Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And then there were Four....

So here I am, late as usual to give my 2 cents about this week's Bachelor. Let me just mention here that my baby has refused to sleep all week and we had each child get the stomach flu one right after this makes night one-million without any sleep for me. Everyone take a moment of silence for my lost sleep. Thank you.

Well, this week did not pass by without any drama, that's for sure. Let's start with the one on one date he had with Britney. I know Brad was being honest with Brit that he has no attraction to her, but it seemed a bit cold hearted to send her packing right there at dinner. He could have waited for the date to be over, no? Or even pretended to mull it over and send her home at the rose ceremony? I know he thought he was being kind, but I felt like it was almost worse to send her away like he couldn't stand to spend ONE MORE MINUTE with her. And...what was that welcoming committee back at the house? Everyone jumping for joy to see Brit return from her date? That was bizarre...she is dating YOUR man, ladies!

The other one one one dates (with Emily and Shantelle) seemed to go well, although I LOVE Emily, I am not seeing much of a spark between them. I can see why he likes her, but is there really any connection there? I felt like his connection with Shantelle was much more obvious. She seemed really fun loving and genuine on their date, I like her even more now.

The horribly awkward group date was about as distasterous as you can get. I am not sure how Brad expected the other girls to react when he was getting it on with Michelle in front of them. I am not sure how I expected them to react....I mean, I knew they would be mad, but they acted like they were about 2 years old. Especially Ashley- "Don't send me home! I am so scared!" It was so uncomfortable to watch, I felt like an idiot for her. Then Chontelle started up with the tears, and if I were Brad I would have plunged myself over the cliff into the water just to get away from those babies. I love how Michelle was SO angry and wouldn't even look at him after he gave Ashley the rose....

What will we do now that Michelle is gone? She was what brought the crazy to the show...that crazy we hate but can't stop watching. At this point I feel like it's anyone's game....


I can't believe I forgot to mention Michelle's vow of silence as she left! What was THAT??? Week after week of not listening to the verbal vomit that refused to be silenced and then....crickets. Hmmmm......


MT said...

Sleep-deprived much? Send me your baby fedex and I will keep him for the night so you can get some sleep. He's so cute, you might not get him back, though ;) No, but seriously ~ Hope the sleep situation improves for you soon!

Anyhoo, what a cry fest this week. De ja vu with hot dentist. When she acted like an idiot on group date before, he changed his mind about giving her the rose... He should have changed his mind again. He shouldn't have handed out a rose at all. Then Weeping Willow Chontelle was getting on my nerves. Wow. It's not like these women didn't know they would be going on group dates, sharing the same guy! Sheez! Get. off. his. back.

Yeah, I don't see the passion with Emily. She's so soft-spoken, I don't see her personality.

And can I just say -- Poor. Awkward. Brit. I really wanted to see her shine. The girl looked like a tiny fairy princess with rupunzel-like hair. Couldn't he have let that poor little thing finish her dinner before making her walk the plank?!!!

Oh, and Michelle leaving without so much as a goodbye to Brad and no parting words to the cameras. Bah ha ha ha. I'm going to miss her commentary.

Joy said...

I am so with you! In all my sleep deprivation I forgot about the time he withheld the rose from Ashley! Why did he reward her this time around?
I agree, Brit reminded me of a dainty disney princess.
Michelle...sigh...what will we do without her?