Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vampiress has a Heart.

Didn't I say I wasn't going to Bachelor blog this season? Or even watch it? How did it suck me in???? Somehow it did...it really did.

Can I just jump right into the middle and tell you how much I cried my eyes out as Emily was telling her story to the other girls? The way she kept whispering 'sorry' every few seconds...just broke my heart into tiny little pieces. Picture me...melting....all.over.the.floor. I was aching for her to tell Brad immediately (A little bit horrific that the first thing she had to do was hop on a private plane with him. Um, how did she not flip out?) and it was SO awkward when she was very obviously keeping the story from him. I am so glad she opened up to him. Chemistry....may be just a tiny bit lacking? What do you think?

Apparently he and Chantel have lots of chemistry, though, or at least they keep talking about it. I am not sure how I feel about her. As much as I CANNOT stand Michelle, it really annoyed me how snide she was to her at the rose ceremony. Everyone knows I can't stand a bully, and it really made me feel bad when she was poking fun at her, even though Michelle was being obnoxious. Michelle situation aside, though, it seems that Brad and Chantel really have some kind of connection going on, I am interested to see how their one on one goes next week.

Back to Michelle...I keep reading about her on Facebook, about what a nice girl she is in real life. Why is she acting like such a crazy nutso on the show? I mean, 'creative editing' can only go so far, she is definitely giving them plenty to work with. She seems a bit 'single white female', wouldn't you say? Why doesn't it annoy Brad how she is constantly inconsiderate of his time with everyone else?

Finally....It turns out that Madison has the softest heart of all! I am really impressed that she looked into herself and knew that she was not nearly as into Brad as the other girls. Since we are on the subject of girls leaving, the other girls he sent home...fine with me. I mean, OF COURSE I wish he would have kicked Michelle to the curb, but since he didn't, I felt his choices were good.

I still really like Ashley and Emily, along with Allie and Lisa. I wish I could see him alone with Allie or Lisa. Apparently Ashley-the-dentist goes nuts next week- can't wait for that!


Lindsey said...

I still think they are setting Emily (love her!) up to be the next bachelorette. Maybe it's wishful thinking. Michelle is super annoying. Every comment she makes I start screaming at the tv, "then why did you come on the BACHELOR?!!" haha. I'm sure she's nice in real life but I can't stand her "character." Loved you post!

just me said...

michelle is an attention-whore with brad. it bugs big time!! *lol* i just think it's way rude how she can't let ANYONE else have any time with him. is she going to be like that if they get married? if i were brad, i'd be way wary about that.

i was so waiting for your post on last night's episode, btw!!

emily is my new favorite. i just love her to pieces. she is just so sweet and so darling and so so ... just SO!!

The Peach.... said...

I know...as much as I like Emily, I don't think there is much chemisty...yet. Since this is the first episode I have watched clear thru, Michelle is completely entertaining....but so obnoxious and slasher-girl creepy. Hmmmm.......not too sure about the rest of them, yet. How did we get sucked in to this?

MT said...

So Fangs is gone, eh? I should have realized something was up with her when I saw the preview and she was crying... with real tears. I think she should have stuck around. Quitters kinda bug me.

I think it's weird that Michelle's craziness is seen by "the man" as playful and fun. He LOVES her attention? Ew. And something about her slithering tongue annoys the heck out of me. She is constantly licking her lips when she talks.

Emily is too quiet. I couldn't imagine her as a Bachelorette. I hope she comes out of her shell now that the weight has been lifted from her tiny fragile shoulders. I love that she is so lovable, but would like to see more personality and chemistry.

Hope to see more connections forming soon. More crazy too. Bring it on, hot dentist.

The Airharts said...

joy, I watched michelle on good things utah and she totally didnt seem crazy at all-I really think that ABC totally hired her to actthe part. It would make sence-she is an actress....and for sure the more I watch her-the more it seems like she is acting the part-totally scripted. Anyway...I love emily-if it brad and her dont work out she better be the next bachlorette!

Darby said...

Never thought I'd be rooting for a gal with fangs over a gal from UT!

Fang girl gets super brownie points for stepping down but oh the drama... just wait till he offers you a rose and then say "no thanks". Don't just walk off crying. (lame)

Michelle is just kooky and way too possessive this early on. She reminds me of that short haired gal from an earlier season that was let go then comes back at a hotel to beg him to take her back.

He should have been tipped off at her whole "we are having our first fight" comments. She needs to be next to GO!

Emily... was that painful to watch or what. I too cried while she told the other gals but wanted to pull my eyelashes out when she was telling (or not telling) him. I'm glad she did (finally) and she seemed like a different gal afterward. She is cute and i really like her, I'm just not sure she is "spunky" enough for him. (or to hold her own as a bach'ette)

I swore I was not watching this time... yet ... I am.