Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Oh my drama! I cannot believe I had to wait an extra day to find out exactly what happened. Apparently the Bachelorette starts way earlier in Utah than in does in Indiana. When I settled down to watch it last night...it was ending! But I found out at that point that Justin had been sent home for the girlfriend drama, so I could not wait to watch it online today.

Okay, so Justin...what a coward! I was kinda surprised that he just walked out like that at first. He was in full flee mode...he was scaling buildings and small children to escape Ali's wrath. It was like he was afraid of her, seriously, what did he think she was going to do to him? Anyway, somehow he found the strength to sit down and feed her some lies for a few minutes, then bailed again. Ali was so quick on her feet and so powerful in what she said to him, I was so proud of her! I was DYING, like jaw on the floor gaping, when they played the messages. What a JERK. Seriously. ABC needs to start listening in on all phone calls from the guys and weed these d bags out. Sheesh.

Okay, so moving on. Ty and Frank got the one on on dates this week. I can't say that I am super excited about either one of them, still. I was disappointed that Frank got the other one on on date, why didn't she choose Craig? That seemed kinda unfair...and rude? Maybe she had made up her mind even before Frank's date that she was sending Craig home? I wonder....Anyway, again, kinda blah about Ty for some reason. I don't have much against him except for the fact that I am loving Roberto and Chris. I don't want to watch her kiss TY. PS, Ty, Button your shirt! Frank's date, well, it looks like everything was moving around smoothly....but according to the previews, aka MAJOR spoilers at the end of the show, Frank is going to leave. Why did they show us that? I seriously have maintained full outer darkness when it comes to spoilers this season...Somehow I have managed not to read or hear anything about how things are going to end. I DO NOT know who wins. So why did they go and show so much???

Group date...have I ever told you that I love Roberto and Chris L? I think, according to the spoiler preview, that at least Roberto will be sticking around for awhile. Well, him and Ty. Deducing from the spoiler, it seems like Kirk goes next, then she cuts someone on the home dates...Chris L? (nooooooooo!!!!) maybe vice versa.. and then Frank, Roberto, and Ty go to Tahiti, where Frank leaves....so that would leave Ty and Roberto? I don't know for sure, but I that's what I am assuming from the preview. I really, really don't want to see Chris L go, though!! However, maybe he could be the next Bachelor! I would LOVE to watch that!!! Anyway, the group date was hilarious. Loved watching th guys wrestle. Nothing wrong with an oiled up Roberto, hehe. Seriously, though, that part was cracking me up. Way to go, Craig, for beating Roberto! I am glad he got some alone time with her, especially since he didn't ever get the date. Too bad he went home anyway.

Okay, so...thoughts?


Darby said...

COWARD! I can't believe he was running off like that. "I have my wallet and passport that is all I need" Loser! I feel badly for the girlfriend that went on national TV and outted him. That was some guts there.

Frank really shined for me this week, but... why oh why did they show us so much at the end. Ugh. I think she is really into Frank, did you see her not stop looking and gaga eyes over him on their date?

Craig, I think she had her mind made up about him early thus no date for him and no cocktail party. I never saw a connection with him anyway. He seemed like a nice enough guy.

Roberto and Chris sort of took the backseat this week Booooooo!

Who's Dad is the taxidermy dude? Did you see her face? Classic. (Ty's maybe)

I've stayed away from all spoilers and then they almost give away the whole rest of the season in the previews. Lame. By my account we have hometowns, bu-bye Kirk and Chris? (sob) Then Tahiti where it's Roberto, Frank and Ty??? (he is growing on me) Frank leaves and she brings Chris Back (didn't we see him in Tahiti? - one can hope) ! :)

MT said...

Ali should just admit it - she is not attracted to Craig. I'm not either, but I liked his personality better than Ty. Sorry, but I'm not seeing anything in Ty at all. But from the stupid previews, it seems like Ty gets pretty far.

What in the world would make Frank want to leave?!?! HUH?! ANYONE?! I'm dying of curiosity. Dang it all, and they showed us those to get us hooked for the next few weeks. ABC and their preview people SUCK! They either lie in their previews, or keep dangling carrots out in front of us... UGH!

CandraWynne said...

I think we've all said enough about Justin, he's worse than the horrible cowboy on Jullian's season!

I liked the group date, glad that Craig went home, I just don't see her with him. Ty either. Her date with Frank was good but I think she put it perfectly "I think my relationship with you scares me"... my opinion is he's very unstable as far as self esteem goes. When he's with her he's SOO happy but the moment their seperated he's depressed and everything in life is sad. That is definatly not a good relationship. As soon as things get shaky he bails and I think thats exactly what he does. Frank can't handle the pressure anymore so he bails!

I think Chris L. dad is the animal stuffer :) Her line was classic "I love animals..... but I like them better alive" :) haha I'm so sad but from the looks of it Chris L goes home within the next 2 weeks. They have a great friendship but I haven't seen the "fireworks" yet. oh and Ps..... Did you notice that Chris L was the ONLY guy wearing tennishoes at the cocktail party. It made me SOOO mad! ugh I was so bugged someone needs to send him a note for me and tell him to wear some dress shoes next week, or give the show editors a tip so they don't show is feet... either way is fine with me :)

I'm hoping that they did some really good editing and we'll all be surprised in the weeks ahead because I won't lie I'm kind of dissapointed with how much they have given away :(

Juliana said...

Hey Joy, I couldn't help think that this was script from the WWF. He left his mic on the whole time. This is something that is totally on wrestling shows. I think he and his girlfriend planned this. He even looked like he was anticipating Allie. Arg...it makes me even more angry.

Weston and Nicole said...

I feel like the reason they gave SO much away on the "coming up this season" part of the show, is because it seems like everyone already knows what's going to happen these next few weeks! Spoilers are everywhere. I tried to escape them, but couldn't!

Anonymous said...