Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Maybe She Just Doesn't Like Awesome Guys

That line (thank you Spencer, it was the only thing you were good for on your short stint on the show) had Mike and I cracking up for the rest of the night. But I can't waste time focusing on the men who got sent packing (Bilbro-could spend a lifetime blogging about him), since there are SO many who stayed!

Where to begin....well, we can start with our picks. Let me just say that picking a favorite was VERY difficult for me this time around, because there are a couple guys I adore. But in life you have to stand for something, and I stand for....Kiptyn.

Yes, it was tough for me to overcome my love for Jake and choose Kiptyn, but after watching he and Jillian interact together, I really felt their connection. Plus, he is DARLING, right??
Of course there has to be a black horse, and since Jake (who I think is adorable) is too much in the running, he doesn't really qualify as a dark horse. So, I am going to choose....Sasha.

He was pretty soft spoken but is SO cute, right? He seems like a sweet guy.

Onto Mike's picks, for his main pick he chose...Jake (sigh.) He is seriously a doll.

Mike's dark horse: Ed. He really seems like an awesome guy, and they did seem to have a good connection. He did get quite a bit of face time, which makes him almost not eligible for a dark horse, but I guess I will let Mike have him. ;)

Other noteworthy guys:
Dave aka 'The Rock' (I think he looks like Dwayne Johnson, alright? I am entitled to my opinion.) got the first impression rose. I did think it was kind of crazy that he choked up when he first met her, but all in all he seems like an okay guy.

Mathue: Um, he is dar-ling! Maybe it's his Southern boy charm that is sweeping me off my feet, but I think he is so cute.

Wes: Under normal circumstances, I think serenading her on his guitar would have been INCREDIBLY cheesy, except for the fact that he rocked it. His song was beautiful! I am nervous that he is only there for publicity, though. He needs a beatdown if that is true. Mike: Not only does he have an awesome name (insert corny noise here) I thought that his pick up line (You ARE a good catch) was pretty brilliant, seeing as how he is a BASEBALL CAMP INSTRUCTOR. The other guys were insanely jealous of him and his pick up line, which is why they were so mean to him. Jealousy does strange things to people.
Michael: Breakdancer extraordinaire. I really disliked him at first when they were showing him at home, but he was seriously cracking me up!! When Bilbro (shudder) challenged him to the dance-off, that was just classic. More importantly, I think he was cracking Jillian up, too.

Another noteworthy person: Tanner. Ummmmmmmmm, okay. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Tanner seem like the type that maybe got confused during tryouts? Like, you are going to be a contestant on the BachelorETTE, buddy. And his feet fetish? Soooooooo weird. and creepy.
The rest of the guys didn't get much face time, or else didn't make much of an impression on me, so I will be brief.
Tanner F: Seems like an Ok guy.
Simon: Cute accent, but I don't see a connection with them at this point.
Robby: Also seems like a good guy. Reid: Latecomer, seems alright.
Mark: Seems pretty cute, love that he is a pizza shop owner.
Julien: BUGS. He seems like a jerk and a half. Jessie- Mike can't stand this guy. He doesn't bother me that bad, though.
Juan: Also bugs. I can't remember if Mike likes him or not but I was hoping she would cut him.
Brian: I barely remember this guy, but I think he was alright.
Brad: A little surprised she kept this guy, but whatever. Seems nice.
Okay, that's my recap. Sorry for the lame ending but I was overwhelmed with the amount of guys that were there. They could have weeded out some of the lame-o's (like Spencer and Bilbro) initially and just had a good solid 25, but whatever. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Jillian!!


Candi said...

I hardly liked any of those guys!! Seriously. Like were they hiding all the good ones somewhere? Oh well, I'm sure I'll have a favorite in the next few weeks, lol. Jake did stand out to me. He seems super nice but super cheesy, too...we'll see!

Weston and Nicole said...

My fav is Kiptyn too! I totally think Wes dude is here for publicity (and he acts too cool for school) so I'm not a fan at all. Fun season, can't wait!

Nick and Maddy Winward said...

You crack me up!

Missy and Jake said...

Oh Joy, can I say that it really is my favorite that you do this!!!! I dont have a supportive husband like you in this field-I just hear things from the bathroom like "what a tool" or "can this guy get a life". So really I am happy to see you recaps!! I know you like Jake-right now-I hate him-he thinks he is way too cool.. there were way too many guys-i couldnt keep them straight either-but the foot guy has too be a hidden molester(is that how you spell that)-the way he was sneaking a peek at her feet really rubbed me the wrong way! And I did like wes's music also. Yeah for a new season! p.s.-that shirt you had on the other day is super cute-I may just have to get it and be a joy look alike for a day here and there.

Sherwoods said...

Yay! Can't wait to watch it. We totally figured out that Josh's work computer has an IP address is the states and he can get on abc.com. Sweet nectar, the things that make my day down here! But don't worry, I will still obsessively read your blog.

Jen Petty said...

Tanner was psycho! I'm with Mike. I liked Jake... though Kiptyn was close.

Chelsea said...

Im with you...kiptin. None of them really stood out to me, but we are loosing a season full of one liners without spencer...I could have laughed all night! "I just graduated from law school, now I am an attorney at law!" "they are rubbing it in everywhere I look" but you nailed my favorite line, I miss him already...receding afro hair and all

The Williams Family said...

Joy - you and I are on the same wave lenghth...that one guy is totally the Rock! My pick is Kiptyn also - what a darling! I am also a big fan of Jake and Matthew. Juan, guitar guy, and foot man all just creep me right out. Blah. Oh I also like break dancer - he was cracking me up! As always your post is genious - I am as excited to read what you are going to say as I am about watching the show! :) Miss you guys!

Amanda, Jared and Camden said...

My pick is david or jake. Kiptyn is also very cute. He is my next pick. I could not stand the same guys as you! This is going to be a great season!!

Brooke said...

The feet thing is really creepy. Oh boy.. the producers need to warn her of him!

Wright said...

Kiptyn Kiptyn you're our man, you'll get the final rose, I know you can!

Jennifer H. said...

I really like Jake and Sasha. Very cute and seem like nice guys. OMG Tanner the foot guy is just beyond creepy...ewww.

From the season preview it looks like there will be lots o drama!! Which means lots for us to talk about. :)

Kim said...

I've decided my heart can't take another blow this season...I plan to watch vicariously through your blog. Besides I think your commentary might just be better than the show.

hendywow said...

Thank you Joy! This helps me get into the show, and we are totally on the same page! Bilbro; another TOOL from SCOTTSDALE of course! Sorry, but he was a tool.