Monday, February 9, 2009

Lucky Jason

Precious Jason. I had a look very similar to this one pretty much the whole time I watched tonight:

While watching this episode unfold, I pondered to myself...if I was ever on a show like this, where my family had to be filmed...would that bring out the 'crazy' in them? Is being on a reality show license to be as absolutely loony as possible?

Apparently, yes. It is.

I am sorry, ever so SORRY to my black horse, who was born into the nuttiest family alive. Naomi seems so normal, how is it possible? I wanted to fast-forward through her whole hometown date, but Mike made me suffer through it. I think she was hoping to smooth it all over with that pop on the butt she gave him at the end, but unfortunately the damage was done. Not that I was surprised, though, I already felt she would be leaving tonight. I just wish I wouldn't have had to witness the whole dove funeral before she got sent home. At least we can rest assured knowing that the dove will come back as their family cat.

Molly's family was quite a bit little less loony, but still kind of out there, especially when they knew that their hat shenanigans would be broad casted on national television. I do have to give it to Molly, though. If looks could kill, her mom would have dropped dead when she brought those hats out. Wow.

Jillian was kind enough to air all of her mother's dirty laundry out for all the world to hear, which I am sure her mother was loving when she watched tonight. I do think it was important for Jason to know of the difficulty they had been through as a family, but it was a little TMI. I actually LOVED Jillian's family, though. As we watched, Mike and I agreed that Jason seemed like he would fit right into that family. They seemed so fun and goofy. Goofy, not crazy. I liked it.

I felt so sad for Melissa that her parents weren't there for her at all. I think her friends meant well, but they didn't really help her situation much. I was surprised to hear them talk so much about the awful choices she had made in the past when it came to dating. It made her seem very immature. I still love her though, and I want her to win.

When Naomi left tonight, I was not surprised at all. I basically knew that she would be the one sent home tonight. But now, the final 3 girls that are left are all so neck and neck with one another. And I think Jason would be happy with them all. I absolutely cannot wait for next week!!!

Oh, and Deanna. First of all, get some style, Deanna. She shows up to try to steal him back looking totally frumpy. I don't know why that annoys me so much, but it does. I am interested to see how he shoots her down. He is so nice, I am sure he will do it with a lot of sensitivity.

Can't WAIT til next week!!!


Kellie said...

Joy, I want you to know that I watched this show for the first time last night and did you know Melissa was on another reality show? That's what drew me in, I recognized her! Maybe that's old news, but I am glad you are rooting for her!

Jen Petty said...

I really thought he would send Melissa home. How can you get engaged to someone without meeting their parents! Plus, if they aren't there for her now, they probably won't be supportive of their kids. THat would be super hard.

Candi said...

I'm glad Naomi's gone. It just seemed like she was into the whole reality show part of it more than she was actually wanting to be with Jason. I don't think she'd handle the whole tied down with a guy and his son thing very well. Like Jason said, sure it might work for a while but she may get her wings again and want to leave.

Molly...I hope she goes home next week although it does look like she opens up to him a little more and let's him see another side of her than just the always happy and peppy Molly. I thought the hat thing was kinda cute, kinda weird in the first 5 minutes of being at her house, but it was still kinda cute. The whole picture thing was TOTALLY weird though. And OMG about the bungie jumping next week!!

Jillian's family is too precious. They seem really down to earth and not too crazy. I thought from the previews that her grandmother was going to be a little nutty but she was SO funny! I really like Jill but I don't think he'll choose her in the end. She seems so nervous maybe it's all getting too real for her. Her voice is SO shaky now when she's talking to Jason and in her one-on-one interviews.

Melissa...I hate that he didn't get to meet her family. I was hoping that he'd get to see them, just not on camera. It's weird that they are so private about everything. But then again, the family shouldn't be the deciding factor in their relationship and whether or not he keeps her around. I'm still rooting for her!

I can't wait to see how he turns Deanna down. It's going to be AMAZING!

Wright said...

These were my thoughts exactly.....Naomi's family was the craziest I've seen. Jason looked like he was going to die!

Sherwoods said...

I want you to know that the first thing I did when I got onto my computer this morning is to come to your blog and see what happened! Thanks for the update for those of us loony enough to live out of the country and the reach of the Bachelor!

The Williams Family said...

As usually you totally hit the nail on the head with everything. Jason looked like he wanted to jump off a cliff when he was with Naomi's family - I don't blame him though. What nutcases! He handeled it well. I loved Jillian's family by far the most. And I just felt bad for Melissa - that would suck to be her, I think it really bothered Jason but he tried not to show it. I can't wait for next week either! Blah Deanna!!!!

Let the Good Times Roll said...

I gotta say I LOVE Jillian, and I agree with you I loved her family and thought he would fit in great. Melissa bugs, but I bet she wins. If you notice whenever they interview him he always says the best things about Melissa and uses the L word when describing her. I think that is so weird that he parents never went to her Dallas Cowboy games in two years to support her. What's with that?

Erin Wittwer said...

I thought it was sad that he didn't meet Melissa's family. But I hope he doesn't hold that against her to harshly because he didn't let her meet his son....
My prediction...Molly's going home next week.

Shannon said...

As far as families go, I loved Jillian's the BEST. They were just so much fun and down to earth...and Jason fits right in there. Um, Naomi's family is BEYOND loony...but I am not convinced she is "all there" anyway. She certainly isn't the brightest bulb...I am STILL not a fan of Molly and I don't see them being together. I hope she is GONE next week.

After seeing Jillian's family this week, I see her in a different light and like her much more than before. I am definitely still routing for Melissa, but I would be happy to see him w/ Jillian, too.

And YES, what is UP w/ Deanna's frumpiness?!??! Next week is going to rock!

PS: GREAT job Bachelor blogging again!

Lindsay said...

I laughed so hard when I read your post this week. Joe and I's faces were the exact same. We just kept laughing at Jillians family...what the crap-she should have at least warned him. I also agree that the next couple of weeks will be awesome. I have been right the last 3 weeks of who will go home. Now its really close I wont be so good at picking. I hope Molly goes next-there is a lot of chemistry with them but I think thats it-just lust. I really like Jillian, and I think he can see her as a great mom and wife, but not as much passion there. I love Melissa and think she is very thougtful (the cute tooth box for Ty) and a good match for him. If she has had crummy relationships in the past then she deserves a good guy like Jason. He has to understand that its been around 5 weeks that he's known Melissa, as crappy as it is that her family wouldnt meet him-some people just arent that open-especially after just 5 weeks. Its ABC, pretty public for a private person. Also if she has dated lame guys in the past they may not think he is just another one of those.Cant wait till next week!! (wow that was a long comment)