Friday, September 10, 2010

How is it?

I am coming up on 9 months pregnant here and I have to admit that this pregnancy has been a real eye opener for me. It seems like every 'typical' pregnancy symptom out there has decided to befriend me this time around. I am not here to complain, I have too many friends who would like to be pregnant but are not. I realize I am lucky to be pregnant at all, and I should count my blessings...but I DO have to wonder.....

How is it possible to be on my third pregnancy but to have it be sooooooo new and different? How did I manage to make it through those crazy nine months TWICE and not ever have to deal with the craziness of:

Placenta Previa

Gestational Diabetes (quite possibly the worst thing ever)

Horrendous Stretch Marks (never got a single one before- am now covered in them)

Linea Nigra (um, ew.)

Nosebleeds (every single day.)


Extreme Fatigue

Nesting (not necessarily bad!)

Nausea- Okay this one was with all three so it's nothing new.

I find it so intruiging that I am experiencing most of these things for the first time, and I wonder if it's because I am having a boy this time around? The first 20 weeks felt exactly the same as with the girls, and them WHAM. Craziness ensued. I think my least favorite thing is the Gestational Diabetes. If anyone out there has Diabetes, I am SO sorry. Seriously, my condolences. There are some days where I would literally kill for a cupcake. I have CRIED over the fact that I want a baked treat soooooo bad. The only thing holding me together is the knowledge that in 6 weeks or less, I will be able to put on a few pounds purely made of sugar.

If you are at RISK for diabetes, take care of yourself! It is not fun! I have to prick myself 4 times a day, fast 2 hours between meals, and deprive myself of anything tasty. I will definitely be making sure that I try to avoid 'real life' diabetes as long as possible. (With a mom who is a diabetic, it's basically inevitable.)

Anyway. Thanks for letting me ponder and yes, possibly complain just a tad. Wish me luck that these next few weeks will fly by!


CandraWynne said...

what is your official due date? I've heard that every pregnancy is different but BOY oh BOY :) Since you have placenta previa do you have to have a c-section? Good luck these next few weeks I can't wait to see picture of him and his sisters loving on him!!

Nancy said...

This is good for me. It makes me realize that it's dang hard to give up your body for 9 months to bring children into this world. But it's so worth it right? Just think of all the cute pictures you'll get to take once your little one makes their appearance. Hang in there Joy!

MT said...

Goodness, girl! You are going through a lot. Make that baby and get him out as quickly as you can! ;)
I think you have a right to complain though. Pregnancy is no walk in the park. You dont't have to feel guilty, or like you aren't grateful because you wish you didn't have to deal with those terrible pregnancy symptoms. Even the Savior asked his Father to let the cup pass from him, nevertheless, he was willing to fulfill his mission.
Endure to the end! This will all be a memory before you know it. And yes, your Little angel is worth it all!

Jean Smith said...

wow, you have had your share of speed bumps! but, i tell you...nothing to do with it being a boy or girl. admit girl, we are AGING. sad but true. sighhhhhhhh. at least you look hot pregnant.

Lynette said...

Oh Joy I'm so sorry for you!! You have every right to complain a bit. That little guy will be so worth it though!! I have prediabetes so I can totally relate to the finger pricking and eating waaay differently. There are some great recipes out there that make you think you are eating sinfully but actually aren't. It's still a struggle. Hang in there!

Abbigail said...

Wow! That is a lot of pregnancy symptoms. I hate the news of the stretch marks.
I somehow escaped those with Harry even though he was giant and I had tons of excess fluid.

Seriously though, placenta previa? Diabetes? nose bleeds? Wow. He better be a cute baby! ;)
Can't wait to see him.