Saturday, December 18, 2010

Now Serving...Humble Pie.

Most of you know that I recently had a baby. A baby boy, to be exact. What you may not know, however, is how incredibly FREAKED OUT I was at the idea of having a boy.

You see, I am a 'girl' kind of mom. I love playing princesses and Barbie, Hannah Montana, nail polish, and all things glitter. I do not love frogs, snakes, getting peed on, Spiderman, Batman, or any man in a cape.

For the past few years I really felt it was my destiny to be a mommy to all girls. I fantasized about 'girl' trips in our future, spa vacations, mani/pedi's, and girl talk. LOTS of girl talk.

All that changed when the ultrasound tech told us we were having a boy. Both my husband and I began to cry...him from excitement, me from sheer and utter fear.

Being a mom of all girls, I didn't have a single boy item in the house. I tried multiple times to go out and shop for our new little man. I would wander through the boy aisles, vision sliding out of focus as I stared at all the blue. I would start migrating, hands empty, to the girl side of the store. Vision would slide back into focus and I would leave the store with my arms full of pink. I am embarrassed to admit that I bought ONE boy item in my last trimester of pregnancy. The rest of my boy items came from showers and hand me downs. I just COULD NOT get on the boy train, as hard as I tried.

Then I gave birth to my little boy.

My smooshy, delicious, sweet, cuddly, yummy, warm, snuggly little boy.

I am in love. I love everything about him. I love his smooshy lips, his little coos, his sweet smell, his precious, toothless smiles. I love the way he sighs and snuggles into my arms when he is done eating. I love seeing my girls pour every ounce of love they have over him. I love how they fuss over him and fight over who he is looking at. I love all the blue. The soft puppy and dinosaur onsies, the camouflage socks, the airplane sleepers. I love the blue patchwork bumper in his crib. I loooooooooooooooooooove kissing his smooshy little mouth!!!

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I feel silly that I ever thought I would not be able to bond with my little man- how foolish was I? He has me wrapped around his marvelous little fingers. I am in trou-ble!!!!


Sarah said...

I understand completely. I was so into the girl thing that I didn't even really think little boys were cute. Then I had mine and oh, man. Am I ever smitten with him! There's just something different and special about it. I feel so lucky to get to parent both a girl and a boy. (and those smithy lips ate just adorable!)

jen hulet said...

He is so precious!!!! You make Gorgeous kids,, boy and girls:)!!!Enjoy your humble pie!!

MT said...

Lol, you are so cute. I'm so glad I got one of each so infer to experience all things boy AND girl. Lucky! I'm so glad you are so head over heels in love with all your kiddos. They are all so adorable!

Jean Smith said...

what in the?!?! i got a little teary eyed while reading this. i don't know if it is because i am so happy to see you have caught on to the awesomeness that is boys (no offense to girls...i have no experience), or if it just hearing the way you talk about your little man. so, so, so sweet.

The Peach.... said...

I told you....I told you that you would regret all of the snippy little boy remarks ( ha ha! )....and whatever "I'm a little scared of him!" boys have been my biggest cuddlers, especially Wesley. He still is.

Darby said...

He is precious and boys... well they are!

erin and shaun said...

I felt the same way and now can't imagine having a girl. Now that's the thought that scares me! Boys love their mommies and you are going to be a great mommy to a little guy.

Nancy said...

Having both a boy and a girl I can see where you were coming from, I think worrying about loving a second or third child in general as much as you do the first is totally normal. But, in my opinion it's easier to bond with boys, for what ever reason there's something amazing when it comes to the love between a mother and son. I'm so glad you're experiencing it!

Anonymous said...

If you think you "get it" now... just wait, it gets even better. I adore my girls, but there is something special about mom's boy(s). And I promise, you will love the balance it brings to the home. Boys are so chill and easy going. He is just precious, I see why he won you over so fast.