Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall Steals!

If you are a digi scrapper- which I still consider myself to be, even though it's probably been a year since I have scrapped ANYTHING- you will appreciate these awesome deals at Little Dreamer's today. Some fun holiday kits for $1!!!

These are SOOOOOOOO fun! If you don't subscribe to Little Dreamer's emails, you should. I only get 2 emails a week, and they are always announcing specials and discounts. Love it! I am very picky about my scrapbook supplies, I think there are way too many cheesy ones out there. Sometimes looking at digiscrap supplies makes me ill because of the horrible, graphic-y, clip-art-y, cheesyness out there. Thankfully there are designers out there like Little Dreamer, Scrapartist, and a few others that have awesome stuff!!

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