Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Very VERY Merry!!!

I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet, and I cannot even tell you how excited I have been to share this post with you! *squeal!!!*

You may not know that sewing is NOT listed among my talents...not even close. Truth be told, I cannot sew on a button, or darn a sock (what does that even mean?), which is pretty sad since I spend a lot of time drooling over tons of amazing sewing blogs- almost as much as I drool over photography blogs...almost.

Lucky for me, I have Sara. Sara is my extremely, amazingly, unbelievably talented friend who can work a sewing machine like nobody's business. Last Christmas when I was over at her house, I noticed that her family's Christmas stockings were basically the cutest things I had ever laid eyes on. It didn't surprise me one bit to learn that SHE had sewn them all. After much begging, pleading, bribing, whining, maybe even tears (just teasing!), she agreed to sew some for my family in exchange for a photoshoot. Um, yes. YES!

They COULD NOT be cuter!!! EVERY person who comes into our home comments on them. I have them hanging right by the door on our staircase (I was afraid to hang them from the fireplace for fear the kids would put their hands all over them or try to hang on them or something.) and not a person can walk by without commenting on them. They are A-MAZING! I am so excited to share pictures! All of our names are hand stitched on, and of course I am blurring out the kid's names so you will just have to imagine the utter cuteness. I love these so much and I am not kidding when I say I would have gladly paid $100 each for them. They are a precious heirloom for our family. Love, love, love!!!

Stockings 2010-7 BLOG

Look at all the precious details! I love how the reindeer's tail hangs off the edge- and her bow and darling jingle bells around her neck.

Stockings 2010-2 BLOG

Love the little 'snowflakes' and the way the scarf hangs off the edge. LOVE the buttons and you should see the material the snowman is made out of. SO darling!

Stockings 2010-3 blog

Love this precious little gingerbread man and his cute candy cane hanging off the edge. I don't know why but he looks black in this picture- he is actually made of corduroy and is a beautiful gingerbread brown.

Stockings 2010-4 BLOG

I HAD to choose the bird for myself, of course. I LOVE birds!! Santa Clause went to Mike. So darn cute.

Stockings 2010-5 BLOG

Thank you for letting me gush and share. I am so in love with these stockings. I have threatened my kids so many times that if they even breathe on these puppies they will be in huuuuuuge trouble! ;) I am thinking about scotch gaurding them. Thoughts? Would that be a good idea or no?


Stueller said...

I love them... she should make them and sell them... SERIOUSLY!!!

Darby said...

Ohhhhh. For. CUTE! Love love love the idea of stitching the names on them. Guess what I'll be doing to ours tonight now... :) LOL I'd say you got a great trade!

The Peach.... said...

OH. MY. Gosh. I. am. Jealous.

Abbigail said...

Kari and I were talking today about Sara's mad sewing skills. I am even more impressed with her now.
Hmmmmm, what can I trade? Maybe she will take money?

Jean Smith said...

you are not kidding...cutest things ever. honestly...she has some ridiculous talent!!! i love them joy!

Webster Family said...

those are gorgeous! jealous

Britney said...

LOVE them! She was inspired by the pottery barn kid designs. I have those (got at a discount store) and yours are a million times cuter than the originals!

She need to do a tutorial, I want to make some!

Thanks for sharing.

Britney said...

Oh and I think I'd try to scotch guard them? I'm not for sure, but you'd want to protect/preserve them somehow I'd think???