Friday, September 11, 2009

My Babies

Have a look at my oldest baby. Isn't she sweet?
(photos removed)

Now take a look at my newest baby. Beautiful, right??
(photos removed)

(youngest baby was sleeping. :) )

If you can't reach's because I am honeymooning with my newest love.


Kelli Bramble said...

Your baby couldn't be cuter...and CONGRATS on the newest one! :)

Lindsey said...

congrats! that is awesome! i bet you are in heaven with that thing. and that picture of rachel is amazing. she's sooo gorgeous!!

MT said...

SWEET! I can almost see your reflection in her eyes! I'm such a fan of your photos, I wish I lived close so you could take my cuter than cute babies' pics ;)

panky said...

WOW! Rachel is the cuttest girl... She has grown so much!!! She is absolutely adorable! Congratulations on your new baby... COOL!!!!!!!!!!

Colby Kids said...

Great shots. I love my D700 too. It doesn't get much better!

Wright said...

LOL! I am laughing so hard....especially at the stupid fruit flies!

Tammy said...

Both babies are beautiful!!

Melissa and Jeff said...

Hey again! I got your comment - thanks for indulging me. It really fired me up to read how rude that woman was to your friend. I'm curious to know what state she lives in because it boggles my mind.

ANYWAY, so the camera... First, let me say I paused on this posting of your new Nikon for several minutes salivating. I really want a Nikon due to the feedback I have received from a handful of photographer friends. HOWEVER, my dear friends were so generous to give me their "older" (two years) Canon. No complaints! It's the Rebel TSI? (I think 6.2 mp.) How did you get started? Also, are you using Photoshop? I think I am going to get the "Design" package? Great job on Erin's baby photos!