Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'll Cry if I Want To.

Okay, so last night I got all my kids to bed, sat down to watch Brad do his thing...turned on the DVR and....I wasn't recording it! So I missed the first date with Ashley at the carnival. Never fear, I just caught up on it online (not easy with 3 awake children!) and I do have a few thoughts.

First of all, Ashley's date was pretty darn cute. I felt like they related well to each other, however as I was watching them interact, especially when they were talking about their dads abandoning them, I started to see, um, real sincerity in Brad. He seemed to be very real about his feelings and emotions, and he may have just won me over a little bit. Ashley seemed a little too peppy, but that could have been because she was trying not to let the mood get too depressing? She just rubbed me the wrong way a tad when she was smiling and laughing through their conversation. Still, she is pretty darling.

The group date...wow. So, have you heard? It's Michelle's birthday. Her Thirtieth birthday. Not twenty-nine. Not thirty-one. Her thirtieth. Imagine the horror of sharing her thirtieth birthday with 15 other women. Sharing time with Brad on her birthday. Her thirtieth birthday. Probably she should storm off and pout in a corner. Good work, Michelle, way to get some pity attention. Brad, you idiot, why give her a rose when she is acting like such a little snot? Oh, because it's her birthday.

Seriously, though, Michelle is acting crazy.....acting to be the main word here. Looky looky what someone sent me:

As a side note, I have had my hair done at the salon Michelle works at, by another FABULOUS stylist (Tara Snarr for anyone who is looking for a great stylist! She did an amazing job and I loved my hair soooo much!) Funny little coincidence!

Anyway, the other girls seemed normal, except for Melissa (cougar girl) who busted into the soap opera scene...that was bizarre. I noticed a few girls who I thought were pretty cute that I hadn't really noticed before: Alli and Lisa M. Both girls look super cute.

The last one on one date is absolutely my dream come true. A full day of pampering, followed by a room full of any gorgeous dress or shoes she would like to pick, followed DIAMONDS, followed by a romantic dinner, followed by a private concert by Train! I am going to be seriously disappointed if my next anniversary does not mimic this date exactly. (Just kidding, stop sweating, Mike). Jackie seems really really cute. She was not on my radar at all, in fact I was curious when her name was picked for the date. She was pretty darling, though.

Rose Ceremony: Melissa, seriously? I guess I missed where Raichel was being so awful to her, um, dissecting her words (what?) to make her look crazy...but it definitely worked against her, and poor Raichel, I'm afraid. This kind of proves to me that maybe ABC can't force Brad to keep people around for drama? He got rid of them just like.that. Didn't even bat an eye. Another move that impressed me. I felt bad for Keltie but the show must go on without her. It's too bad she is such a dating disaster...poor girl. It's a good thing he kept Madison, though, because really, who wouldn't want a girl with fangs? What the heck?

I am excited for next week, I am sure I will be bawling along with all the other girls as Emily shares her story, and I cannot wait to have her share it with Brad! I also can't wait to see Michelle's crazy stalking in the corner, I wonder if he will cut her next week? Can't keep the crazy around for too long. Do you think she is the one who leaves the rose ceremony and he has to go out and get?

PS: Props to ABC for bringing in Ali and Roberto. Cutest couple ever.


MT said...

i totally hate michelle. her and her slithering snake tongue that keeps creeping out to moisten her lips. ick. it sounded like her voice, so i hope it is her who opts to leave.

glad the drama girls are gone. poor keltie in her butch girl outfit. that was just sad. there are still other girls i would have gotten rid of before her though. yeah, like FANGS for example. ha ha.

The Peach.... said...

Well my dvr decided NOT to record it....I was literally cursing at my television last night after I ran my bubble bath, crawled in, turned on my TV......and it was nowhere to be found. Curse you, tiny DVR. After reading your thoughts, I guess I need to watch it online......and see the crazies for myself.