Saturday, September 5, 2009

Shoo Fly.

So we just got back from vacation to a house SWARMING with fruit flies. I don't know where the little nuisances came from or even bred while we were away, since I was SOOOO careful to throw all the food out and take out all the garbage...but alas, they are all over the place.


So I did some asking around and found out that you can lure them to their death by drowning them in vinegar. You put vinegar in a jar, place foil with holes tightly over the top, and when they come to investigate, they drown.

flies web

Well APARENTLY no one informed the fruit flies in our household that this is the plan. They have been hanging out on top of the foil, having a little party and laughing at me.

flies web 2

I hate them. I really do.

So, I came up with a plan- a genius plan. I found a different way to trap them.

flies web 3

Pretty crafty, right? They fly up in there and then I trap them and take them waaaaaaaay outside and release them. I would like to squish them all but I really can't.

I took this after I emptied it once- there are a few in there and some that actually drowned. Mission accomplished.

flies web 4

Pray for me that they all fall for my genius trap. I am so creeped out by these things I can hardly stand it.


Candi said...

eeeewwww...neat idea though, and I like your improvement to the idea! A little help from Dora is always nice, lol :)

Bobbi Leavitt said...

little bugs are gross. so are big ones, but little ones, ewww. i hate them. At least they we not ants. Way to out smart em.

erin and shaun said...

I know another way to trap them that we used to use all the time at home when I was a kid. It worked really well but will be hard to describe in writing. Call me if you want to try it out.

Nancy said...

okay Joy I so know how to get rid of fruit flies, make a mixture of water, dish soap, vinegar and sugar, put it in a little dish in your kitchen and they will drown in it, seriously, don't put any tin foil over it, they will just be attracted to it and drown. Works every time, serious!