Sunday, October 4, 2009


Oh my. I have been MIA again. Let me just level with you (and myself) and admit that I am crazy, insane busy this month. September and October are crazy photography months, but on top of that I have had a huge rush of newborns that were due all at once, so I have been squeezing them into my already insane weeks. Therefore, my blogs (well, all except my photography blog) suffer. They suffer a horrible, horrible lack of attention from moi.
I don't feel TOO bad because I don't think I have a lot of readers, but then I check my stats and see that people are still checking in, and, well, that fills my heart with happiness and guilt all at once.
So let's gab a bit about my favorite thing (besides people and my camera):


I am SO excited for Halloween this year! We got out the decorations last week and I have been burning my favorite (discontinued) Toasted Apple Butter brick by Scentsy. YUM. (I don't sell Scentsy by the way. I just really like their stuff.) My girls are super excited to go trick or treating this year, it's all they can talk about!!!
There is just one problem.
I have NO CLUE what their costumes should be! Any helpful ideas would be appreciated. If you are a reader of my family blog, hop over there and see the newest post about it. I am struggling to come up with something that won't take OODLES of my time, but is also unique (I have issues dressing my girls in store bought costumes. I know, I have problems.)
Thanks in advance!

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