Tuesday, January 4, 2011

W T F...

As in....What the FANGS???





BRAD! This is your second chance to find love...don't be an idiot!!! All of America already hates you, don't mess around with girls who wear fangs, for pete sake. Sheesh.

Okay, so I have been a bit harassed today for a Bachelor Blog. I know that I let the ball drop. I also have a new baby who is very naughty at night and barely lets me get any sleep. To be honest, I found myself nodding off a few times last night because it comes on later here (8-10) and by 10 I was dying for it to be over so I could go hop in bed, there was no WAY I was going to be able to blog about it! Maybe by the time this season of the Bachelor is over, my baby will be sleeping through the night? We can all hope, right?

Anyway, I hadn't really planned to blog about it this season, for the reason mentioned above...however I am trying to convince my SISTER to blog about it. She and I have pretty much the same opinions on all the episodes and she is definitely a witty writer. Until she agrees, though, I will make a few comments. Please forgive the lack of 'wow' factor in this post, I just don't have it in me to upload ALL the girls pictures and comment on each and every girl he kept.

First, can I just say that I think most of the girls they chose for this season are cute. I think it's kind of unfair that he has so many darling girls to choose from. Besides Vampire girl, I can't really think of any other crazies (besides the dentist that they portrayed that way in the season previews). The fact that he kept the Vampire girl really has me perplexed. It's one thing to be into Twilight, it's another to tell someone that they look delicious enough to eat...and mean it. Brad needs to give her the name of his therapist.

Speaking of therapists....I am so glad we heard from Brad's that he is ready to be back on the show. (eyeroll). And if that didn't convince you, what about the whole opening of the show, with Brad talking about his commitment issues, seeing the therapist...scenes of Brad shaking his head shamefully as he watches the finale of his season over and over...contemplating his life over a solitary bowl of cereal...I mean, wow. WOW. That was almost enough for me to turn off the show and quit watching this season. SO. LAME.

Even lamer? Deanna. I really can't believe they brought Deanna and Jenni back to 'confront Brad', and even worse, I can't believe they agreed to do it! The thing that really annoys me is how jilted Deanna is about the whole situation. He dumped Jenni, too...about 5 seconds before he dumped you, Deanna, and you don't see her freaking out to everyone who will listen. Isn't Deanna engaged?? She needs to MOVE ON! I hope this is the last I ever have to hear about Brad not choosing Deanna ever EVER again.

Oh wait. Every single girl who gets out of the limo is going to bring it up. Well, sweet. I guess I can spend the next hour hearing the same conversation over...and over..and over...Won't any of you ladies figure out that the LAST thing he wants to do is explain himself all night long? FINALLY Ashley gets the idea and talks about something other than Deanna. Congratulations, Ashley! You deserve that first impression rose, girl! Way to get a brain and the good sense not to bring up his shameful past. The rest of you ladies...seriously?

One more thing- are we really to believe that the ladies did not know that Brad was going to be the Bachelor until they got out of the limo? We really think that they came up with all those lines as they were walking the 5 steps from the limo to Brad? You think that the first girl really came up with the idea to slap him in .2 seconds? I am going to call BS here. I think they knew. I think he knew that slap was coming. Just my opinion.

So, as I said before, I liked the majority of the girls. You all know I was bawling my head off at Emily's story. Her fiance dying just days before she found out she was pregnant...naming her daughter after him....sob, sob, soooobbing into my pillow. Of course I wanted her to win from that moment on. However, MIKE picked her, so I am going to make my pick ASHLEY, since she was the only smart one to not bring up Deanna.

As for Dark Horses... I am going to pick Lisa M. from Kansas. Why? Because of her ruby slippers. Genius.
Mike is picking Michelle...I think because she's from Utah. Nice.

The 'Scenes from this Season' make is seem like one of the girls isn't sure she can commit to Brad- I think it's Emily. They also make the hot dentist (Ashley) look like she is crazy insane. Interesting. They make Michelle seem really sketchy. I am excited to see the drama unfold. What's with Brad getting back into the Limo during the final proposal-rose ceremony? Hmmm......


Brooke said...

oht... soooo funny joy!! i am laughing so hard.. i agree with you 100 percent!

Marin said...

I have some dirt on Michelle from SLC... she actually is really sketchy, and honestly, not a nice girl. I'm LOVING Emily, as I'm sure most everyone is!

MT said...

i missed the first part of the show and didn't get a chance to really watch a bunch of it due to my 2 year old, but i guess i'm going to catch up and watch this season - just to see all the drama. they claim it will be the most controversial bachelor ever, right? hmmm... WHAT THE FANGS, INDEED!

Darby said...

I agree 100% with everything you said.

I do believe people can change (Brad) but that does not mean they get a redo of the same reality TV show! I said I was not going to watch but as usual, I'm getting sucked in.

The limo ride at the end made me thing Ummmm.... as well. He will have to move from the country if he does not chose someone this time. :)

Jeff and Hollie said...
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Jeff and Hollie said...

Joy I love you and the bachelor. I wish I could watch it with you. Do you not remember Michelle? First I went to hair school with her and second I swear we hung out with her or went to a party or something. I love reading your thoughts.

Happy sleep.