. B: We were in the humidity of Florida...not pretty for my hair or make-up. C: My point and shoot SUCKS!!!

Magic Kingdom....ahhh the excitement!

It is 'Halloween' celebrations there. My FAVORITE time of year!! I was so unbelievably excited to walk in and see all the pumpkins. (Me and Jenna)
Another Halloween example. Our cup from lunch.

All of us (Mike, Me, Curt, Jenna) with Goofy.

Mike, Curt, and Jenna after Space Mountain...which we rode about a thousand times since there was NO LINE!

Random Picture, but a funny memory none-the-less. This was taken on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and the lady running the ride nearly had a heart attack when she saw me taking this picture. She practically fell over the edge yelling 'NO FLASH!!!!!' in an ugly man-voice. Boy, did she feel like an idiot when my camera snapped and there was-you guessed it- no flash....On Peter Pan. A stunning example of the Florida humidity on our faces. Yikes.

Mike on Small World. Quite possibly the most disappointing-now-that-we-are-adults ride.

Moving on from the Magic Kingdom.... We went to the Disney Marketplace for dinner and dessert.

Here is the picture I took of my half eaten Ghiradelli brownie. It was UNBELIEVABLE, and warranted some kind of documentation.

More Mickey pumpkins in the Marketplace. Mike accentuating his dessert-belly bulge. The next night they closed down the Animal Kingdom for our group for dinner. It was an amazingly delicious dinner that we will not forget anytime soon...then they did a private showing of The Lion King for us. It was SO COOL!

The next night they shut down part of Hollywood Studios. When we got off the bus, there was a red carpet rolled out for us, and people taking pictures and screaming for autographs. Pretty embarrassing, but also cool that they could put that together!! I tried to get a picture from afar, but I won't bore you with my camera frustrations. Here's the best I could get.

We had dinner in 'Downtown Hollywood' and then a huge party outside of Aerosmith's Rockin Roller coaster...

The best part? We had TOTAL access to the Aerosmith Rollercoaster, the Star Wars ride, and the Tower of Terror. We went on them so many times that I think I will be sick for months to come. (waiting in line for Star Wars)

Well, thanks for listening to me blog it all, now I will remember when I scrapbook it a hundred years from now (yes I am that far behind). It was a GREAT trip and I don't want to forget a minute!


Sarah & Trent said...

Super fun! We were just there a couple of weeks ago-- how funny we just missed ya! Looks like you got some special treatment~wow. Space mountain is my FAVORITE. We went a bunch of times too.

The Williams Family said...

Looks like you guys had such a fun trip! I'm so glad you were able to get away with just the two of you! Hooray!

CandraWynne said...

How fun to go and have a trip just as a couple. Now you will know exactly where you want to take Rachel and Sarah when you go right....? It's always good to test things out before you take the kids :)

erin and shaun said...

OK, I am so extremely jealous! This sounds like the most fun vacation ever! I had no idea Kurt was still around! Ha ha! I'm really aching for a Disney trip!

Lizzie and James said...

Looks like an amazing trip, What a great excuse to have some alone time together...and in such a "magical" place. ;)

Missy and Jake said...

Oh Joy, just give uo the scrapbook-and print your amazing blog from cheap and everything in your life will be in it-and then you will have more time for everything else! How fun to go on vaca without the kids. I totally understand the humidity issues!

Matt and Joanna said...

it sounds (and looks) like you had a great time! who watched your girls while you were gone?

The Nor-esters said...

sounds like something we should all indulge in! Glad you are back though...can't wait to see ya!

Sarah holman said...

wow, what a great trip! sounds like a blast.