Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It's the storm of the century here in the Midwest, and since my lights have been flickering for the past few hours I figured I should post now if I am ever going to because once we loose power, who knows when it will return. And you know I can't go all week without posting about the Bachelor, right? Or, as it seems lately, food.

Let's start with the Bachelor:

First off, WHO paid for that shopping spree for Shantell? Seriously? Who? How is that even close to the realm of 'reality' of a life with her and Brad. I mean, okay, helicopter rides and private concerts with Train aren't really reality either, I realize this, but walking into Fendi and buying whatever the heck you want? Really? She definitely got the BEST date. Anyway, besides being insanely jealous (like the other women in the house) I like this girl. She reminds me a bit of Hillary Swank. Anyone?

Next, the two-on-one date...cold hearted, very cold hearted to stick the Ashleys who love each other on the two-on-one date. It would have made for much better television if we had actually SEEN how good of friends they were before this episode, but whatever. I can't say that I was super surprised that he chose to send the younger, more southern Ashley home, but only because she was matched against the hot dentist Ashley. If that situation hadn't occurred, I would have been much more shocked, like if he had sent her home at the rose ceremony. I felt bad for the poor girl, bawling her eyes out. Even the camera guy had to give up on her ever looking up and repositioned the camera to film her sobbing into her lap.

Emily's date...Oops, I mean, the group date was kind of a bust. Poor Emily having to pretend to have a good time, and I thought she was pretty gracious about the whole situation but I do have to say that I did feel a bit bad for the other girls having to sit around and watch the two of them all night. Although Alli's comments in the hot tub were seriously stupid, I wanted to reach through the TV and smack her face. Insensitive much?

Michelle makes me cringe. Her alone time with Brad in the hotel room had me literally sticking my face into a pillow. Make it stop! Why is she so awkward?? I am SO glad Brad calls her out soon. All she does is tell him how wrong the other girls are for him...um, how can she judge that? Finally Brad points that out. I think she gets cut after that.

Other than that I don't have much to say. I think his cuts were appropriate this week (although I wouldn't have minded to see Michelle go), and the scenes from the rest of the season have me pumped!!!!

Onto food: Still diligently trying to lose the pounds by March. Any low calorie treat ideas would be greatly appreciated! I am down 10 lbs from when I was 2 months post partum, 10 more would be FABULOUS.


The Peach.... said...

pudding with whip cream...all fat free. It's a staple when I'm dieting. I put raspberries on top.

Bachelor freakin' rocks. LOVE Shantell. The Funeral Director. I laughed SO hard when she was talking about embalming at dinner. That was hilarious.


Let the Good Times Roll said...

It would have been awesome to have had Michelle and Chantal O on the 2 on 1 day, lol! Then we hopefully wouldn't have to watch any more of Michelle! And I totally agree about Alli - how insensitive was that comment!

just me said...

i am loving this season ... i love to hate michelle. i LOVE the funeral director - seriously think she's darling! and emily ... i think i have a woman crush on her - kind of like she's a younger dolly parton (whom i also kind of crush on but in a non-lesbian kind of way).

i'm not sure i love brad, tho. he DOES seem sincere. we'll see ...

just me said...
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Marin said...

First, I'll comment on The Bachelor. I too was sad to see southern Ashley go. I thought she'd go much farther. Shantall (sp?) is totally growing on me. I think she's real, genuine, and fun. I looved hearing her talk about her occupation with Brad. I was laughing so hard!! I CAN'T STAND MICHELLE. I'm sorry if you or someone you know, knows her personally, but I seriously think she's such a skank. I'm so sick of ABC interviewing her all the dang time. The other Chantelle is really bugging me too. Waaaaay too dramatic. And Emily? Well, I wish I could look just like her. What a babe, I think she's a doll.

Okay, a healthy snack that I love are Stretch Island Fruit Leather. They are amazing! Healthy because they are all natural- no high fructose corn syrup. I buy them at Costco. I know there's not a Costco in Btown, but maybe Sam's Club has them.

MT said...

I think Brad is doing a pretty good job of being attentive and fair to the women. Obviously, it can't be perfectly fair as he's trying to weed them out.

*Tip- when you get your alone time with Brad, don't spend it talking about the other women! Quit whining to him about the other women. Hello - you all knew he would be dating other women! Get off his back about it.

I can't seem to pick a favorite. But I do know it is NOT Michelle. She is bossy and scary. Run, Brad.

I'm wanting some more drama! Bring it on :P